What does it smell like? – Love Love by Cacharel

Cacharel is a brand that by itself has been able to perfectly recreate everything that has to do with love and the perfect feeling that a woman feels for a man, this is directly related to the perfume that we want to treat for you.

He Love Love by Cacharel It is a perfume that with its notes of black currant, mandarin orange, grapefruit, lily of the valley, amber, Virginia cedar or jasmine has achieved a perfect balance between fruity and also floral to be able to make your fragrance one that always smells like citrus fruits and field flowers. That is why this article will delight you to learn everything about it.

The love of the new millennium

He Love Love by Cacharel arrived in 2003, a perfume that was not made to revolutionize, but to make all women even more passionate, so all the girls who were before knew from the first moment a fragrance directly perfect for strong and intense love.

This perfume was launched inside the Olfactory Family Fruity Floral for Women and that made it quite favorable the fact that it could find a time in the year about which we want to comment later, but it is a fact that there is no better fragrance than this for that time.

Of all of all, it is a perfume that has to be used by both young women as well as those mature ones. Because love is there, love is for all ages and that is the reason for this aroma with a so intense flask that can only be recommended for all those women who want to love with madness and debauchery.

Now, this aroma represented at the time a a certain generational clash Rather, it ended up adding that a woman can really have everything she wants in love regardless of her age.

What does Cacharel’s Amor Amor smell like?

The perfume in question has a lot to give you from all possible female perspectives, its smell is one of the most necessary values ​​to highlight.

Using the aforementioned Floral Fruity Olfactory Family for Women, they did him a total honor while including a series of notes such as black currants, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, cassia, bergamot, lily of the valley, musk, amber, Virginia cedar, vanilla and lily. This first-rate combination is absolutely feminine.

He smell of this perfume is highly floral, because first of all you will be able to feel as if you were in a wide field full of fresh flowers and that let you move with absolute ease, this is compacted with some hints of sugar or rather with a certain touch of candy so that you can feel very sweet, like a princess, that looks for the perfume in question.

Then we have to tell you that his other counterpart is that of the citrus or fruity aspect of its fragrance. It has within its conformation a not inconsiderable amount of notes fruit trees that make you feel sexy, but also young, It is like being on a Caribbean beach and it really presents a great way to relieve any kind of tension that exists. These touches have a way very fun to see life everywhere.

Do not forget that this perfume also has some bitter touches to serve as a bridge between the citrus and the sweet, something that is rarely so perfectly demonstrated in a fragrance like this one. These slightly strong traits are what define the essence of the Love Love by Cacharel and where they give it a little bit of forest aroma, the one that will surely give you a certain freshness and satisfaction in case there is some heat.

Spring awaits its fragrance

The 20 Best Women's Perfumes for SpringWe wanted to get to this point to be able to recommend you to the time in the year where this perfume is best developed, because it gathers everything a woman has to offer but also to give as is the love.

Since you watch her red, delicate and feminine bottle, is when you realize that the spring It is the best season of the year to use this perfume from start to finish and of course achieve a total impact on everything you are doing, something wonderful.

If you want to get into spring with this perfume, we recommend that you do not waste it on casual moments or with little sentimental value. On the contrary, it is made to shine in all these moments in which it is required to mark a presence through Nice moments.

The quotes They are that special place where you have to use this perfume, because it looks for love everywhere, that is why it is not for daily use, but rather to be able to conquer and show love.

As durable as it is heavy

This perfume also has a series of interesting elements, yes, in terms of its longevity as a wake, This is because it is a scent that quite enjoys being noticed and playing a lot with durability.

You can taste a perfume that first offers a really long lasting longevity and that he can be with you for a whole day even, making it a perfume that can be used for a long day and more.

However, his wake is heavy, which allows no one to look away from you when you arrive at a place, this of course has a lot to do with their notes so strong and that precisely make an appearance in all places, being able to imagine the effect of entering a closed place with this aroma.

A nice duality

Of the elements that most like in every way for this perfume we have to can boast of having both angel like demon And this of course manages to generate excitement in every woman who wants to carry her aroma with herself wherever she is.

On the one hand you have for example at citric fruits, which make their appearance to give that element of sensation daring, fun and even sexy.

On the other hand, we have to mention that this aroma has many flowers to be able to highlight that feminine touch and full of comfort with which so many women feel identified at every moment.

This scent goes to show that both calm and introverted women and exciting women can reach the same point of use of this perfume that generates so much love everywhere, even reaching lust.

Fashion and entertainment on your side

He Love Love by Cacharel It is a perfume that has had on your side fashion and show precisely because there have been many personalities from these worlds where they have found precisely in this perfume a suitable aroma to be able to feel comfortable.

Without going any further, this perfume in question has managed to get its scent to be used on some of the most important catwalks in the world of fashion, as we can mention to Paris fashion week, where this perfume is precisely one of the biggest sponsors with which the stars unite to be more renowned.

Special scent for evenings

As an extra. we tell you that the afternoons are the right times for you to use this perfume because it involves many outings and at the same time the right moment where you will surely have organized them.

So give the afternoons a chance and this will build confidence, even towards the special night.

Final Considerations

You have been able to see how an aroma like that of Love Love by Cacharel It is one of the favorites of women where they want to take all their love. That is why it has also been praised by both young and mature women, for representing everything they are looking for in the world. love.

Our great advice is that if you want to use it, then do not limit yourself in spring and that you remember that this aroma rather has a lot to offer you when it comes to citrus and flowers, its impact being real both in shy women as in those who are rather pure energy.

Without anything else to add, it is a perfect scent for you who are looking for love and want to find it without much effort, surely you will achieve it with it. Love Love by Cacharel.

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