What does it smell like? – Nina by Nina Ricci

We know perfectly well that the aroma given off by brand Nina ricci He has always known how to pamper his entire female audience, especially because they have known how to adjust to the exact time when they launch their products, which do not seem even backward, but neither ahead of their time. Such is the case of Nina by Nina Ricci, the perfume of which we are going to talk to you this time.

It is a question of a perfume that has some notes of apple tree, musk, Virginia cedar and lemon. This gives you a odor quite fruity and that we hope to share with you the whole element of vitality how much it has. If you are one young girl and with many goals in life, this will be your ideal perfume.

For girls who daydream

One of the best attributes of this perfume is that it was designed for all those girls who love to daydream, for all those who they want to get a special place in the world and that they will not rest until they achieve all their objectives, that is why their aroma is one of those with the most energy in all the perfumery houses of the world.

This scent that has the Nina by Nina Ricci It is one of those aromas that, without becoming intense, can easily grant many good values ​​such as being a woman with discipline and also a girl who under good terms can achieve everything that is proposed today, ideal for the most hard-working, those who believe that everything is resolved with the habit of work.

For that reason, surely all that smell loaded with fruits They have also been highly influenced by two designers, of whom we are going to talk next, and who gave all their vivid stamp to a perfume that does not need a cover letter.

The duo of 2006

Jaques Cavallier and Olivier Cresp are two well-known names in world perfumery that have created several of the perfumes top in several decades, but which they decided to unite to create the Little girl, that is why even their own life philosophies they were mixed in the conception of this aroma.

Being thrown in 2006, This perfume immediately stood out for having the best of the mental and physical worlds of these two perfumers and that they simply did not give space to any other brand to express energy better than them, so it is impressive that they also revitalized the young woman, who already needed new directions in terms of aromas made to vibrate.

They decided to make a perfume that was linked to the fruits, but also for the flowers and such is the case that Nina’s family is the Floral Fruity olfactory for Women. It is well known that its aroma goes more towards the sides of citrus fruits than flowers, but it is not a problem, because they combine very well in an iconic aroma.

It’s also romantic

But do not think that everything in this perfume is simply going from here to there overflowing with energy without a hint of femininity and romanticism, because in fact, the Little girl It is characterized by being a perfume that light the flame of passion for any girl who wants it.

This is shown above all when checking the notes you have in flowers, since these are always inviting women to feel like sentient beings who at the same time can seek everything they want in love situations, a real delight for them to have. her perfect touch of feminism and love.

However, we have to tell you that this also touches towards the time of year in which this perfume should be used, which is undoubtedly the spring.

It combines exceptionally if we take into consideration that it has delicate floral notes and that make a perfect harmony with the environment so refined that many times spring acquires in the world, therefore, it is your special perfume for moments in the company of your partner.

Inspired by fairies

Not only its aroma invites you to Sound, but also invites you to have a always happy soul and full of good things to say, especially taking into account that its aroma has been taken from fiction by its two designers, all because they have literally fallen in love with a fairy to shape the context of the scent.

This is how special you can imagine this perfume, which has an air magical around it as to compose a scent that does not lack shine at any time, rather it has in excess to be able to give you what you need so much in your fantasy world.

Putting all these almost mythological terms together, it is like the Nina by Nina Ricci usually a smell special, that is practically not seen or perceived in other perfumes and that is closely linked to that smell that characterizes it so much and about which we are going to talk to you.

Less is more

While it is true that this perfume does not have so many notes, what is also correct to say is that it is a perfume that has a lot of essence, which is also quite recognizable wherever and that this adds a special and magnetic touch to all women who have the gift of wearing this perfume, so have fun reading about its scent.

First you have to give yourself some notes of Amalfi lemon, green lemon and also Granny apple. At this point is where it lets see its fruity side without a doubt and where it monopolizes the spotlights, since its smell is a fruit mix between citrus and sweet which is delicious pFor all tastes, there is no one who can resist this added value.

In other words, talking aboutl praline, peony and datura is to do it with an extensive aroma where you can feel almost like candy and an aroma that also starts towards magic in all its facets, making you feel sweet for all the girls who wear it, a very good harmony as well as feminine aesthetics for its aroma.

Finally, it has within its floral section the apple tree, musk and Virginia cedar, this trio is what will result in a perfect sample of aromas between damp, but very full of fresh flowers that at no time will they bother you, but you will love what you have to discover.

You will be desirable

The fact of having notes so rich in moist nuances and with citrus and sweet scents makes this perfume one of the best for everyone to want you, because it has the gift of addiction and to create the best possible moments always in the company of someone else.

You will find this fragrance conducive to seducing, but so that in all the places where you arrive you are very well received, it is not a secret, everyone knows this facet of the perfume we are dealing with.

Humerus, but not bothersome

It was inspired by certain summer days, despite being a perfume dedicated to the love of spring, so you will have in the texture of this perfume an air very humid, that will be felt clearly when it hits your skin, but it is not a disadvantage, rather you will feel that you will like it to feel protected.

By having certain citrus fruits in its content, it is when this perfume will do wonders with your skin so that you really feel the presence of this perfume and do not think that it has nothing to entertain you.

The wide presence of its aroma is also due to the fact that it has a lasting longevity, which will remain with you during any time of the day, no matter how much you have used it hours before. The presence It is the work of his heavy wake, that it was very well treated and that generates a lot of sympathy, especially because of that delicious smell.

Final Considerations

Not all women have the honor of wearing a scent like that of Nina by Nina Ricci, especially because it has such a lively air that it will be difficult for them to handle all the facets it has for you.

It was shown that an aroma can also be delicious, feminine and with a lot of good vibes for the correct mix of their citrus, floral and even magical notes we could say, a passion contained in its bottle.

If we were you, we would run to buy this perfume that marked a before and after in what has to do with women’s perfumery.

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