What does it smell like? – Noa de Cacharel

Of the perfume brands that best define the aesthetics of a woman with her senses always in order and at the same time without losing her feminism, we have Cacharel, which is an excellent brand to confirm the status of a new generation of women.

Now, of the perfumes that you have to use from Cacharel is the Not, that we anticipate that it has Notes of white musk, lily of the valley, tonka bean, cedar, green grass, peony, freesia, peach and incense. It smells totally flowery, but not just any flower, but rather one that is perfect for highlight modernity and also the new status of women on the planet.

A feminine fragrance but with character

The perfume that we have the honor to present to you is one that has an image on the outside and another on the inside, so it is a scent that has a series of very interesting patterns so that you can miss them. This perfume is almost an enigma that you have to completely decipher.

First of all, it should be noted that we are facing one of the more sensual perfumes that exist, but rather with a different touch, a little more oriented towards those beautiful girls who do not want to pass for boring girls, but with all the fantastic splendor that you will love for a lifetime.

Another of the best facets of the Noa de Cacharel is that it has a Energy wide and remarkable. Therefore, you will have in your hands an aroma that honestly has a lot of good vibes and also a lot of youthful air to move easily enough where you want. It is specially designed to enjoy the day and leave other types of perfumes for the night.

The brightness what does he have Noa de Cacharel It is another of its best facets and this of course has to be represented in the best possible way. It will also give you a total look of positive girl and who is not afraid to face life in a rather with a lot of inner fire, without a doubt that it has the necessary drive to stand out in all these elements that we mentioned above.

A royal family

East Not comes bundled with a family from the get-go, since its creator Olivier Cresp He is one of the most prestigious designers and he was in charge of shaping a conception of the high societies where this perfume has its best moment whenever you wear it.

This family of which we are talking to you and to which the Noa belongs is the Floral Woody Musk Olfactory for Women. With this family you will have, for example, all flowers of a better level and of a better quality in freshness and splendor.

The very family that has this perfume on its side is the one that has managed to make it feel with many touches of wood and forest in general. You can clothe yourself with a certain cold which is the same as having an irresistible aroma and that does not lose presence within your body or in hot or even cold places, adjust your body temperature from start to finish.

What does Cacharel’s Noa smell like?

This perfume has a perfect composition in terms of flower quality is concerned, because as we mentioned before, the family under which this perfume was included has nothing more than elements refined and very feminine to approach the world.

These notes are from peony, white musk, peony, freesia, green notes, peach, plum, lily, lily of the valley, jasmine, green grass, ylang-ylang, rose, coffee, vanilla, coriander, frankincense, tonka bean and cedar. The general composition is of a perfume that is shuffled on three fronts: floral, forest and sweet.

Initially smells like all the perfect flowers used for special moments and that they have a delicate aroma, extremely feminine, but also with a certain character. All this is the work of the lily as well as the roses that it has inside.

Another of its most remarkable elements in its smell is that of the forest and it is perceived too much with those touches that mix the Water as well as mud and pine trees. A certain delicious aroma that on the other hand has a good presence in every sense.

The sweetness that this perfume usually presents comes from the totally side of the moment when its vanilla. This is where those feminine touches begin to be perceived that will not leave you in any way. Rather, they are presented without any kind of conceit to start feeling in the company of a lot of feminism, a total delight.

Absolute winter for Noa

What It Smells Like - Noa de CacharelA perfume like this is often told that it is difficult to find a time in the year to use it, however, here we will make a parenthesis to tell you that in winter it is the best possible moment where it has to be used and we explain why.

It all depends on whether this aroma contains bright and vivid notes that will help you feel very feminine but yes, never leaving aside the best of experiences when being in constant movement, a perfect incentive to combat all the cold of the winter.

Either way, those sweet chords that are accompanied by a certain freshness is what makes the perfume in question not leave anyone indifferent and never gives you extreme heat, but also gives you that possibility of getting a perfume that makes you feel wonderful even in constant cold.

A minimal but present coffee

We cannot forget that this perfume has the coffee Within its notes, something that surely surprises many, but that adds its touch of strength to this perfume.

He coffee included in the fragrance of Not It has allowed it to have many elements of total authority in its aroma, which as if that were not enough, it manages to generate an absolute way to accompany all the other possible notes.

It will be somewhat reluctant and dry this aroma of Not, but it manages to balance everything so that it is not at all an excessively sweet perfume.

No moisture

Now, there are perfumes that can be bothersome because they have excess humidity and sensations that make it unsuitable for various times of the day, this fortunately does not happen with the Not.

This particular scent has been characterized as really dry, because it offers notes totally accompanied by forest elements as well as certain flowers. All this together results in you having a more than good perfume throughout the day, which is when you most need that perfume to accompany you as your helping hand.

Moderate in all its essence

This scent has the moderation as one of its best facets both in his stele as in its longevity. None of them are specially treated as durable or heavy because their designers wanted to make this perfume look totally like a woman, in all her essence.

This is how you can feel with a perfume that has to be restrained and that does not seek to cause a scandal in any place where it goes, an example of how a woman should behave when having a piece of haute couture or in addition to great artistic work.

Don’t be afraid to explore the day

He Not It has been an aroma that has really been positioned in women who have to work during the day for that extra energy that knows how to take advantage of its aroma and that as if that were not enough, it includes a lot of femininity in it, a splendid contribution by its creators.

Do not be afraid to use it at any time of the day, since this aroma will help you stand out in beauty from your work to shopping at your favorite store, a plus that not just any perfume for women achieves.

Final Considerations

He Noa de Cacharel it is many things at the same time, it is a fragrance extremely feminine as well as a perfume that is certainly perfect to make all that feminine beauty stand out that you want to accompany and dazzle.

Although it is true that its aroma has a lot of value and character, of a perfectly effective girl to be able to achieve presence and authority at all times of the day, without shaking her pulse for the greatest adventures.

So this Noa de Cacharel It can be represented in all possible ways, especially for those women who feel identified with being adventurous as beautiful in every point of view, it is a perfect trip for that feminine feeling that hopes to wrap you with all its being and that you have to go shopping in your nearest perfumery, it’s a boom.

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