What does it smell like? – Hugo Woman by Hugo Boss

Independence, feeling unique and also original have always been three of the fundamental pillars of the brand Hugo Boss, that’s why everything is demonstrated in the Hugo Woman, the perfume that we are going to talk about at length in this article.

Without going any further, this Hugo woman has some notes that are proof of maximum originality such as the oak moss, orchid, Virginia cedar, sandalwood and vanilla for a scent fruity and floral that you will love. That is why we want to give you a taste of all this in this article, and that you know that this perfume has a lot of forest, find out everything below.

Originality and independence

Originality and independence They are precisely the two elements that make this perfume the most remarkable if we take into account its general character and the one that makes you feel like no other aroma when talking about fragrances with a strong sense of belonging.

He Hugo woman It is irreverence everywhere, it is that perfume that you surely need to try to be able to give you what you need when you feel that you are following everyone without apparent sense, it is a perfume that teaches you that the most important thing is what you think before other people say.

Another of the best and most notable positive aspects of this perfume is that it will also generate in you a feeling of full confidence because its notes are like that, they are not afraid of making you feel full and strong, it is a good part of what its use means, the get originality and feel very good with it, something that some other perfumes never achieve.

As for its independence, we mean, for example, telling you that it has an air very for you, that you only need to shine with your own light and that each style is made for you.

A perfume for winter

A good part of the success of this perfume is that it has had a splendid acceptance into winter, This is the consequence of a choice of notes that not only combine with this very cold time, but it is also due to the fact that her appearance and inner value will make you feel like a cold girl who does not need anything or anyone.

Is cool, without going over the line, so the aroma that this perfume gives off goes on the side of feeling comfortable no matter where you are, that is why the fresh sensation of this perfume has nothing to do with winter in the sense that it does not seek to get rid of the heat, but of the light touches of cold currents to fill you with comfort.

Either way, your notes that have a lot of forest, they manage to do that in the winter be that time of year where you have to put on your coat and go out with a perfume as lonely as this.

Finally, it should be noted that at the time this perfume was launched, more and more winter perfumes that had similar characteristics with this time began to be covered in the media, without being copied, something that was not seen previously since more was sought. well aromas between tropical and warm for winter.

Never imitated

When this perfume came out, in 1997, the first thing that many critics thought is that it was a perfume that had a superior originality, because very seldom was it possible to explore the sensations that this perfume gave to all the girls who used it.

His motto is that will never be imitated, and we believe everything to their publicists, since not many times it was possible to unite in such a methodical way flowers and fruits. Rather, this perfume is an example of the individual value that women have in the world.

And it is that many are the times when a woman has to take charge of extreme situations and it does not depend on anyone but herself. So you will love to know that Hugo Woman It teaches precisely that a girl can take care of herself with her fragrance of good character.

He potential of this perfume part of really covering a girl with notes fresh and entertaining enough to focus on herself.

Fruits and flowers everywhere

flowersUrsula Wandel She was the creator of this iconic perfume, not only representative of the 90s, but of the present day even due to its feminine validity. Such is the case of a perfume that is included in the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women, something many times already seen, but never emulating what was done by Hugo Woman.

Count with one fruity aroma from the first moment, never hiding what it really is because it wants you to feel that you can enjoy fruits in another way. This is where you can easily recognize a scent composed of notes of apple, peach, melon or papaya. What is really delicious is that its creator did not choose a specific type of fruit, but rather wanted to contain sweet and citrus fruits in its aroma.

Starting from this, you will have a fragrance that in its half is very fruity and each note of them will be felt in your body when you start to use your perfume. Of course, its aroma is also characterized by having something tropical, but not much because they put the correct elements together to not reach that qualifier.

It is necessary that we speak now about its second facet, we refer to what floral, the aroma that this perfume has in this part of its smell is composed of notes of jasmine, lily, orchid, sandalwood, resin and even amber. They are the best possible flowers to make a smell highly feminine where absolutely everything is delicious and you will trust this to go out on the street.

If we go even further into this, to say that this half of the flowers contains touches of great softness, reaching almost join with the fruit to create a kind of yogurt. What can also be highlighted about its floral scent is that it has a lot to do with body temperature, which becomes very delicious, a little hot, but it is enough to make you enjoy it.

There are some other notes in this perfume that deserve special attention, such as the vanilla and black currants. This mixture makes the perfume feel very sweet and divine because that choice of the vanilla in regards to femininity and a style made to arouse looks from all sides, something one of a kind.

You will not stray from the freshness which has its aroma, because above all here the flowers and they create a feeling of always being in a large field or in a garden. An advantage like this does not have many perfumes and you should take advantage of this.

Marked parallelism

Before a perfume like the Hugo Woman, I had already stomped on the Hugo Man, which has practically the same characteristics as its female counterpart and makes it a dream duo.

Of course we are not talking about a vile copy by any type of perfumes, but have a well-marked parallelism that will enhance any couple who decides to use the Hugo Woman and Hugo Man equally in any casual meeting or rather in the meetings of celebrities.

All that power of independence It is what makes this perfume one of the most remarkable possible because it knew how to carve out a place in a sector of society where normally summer and exhaustive perfumes were the ones that carried the baton.

Final Considerations

It is impossible not to be surprised by a perfume like Hugo Woman, we are talking about a scent that managed to catapult the independent and original woman that it is today and that creates a feeling of absolute satisfaction.

This perfume has to generate empathy because it combines wonderfully with a time in the year where many people decide to go out to discover the world such as the summer.

Perfect mix between flowers and fruits, a symbol that he was ahead of his time and that more than ever in this 2021 it has its earned place in any bathroom for the modern, independent woman standing alone.

Do not be left with the desire to vibrate with its aroma, let yourself be loved by originality, remember that it is the most important thing!

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