What does it smell like? – Pleasures by Estée Lauder

Time to buy a perfume from Estée Lauder, brand that has defined what a high-flying woman And also that it has its perfectly earned place in the world, so you will surely love the perfume that we will analyze in this article: Pleasures.

It is an aroma that took everyone by surprise and what has notes of rose, violet, jasmine, geranium and tuberose. It is just as it seems, a perfume floral and fresh that all its fragrance is due to roses, roses and wild berries. That is why it is one of the most charming perfumes in the world and that you must review with us throughout the conception that its aroma emanates.

Estée Lauder Pleasures

Estée Lauder Pleasures

It never comes down to earth

Creating a scent like that of Pleasures It was not an easy task and his single idea generated difficulty, so in the offices of Estée Lauder took over the reins in time and hired Alberto Morillas with Annie Buzantian so that they would unite their ways of understanding life in a fragrance that literally never descends into the land of mere mortals.

Everything in this perfume has a reason, nothing is random and therefore generated a total stir since it landed in the world’s perfume shops in nineteen ninety five, because it has a way to be incredibly independent And that is precisely what his two perfumers were looking for when making contact with his notes.

He Pleasures It is a perfume that does not beg anyone, if you like it, fine, and if not, go ahead and look for another perfume. Because it has a lot of ego and also coldness at all times while you are going to take it with you, hence this scent is recommended for girls who seek to establish contact with themselves more than with anyone else. We know that you will love having within you a perfume that will elevate you as very few know how to do and it is a privilege regardless of your age.

A distant and first-class family

Surely you will be missing this title a bit, however, it is what can best define this aroma so ahead of its time that caused a single component in his family to establish direct contact with the most impressive moments.

The Floral Olfactory Family for Women it was the one that welcomed the aroma of this perfume so nourished from all perspectives. The fact of belonging to this stream is what makes its aroma be distant, too cool and that creates moments of great adrenaline towards the heights.

Being composed entirely of flowers, this perfume could be confused with very loving or feminine aromas, however, nothing is further from the truth. The perfume in question has such a fresh scent that you will want to explore by yourself any place in nature that offers you intelligence and moments full of ecstasy, which is closely related to the type of family that has inside this jar so cold.

He Pleasures It is a perfume that is fully independent, its notes are separated from each other, so its aroma can mean many things or mean nothing. If you get to use it during the day, surely you will want to run away or rather practice any aerial sport where you are next to the clouds.

Shine everywhere

One of the reasons that women who use this perfume like the most is that they can have a fragrance that has a lot of brightness, a lot of light, It is a perfect scent for intelligent girls who know what they want in life and that is why they are not daunted by any situation, but rather they are not passionate, they just execute.

his jar, which was the work of its designers, makes the intention of the perfume clear from the first moment: clarify ideas. It is therefore that the Pleasures It can help you understand any type of situation very well, since it is an aroma that cannot at least give you that touch of coldness at any time.

So if you are thinking about the time of day when you have to use it, it will be at the day Without a doubt, because it not only combines with this moment, but it ensures that you will have an energetic aroma by your side, but always more with you than with the rest of the people around you.

Scent for cold women

With the Pleasures it has a perfume that does not skimp on hugs and affections, rather it is a perfume made to measure cold women, those who prefer to feel inside than to externalize, their aroma in this sense is a work of art.

Notes of green elements, freesia, pepper, rose, violet, violet leaves, tuberose red berries, lily of the valley, red berries, lilac, lily, rose, jasmine, geranium, karo flower, karoundé, musk, cedar, sandalwood and patchouli they make up an essence of too much quality to be missed.

What you will notice right at the beginning of its use is that it is a perfume with a high concentration of flowers, which can be felt in its smell perfectly. In addition, this perfume has the peculiarity that each of them has a rather short-range essence, so you will like very much having that freshness that we previously told you about.

Now, in order to give shape to such an icy and airy aroma, they have decided on a perfume that also has its own spicy touch, This of course is the work of the Pepper. It is this note that makes it possible to have a perfume as full of freshness as it is of intense pleasure at the inner level, so it manages to balance a little towards it. burning.

A good part of the intensity that this perfume handles has a lot to do with the violet leaves as well as the own violet found inside this perfume. That aroma so intense, so floral, so explosive is what also gets the Estée Lauder Pleasures make you experience very intense moments during use.

Nor does he lose a certain feminine essence with some moments sweet in its aroma thanks to the rose, which already makes its aroma an enigma for the girl who has never used it for the first time.

Thinking of spring

If we had to pick a perfect time to use it, then we would have to talk about the spring for various reasons, one of which has a lot to do with the presence of so many flowers.

The combination of such spontaneous flowers and such a fresh and clean smell makes it combine with all the love that there is to offer in spring and with all that typical color of this season of the year so loved by all women.

Either way, the main incentive to find its best time in spring is that it manages to captivate with the choice of a whole extensive amount of flowers that one way or another find their place in the season preferred by lovers.

Perfect design

One of the best and best kept secrets of this perfume is an absolutely perfect manufacture of which they are very happy, but we are going to fix two aspects that manage to bring this out at all times.

One of them is that it is a perfectly independent perfume and an aroma that does not stick to anything, being its short-time longevity, so you should always take it with you to continue enjoying this perfume. Already its wake is soft, which allows it to be an exquisite aroma that gives you everything you want, but is not shown in public.

It is as if this perfume had the power to become material because its notes manage to go beyond all meaning. That’s why they call it texture power and the Pleasures manages to find a place among the few perfumes that recreate these moments to perfection.

Final Considerations

Very few are the perfumes that have the gift of being able to transmit as much towards a woman as it is the Pleasures, that perfect perfume so you can live independently and without any detail to think about. Its aroma is wonderful, simply so different from the rest that it makes you want to use it.

With all his scent so fresh and floral, but also so alive inside, you will have a scent that invites the highest flights and above all to experiment with new sensations of life that you have never attended.

So run to your nearest perfume store if you want to wear a fragrance independent, the Pleasures.

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