What does it smell like? – Versense from Versace

Versace has long represented the italian woman style that has transcended into the world and that you need to know so that you can know how to dress in fashion and wear a perfume that never out of tune. Such is the case of Versense, an aroma that we have decided to analyze in this article for you in particular.

This perfume mixes notes of Virginia cedar, olive, musk and sandalwood to give you a smell very modern and with a sensuality which results in smells like forest, trees and eroticism. If this did not seem interesting to you, we do not know what could be and we believe that you will look fantastic using these fragrances contained in a unique bottle.

First of all it is contemporary

It is an aroma that is relatively new, taking into account that the essences of perfumes tend to last for many years. Launched in 2009 and being one of the most exclusive of the brand, this perfume in question is one of those with a better and more striking presence in our times.

The reason is very simple, because it is a perfume that has a wonderful fragrance filled with fruits, full of herbs and also flowers, where her family is one of the most diverse and with more elements that can be achieved with any perfume from this Italian fashion firm.

The Versense has a special attraction to your internal feelings, towards feeling and then doing is very free. That is why it has been essential that this special aroma is good when it comes to feel like a new woman, one that enchants and is for all its moments very female.

Typical Versace beauty

Many are the physically graceful women who wear al Versense, This is the golden rule, to be a girl with good attributes ranging from the physical to truly representing them to always be like on a fashion runway.

Everything classic that has its aroma of beauty is something that has always characterized Versace and that it has been transferred to this perfume that only needs a beautiful woman to be used, so you will like what it has inside.

Along with this, it should be noted that their notes are rich in fresh and natural scents, that further accentuate the feeling of being a girl top model that needs great scenarios such as standing out with their peers.

Mediterranean style in its fragrance

We have already talked about the Italian style that it has on the outside and how to present its notes, now the subject has to do with all the elements that it has inside and that will undoubtedly give you a plus model.

The moment you use and perceive its notes for the first time, you will realize that this perfume is more than one made by an Italian firm, in fact it has that mediterranean aroma It is not only limited to Italy, but to countries like Greece or Croatia in terms of fragrance we mean.

However, this will give you more than one occasion in which the people who pass you feel that you are a foreign, for all the combination of mixtures that have been extracted from different countries that make up the same region.

Presence that never fails

Anyone who asks what it feels like to wear a perfume Versace, He will tell you that the presence he feels is what stands out the most and what with him Versense You will have plenty of time to make yourself known among your preferred circles of trust.

Let’s go first to the notes, among which stand out the bergamot, some citrus, green mandarin, fig and pear. It is this combination that makes it feel like a perfume with the scent of citrus and a sensuality that will escape from all your pores. Each and every one of these fruits is the what make you want show you without any fear in the world, making it an ideal scent to express yourself.

It has other items such as notes cardamom, lily, jasmine, narcissus. Here is its floral modality and that has liked above all that female sector that thought it was a perfume with nothing to offer but sensuality, nothing is further from reality and that will give you support to present yourself as a girl with delicate gestures.

We have on the other hand Virginia cedar, olive, musk and sandalwood. This stretch of its aroma manages to generate a moist aromatic sensation and with a smell that is highly identifiable with forests and pines. This also has a lot to do with the mediterranean air of its aroma and that you will love.

A diverse family

The diversity also composes the aesthetics of the family that gives life to its aroma, which is the Olfactory Woody Floral Musk for Women. With this you will have above all a perfume that goes through different currents, such as this area of ​​the world so loved by its gastronomy and its fragrances.

You will be able to explore a perfume that has the best of a strong character, fresh flowers and also endless forests. With all this, it is not surprising that it may overwhelm you a bit at first, however, it is a matter of time before you get used to its magnificent essence.

Very passionate

You love that the perfume in question has such a characteristic shape as to give you intense moments in company or alone, since it will not make you depend on anyone to live your life.

With so much of the Mediterranean, strong aromas and a magazine model presence, this scent catapults the essence of Versace, but always adapted to the most modern moments that exist.

Wearing this perfume tea will give heat, do not wait for a cold perfume, rather it is excellent to be able to feel in the company of an aroma that is not lost, always seek to bring out your sexiest side with total heat.

A scent for winter

With so much heat inside, with so many passionate notes that don’t waste time with warmth, it is a perfume that must be fully used in winter and you we explain all its facets.

Being an aroma that has all these striking notes, it is not a problem that you dress with several layers of clothing on top of it. winter, as it will provide you with a warm and homely feeling to feel good under zero degrees.

If we add to this that it is a perfume that has a longevity durable, Well, you will like to go to work with its aroma on top, a luxury considering that it has a lot of passion everywhere.

It has a wake soft, a scent that you have to take from the moment you feel it for the first time and that goes on the road to where it best takes you.

It goes hand in hand with nature

There are girls who really enjoy contact with nature and this perfume has the paths made for this because it aims to take risks, to feel the greatest possible contact with yourself in a jungle or a forest.

That is why it not only combines, but is perfect to give you a real treat in any place where nature has its best moment with you. That is why it is a perfume that rather has to be worn when you are going out for a picnic or even camping.

You won’t miss the city at all when you use the Versense because it all depends on these moments when you leave your phone lying down and find yourself in places full of aromas of freedom.

You will not escape the vitality

The perfume that we analyze will show you that with all its strong notes it is the best ally to seek the strongest sensation of life, not only does it strong woman hints, but also what can make you feel fully.

It is certainly not made for all women, rather for those who want to highlight their side even more outgoing.

Final Considerations

You don’t have to waste time with other feminine perfumes if you want to bring out your most sensual side and your most traveling side, this aroma is one that invites you above all to ensure that nothing is lost at the right moment.

A scent like this is too warm, which is ideal for winter, as well as being a presence extremely passionate who is not afraid to show himself as he is.

So this Versense It is a perfume that will awaken the will to live, it is a perfume that mixes modernity, sensuality and a burning desire, do not leave it for later.

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