What does it smell like? – Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

Well into the 90s, especially towards 1994, Tommy Hilfiger it was making a name for itself in perfumery worldwide and that is why they decided seduce female audience with one of its most characteristic fragrances since its foundation: Tommy Girl.

A perfume like this has notes of blossom apple tree, camellia, tangerine, lemon and leather, Among many others it stood out for offering the female sector a perfume really strong and smelling of a citrus garden. But do not anticipate, that in this article you will be able to know all its bars, do not detach yourself from the lines that follow.

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger’s first women’s perfume

Year 1994, Tommy Hilfiger is one of the best-priced companies in the world of fashion for its styles so much urban as elegant who dressed not only millions of people around the world, but also some of the most famous artists from the United States, Europe and Latin America.

After having launched its first perfume for the sector male, decide to try their luck with Tommy Girl, a fragrance that over the years showed that it is an indisputable classic within the high production of this brand so representative of the north of U.S.

The launch of this scent is one of the most studied as well as the best established in a really strong marketing campaign. This was created by Calice becker and he had two whole years to achieve his structure. The result was a real bomb at the time it went on the market since they managed to produce a perfume that had the essence of all America’s favorite wilderness areas and that managed to catapult even more to the fame of the aroma that its so independent bottle contained.

Thanks to the launch of this particular perfume, it was when the idea began to occur in women that a fragrance for them did not necessarily have to be soft or cautious, but could be strong and also have an impact on men. As you can see below, it was a perfume that set a trend and came to break any type of paradigms that previously pigeonholed perfumes for women.

For all this, they are the aromas that are still used the most today, because they achieved with simple natural notes an entire essence of woman that until now had not been seen. They were absolute pioneers of their kind and are worthy of full admiration.

What is the Tommy Girl made of?

We start by telling you that it is a perfume that belongs to the Floral Fruity Olfactory family for Women and that from this inclusion itself is where the entire path that runs through its floral as well as fruity aroma, one of the most daring, delicious and with the absolute best character in all the perfumery of the brand.

It is made up of notes from Flowering apple tree, camellia, tangerine, black currant, lemon honeysuckle, rose, grapefruit, lily, mint, violet, magnolia, jasmine, cedar, sandalwood and leather. What essence, no? Well, this is just an introduction. The perfume that you will have before you when you finish reading this article has a general level aroma that smells of flowers, garden, citrus and full life from start to finish everywhere.

However, as we delve even further into what this iconic scent has to offer, we realize that when you spray it for the first time, you’ll have absolute freshness, because it has the mint among its most outstanding notes, making you feel above all really a girl free and without any dependency, this makes it a perfume that crosses total borders.

Now it feels a deep cleaning in its smell, since it is composed of many flowers and it is a full profit if we consider that it will make you feel perfect and always in order with the environment Wherever you are. But it is not only the smell that its floral notes give off, it has a intensity of roses that really hits, without being sweet, but rather neutral, totally appreciated because they do not get carried away without sense.

The intense part of this perfume comes when we talk about their citrus notes and you have to stop and study this section very well. He wild, sexy and even sensual side comes with its smell of fruit punch total by the inclusion of lemon, tangerine and grapefruit, what makes this Tommy girl be a little wet, but not disturbing. So much citrus is what makes this perfume an essential for what follows.

It is quite remarkable the fact that there is some marine presence at Tommy Girl, because with the honeysuckle and some hints of lemon they manage to recreate a beach of Caribbean Sea. However, it is not a scent that has a too high presence of these aquatic touches, and that is why they are as a decoration in general, something that you will love.

Summer goes with its aroma

It is not surprising that the aroma of this perfume is the perfect one to accompany the time of summer, However, it is necessary to clarify certain elements that combined give interesting results for this season of the year as emblematic as it is hot.

As you know, it has a mixture of citrus, floral and to a lesser extent aquatic elements. Well, we tell you that it is the perfect union to give you that extra freshness that is needed in the summer. That is why you will love using it, first because you will not feel overwhelmed in any way in the summer, It fits you like a glove.

Then you have to take into account that this perfume is a party by itself and that with this you get to have your better half for all the parties that summer lets fall day by day for you.

A classic style for young people

Women will be able to fully appreciate what this perfume has to offer them, since it is precisely one of the aromas that has great value for uniting the public young girl, but with a lot of class and that never loses its essence over the years.

All this because it has its formal air, achieving that it can be a spectacular perfume for your working hours at the office. It will not make you look like a little serious girl, but rather it manages to generate emotion in those around you, since it gives you a explosive touch without going overboard that will make you fall in love for many years. Let’s also not forget that this type of perfume is exceptional because it also has party soul, and therefore those that are fought in high societies they are special for the perfume itself.

However, this perfume has informal touches that will allow you to face your summer days with great emotion and without taking life so seriously, that’s why the quotes are special to get the best possible use of this perfume so reputed throughout the world.

Do not over apply

One of the hallmarks of this perfume is that it has to be used with moderation, since it really has a very long-lasting longevity and especially a very heavy scent.

You will have to be very careful if you do not want to disturb those around you, because these are those perfumes that they are very strong and with a lot of personality, and you have to avoid falling into the vulgar, for that reason it is a scent very given to be used in moderation.

These types of aromas have currently taught all young women that it is better to find the classic and moderate than denote an excessive amount of energy that does not help at all.

A variant for the pool

Tommy Girl Summer by Tommy HilfigerIf we have to mention a really necessary variant if you liked the Tommy Girl, is he Tommy Girl Summer, an aroma that is much more youthful than the previous and it really has a air of party even more empowered.

This scent is pretty feminine because it has notes of apple, as well as ylang ylang, violets and even flowers. It is a perfume that in the same way has its forms to penetrate your day to day and not necessarily stagnate in the qualifier of informal perfume.

Do not limit yourself and this perfume of 2016 He came here to improve some of his older brother’s aquatic touches to give him an even more feminine appearance.

Final Considerations

You will not need any other scent for it summer, you have to get the best out of a perfume as classic as the Tommy Girl, which will bring you fun, seriousness and of course a delicious sensation throughout your body.

Run to buy it and show that you are a modern girl with elegance.

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