What does it smell like? – Petite Chérie by Annick Goutal

The hallmark of a perfumery as it is Annick goutal has always been in the orbit of the most exquisite and elegant perfumes for any woman, especially for those who have certain ages no longer teenagers. For now we bring you to Petite Chérie, a perfume that gives much of this and more.

The trend of this perfume towards the elegant, affectionate and feminine nails on notes of vanilla, white musk, rose, hedione and lilac. All these make you buy this perfume from many hints of mild fruit scent as well as intense flowers. This is how its aroma not only captivates, but also has a high quality seal.

Petite Chérie by Annick Goutal

Petite Chérie by Annick Goutal

Absolute feminine tenderness

There are many feminine perfumes today that have preferred to change the sidewalk and become rather unrefined aromas and losing the true aroma of a woman such as to be very feminine, tender and with maternal instinct, but with him Petite Chérie you are going to have this classic formula for a long time.

One of the main attractions of this perfume is that it maintains a both classic and very tender essence and rich, This is because of those notes that they have chosen and that bring much of that character that men adore from mothers. You will love it because it is a perfume that is also perfect for all those girls who are about to give birth because of that touch that we are talking about.

It is true that it has a smell very basic in a certain way and for this reason is that it has so much tenderness, since its aroma can be classified as something neutral and smoothly from any source undesirable scents.

Protected from any evil

At the same time, one of the best faces that this perfume can have is that it is one for which everything is good but does not show its notes so easily and gives it a certain touch of reservation, but not of mystery.

He Petite Chériand It can be characterized as that fragrance that many girls want to use especially to be able to stay calm and have a delicious essence without that meaning that they are going to show themselves with excessively strong notes, that is very liked by girls with refinements.

A harmony like no other

It is worth mentioning that the fact of having a perfume like this will make you worthy of a essence very harmonious, this already has to do with regard to its balanced formula of flowers and fruits, which neither takes an advantage with the other and that enchants to be a woman of high respect.

He belong to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women and have been born in 1998 It included all that excitement for looking like a city woman, one who enjoys events that high society organizes And he will accompany you in all these moments of great value.

But if we go further, even deeper into the essence of those notes created by Annick Goutal, we have that neither its fruits are citrus, nor its flowers are strong, which when combined helps to give you that aroma so leisurely, full of feminism and above all respectable.

Added to this, you can always feel provided with a floral setting of which we are going to review below in its most characteristic essence.

The scent of a woman

Nothing can better define this perfume as being the scent of a woman, We are sure that even no matter how modern the times may be, they will be able to unseat the classical essence that this Petite Chérie gives all the girls to use it.

Behind their fruity notes of pear and peach hides of course that an aroma very soft, almost smoky, unpretentious, but they will make you feel like a queen. Especially because it gives you great moments fruit trees, logically speaking of an essence as feminine as it was possible to create. So we assure you that its aromatic fruits will make you feel perfectly comfortable.

On the other hand, it has the grass within its notes to make this perfume appear with good freshness and do not bother not even in heat, although in a certain way it is minimal, it leaves its mark well marked to be a perfect chord in times of heat.

In addition, inside it has floral notes of pink, hedione and lilac. This is where this perfume begins by taking its first steps towards the outside, since these flowers in addition to having a certain presence give a very characteristic smell, especially in closed places, an aroma intense as far as they allowed Annick Goutal.

Do not forget about the vanilla and white musk, because these notes are what give you a lot of sweet, delicious and the desire to use it constantly will be the ones that give you the best moments for you in the company of this perfume for totally feminine girls.

Respectable seduction

Do not think that its aroma does not have its hints of seduction, rather he tries to hide them in his wake What is it soft And that it does not have as much presence as other aromas, however, they will give you that element of presence that you need so much at the time of an appointment.

On the other hand, a class apart that deserves the fact of being an aroma that without having a very high longevity (moderate), be a perfume that is good enough for those who want to feel very attractive.

We can not leave for less that it is a perfume specially designed for dates, but nothing casual, but rather when you already know the person in question and everything flows smoothly respectable and in order.

The monitor lizard accompanies its fragrance

Having some fruits plus not very intense flowers, make this perfume a living sample that summer It is the best time of the year to use this fragrance, and its use will be original, since not all perfumes have their essence.

With the Petite Chérie You will love that you can go to bathe without having a very heavy aroma next to you and what is better is that also none of your notes are citrus, which generates confidence in those girls who rather cannot feel comfortable highlighting.

It must be added that also with those moments a little humid, a product of peach and pear, is when the perfume will come perfect when you sweat, because you will do it with that fragrance so typical of summer perfumes without getting too tied up with them. .

Synonym of perseverance

The fact that the perfume was released in 1998 and being so classic it has so much place these days, it is that they have known how to grant all that one woman needs in a perfume, because while some others give a feeling of being daring, this one supports you for a long time in the elegant.

Do not forget that it is also thought for somewhat older women, which of course eliminates it from the list of perfumes that should be used by adolescent women or even twenty five years. It has a lot of maturity, an essence that will surely make a certain impression on more than one woman.

Recognizable perfume everywhere

From movie stars to even women who dominate political spaces in the world, this perfume has an alliance with being recognized everywhere, and everything is based on those respectable notes that it has and that do not leave anyone indifferent.

Marketing campaigns always adapted to seriousness is what has managed to prevent its aroma from going anywhere.

Final Considerations

It’s nice to feel a fragrance like this one in these times Petite Chérie, that stands out from any modern trend to always offer its most elegant side and with the classic stamp of Annick Goutal, without a doubt a perfume that we do not recommend to those who do not know how to dress well or be discreet.

From about soft, fruity and floral notes up to a longevity and trail which are what women need in these times, we have a perfect confection and made by a single designer, an advantage to print that seal to the European.

He Petite Chérie It is a fragrance that cannot at least be noticed in the most special places in the world and we surely know that for you this so necessary part is included, it lives together with the most expensive clothing items and the essential movements of the stars. it is not for everyone.

Also, mention that he has a absolute balance, which is more than good when making yourself felt without the need for so much fuss when entering the places.

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