What does it smell like? – L’Eau De Toilette de Carven

The perfumes every time begin to develop an essence that first binds towards the nature to later do it for the women themselves, it is already a identity seal which did not take long to reach Carven and who with their perfume L’Eau De Toilette they came to compose a delicious aroma.

We only anticipate that this perfume has some notes of freesia, soft hyacinth, sandalwood and musk through a scent that it is delicious and full of flower scent, Therefore, do not detach yourself from your screen and continue reading this article to learn everything about its aroma and more.

L’Eau De Toilette de Carven

L’Eau De Toilette de Carven

Let’s start with elegance

Ok, the first thing you have to know about this perfume is that it is about one of the more elegant that exist for any girl in the world and for reasons that border on the simple in all its olfactory facets.

This perfume get to combine perfectly with any woman who takes care to seem minimalist as well as quite simple and that you do not want to stand out precisely because of what you do with your aroma, but with your personal style.

This is where the L’Eau De Toilette De Carven It is one of the most necessary aromas to achieve elegance step by step where a woman goes, especially since it does not confuse the essence of a girl with chemical processes, but allows give unmistakable elegance and a unique and feminine style.

The fact that an aroma is like this, means that it is not designed for all moments, rather it needs to rub shoulders between moments highlights of a girl and therefore use this perfume towards seasons where you are in important meetings It is what we recommend best for its use.

Freshness brought from nature

Come on, surely watching your jar so green and natural you thought it was a fresh perfume and, yes, you were right, in fact it is one of the most sophisticated in this sense and manages to remove any trace of heat.

With the use of L’Eau De Toilette you will have a perfume that is an explosion, as if you were all day in an extremely fresh and full of good and beautiful moments. This fact is due to the fact that it is one of the perfumes with the highest presence of natural elements and all thanks to a team that preferred to opt for all the moments in the open air that you could well achieve with its aroma.

But without going any further, it is in fact a dry fragrance that will not turn off at all towards your body, because is free like the wind and for that reason you will feel like an ideal companion, but not in physical presence, this makes you always have an attitude really independent.

Ideal for summer

Getting a perfume like that L’Eau De Toilette de Carven It is a pleasant sample that the summer It will be a very desirable time for everyone, as long as you have an exquisite aroma on your side, so you should take note of this section.

The aroma of this perfume is very floral, with some hints of musk, this of course makes it a ideal companion for the summer, since it will not give you time to get rid of its explosion of air, It is fresh at every step, it does not waste time under any circumstances and by logic it will be one of the most used in such a season. hot as is the summer season.

But it does not lose explosive moments despite being a perfume very simple, on the contrary, being so fresh it will always give you the mental clarity what you need to be able to give yourself your touches of fun either in the beach or pool, which is quite good also considering that its context goes more towards young girls that to the most experienced, the use of this perfume towards the summer, as we explain it to you.

And what does Carven’s L’Eau De Toilette really smell like?

We enter important and interesting matter when we mix in everything that has to do with the aroma of this perfume, because it is one of those that has a largest possible complement in every facet of this very successful brand.

To the leave in 2014, the perfume in question was made part of the Olfactory family Woody Floral Musk for Women, achieving that from the first moment it was accepted for what it is, a perfume full of quality, but always with the identity of being very independent.

The notes that make up this perfume they are about sweet pea, Italian lemon, peony, freesia, white hyacinth, wisteria, musk, white woods and sandalwood. So it has to quite a floral explosion inside the bottle of this perfume with such a reputation around the world.

The most interesting thing is that it has enough olfactory bars, where everything is freshness everywhere, as well as being able to explore smells certain forests, all this for the white woods that includes its fragrance. On the other hand, it has its certain aroma fruity touches, which are even more evident for not being an aroma that presents so much of shine, but yes of creamy.

However, the aroma that makes this perfume remarkable in general comes from the fact that it has some good moments of citric, all due to the fact that it has the Italian lemon within the extensive number of notes that are fought over to see who stands out the most in its bottle.

Delving a little deeper, this perfume is one of those that falls in love because its musk it is of the highest quality. Therefore it has a really strong presence and that marks the territory to be followed by girls of strong character.

Creamy feminism

It is not a secret for anyone that wearing this perfume too generate lots of cream sensation Despite not having a hint of moisture at all, it is an achievement that they achieved by making this perfume one of the most reputable on the planet so far.

This kind of sensation for a perfume of summer it is a marvel, since it protects you against the sun even, not just talking about the sensations of the skin, but also towards protection against UV rays.

But just as it is a perfume that looks quite creamy on the skin, it also has a pure and rough feminine air. It is one of the elegant perfumes that give more character to women and this is something tremendous for those who do not want to be upset by those trends where a woman was often seen as an object.

Either way, we anticipate that his expression on your body is very comfortable, always towards the side of being creamy as well as an aroma female everywhere you look at it.

Flowers that last

L'Eau De Toilette de CarvenYou have to know that, for example, this perfume has a long duration, since we talked about having a very long lasting longevity. The feeling of freshness as well as being a perfume floral is one of the longest lasting in the whole planet and proof of this is this very important choice of its duration.

In addition to this, the package comes complete, since its aroma has a heavy longevity, what gives this perfume of moments of a lot of presence where you will not even have to move to get to give your position.

Is a combination which is seldom made in perfumes of this type because flowers are independent and free, but in the conformation of the L’Eau De Toilette they have preferred to leave their mark everywhere.

Final Considerations

Few perfumes really have the stature of L’Eau De Toilette de Carven, If you have doubts, in this final review we will explain it to you. Its aroma has everything a girl needs to be present, because it does not hide, rather it has that daring air that every girl needs.

However. never lose the elegance that a woman needs and therefore all those hints of floral, forest and citrus that has its scent will be rewarded even if you have to wear a suit and gala.

If you are a woman who wants to be noticed, then this perfume is for you, if you are a girl looking for fun, its fragrance will also be ideal for you, and if you love nature, it will be your best companion.

It has all the necessary incentives to enjoy a real adventure in the company of yourself.

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