What does it smell like? – Happy from Clinique

Very few are the perfumes of that old school where the goodness and good wishes it was all that was required to have a perfume to love. But don’t worry, some of these fragrances may still remain, such as Happy from Clinique.

This perfume that has a lot of flowers is the perfect sample that some notes of apple, magnolia, amber and musk can make a scent something deliciously fruity and fruity as few can do. Therefore, do not detach yourself from our article and learn more about its fragrance so liberal.

Joy that does not go away

The first thing we should tell you with this Happy from Clinique is that it is a perfume that has joy, It is an aroma that has to give you everything you need to make life happy with a single spray, because it is a perfume that shows that life is something that must always be enjoyed in the best companies.

This is why its aroma has a lot to do with the everyday life, with that of day to day, because it has an essence that will make you taste everything that has to do with its aroma so pure, so full of good wishes that are there for you at all times.

He Happy from Clinique It has that casual touch that many perfumes should have today and under which we must mention that it will give you very good moments, all full of happiness and being, above all, a very positive girl in life, something to be thankful for especially in these times where only sensuality seems to have a place, however, we will show you that it also has many other touches that will make you enjoy its presence.

Floral everywhere

Let’s talk now about what this perfume is making from the inside, which is no wonder talking about two designers as they are Jean Claude Delville and Rodrigo Flores-Roux, two of the most remarkable. He Happy became official in the year 1998 and had the inclusion within the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women.

One of the elements that best stand out about this perfume is that it has to show a essence very feminine, but towards the floral, which means that you will have in that bottle an aroma that It includes lots of flowers and natural elements well indicated so that comfort is marked.

We are facing a perfume that really knows what it plays in this style so natural because they have given you notes that make you feel from the first moment you use them, specifically speaking of what floral. Achieving this is a perfect perfume for any occasion of the day, something we will talk about later, but we anticipate that it is perfect for any occasion to become a good time in the company of its aroma and your best friends.

The details of life

One aspect that is quite remarkable about this perfume is that it is ideal to recreate occasions, by itself it is one of those fragrances that rather create moments, in this case, the small details of life are present.

This that we mention is possible because they have known how to include very floral notes as well as especially soft fruits so that they do not go to the citrus side, but feel shape smoked and very delicious.

All these beautiful moments in life are those that can be present with this perfume that separates what has to do with work with smallest moments of life. This type of aesthetics makes everything very easy when opting for the constant use of a perfume that is made to enjoy even the smallest moments that may happen to you on a daily basis.

Do not forget that its aroma is one of the best to be able to go out at any time of the day, there are no problems either at the moment and then you can check it.

Very casual

The perfume that you have before you is one of the best that exist especially to be able to get a very casual scent, because it is perhaps the most relaxed perfume of this famous brand. The fact of having such a casual air has been the reason that many women have changed their brand to this.

The casual as well as country It is a perfect union that is present in Happy, this is wonderful because if you want to go out to the countryside to enjoy a beautiful sunny day, you will have your special aroma for you, so you have to know that simplicity is on your side.

It must be taken into account that its aroma is not avant-garde, which aesthetically makes its aroma go in the direction of rather the relaxed, the simple and the minimalistso you’ll enjoy eye-catching moments with very little.

Combination between flowers and freshness

Stopping at this point is important, as we will be touching on the subject of your smell, which is not minor, and despite being a simple perfume, it is excellent for you to enjoy any day of the year.

With Happy you will have a perfume that is exclusively chosen by floral and fresh, but we want to go over each one in parts so that you can give you a perfect idea of ​​what we are mentioning. In the first instance we anticipate that it has notes of orange, blood orange, Indian mandarin, apple and plum.

This will be your side fruity, contains hints of citrus, but also the one that in one way or another makes tea feel fresh throughout the day. This combination of fruits is perfect where each one of them brings out its fresh side, especially speaking of the apple and with which you will feel liberated to move everywhere, a non-explosive mixture, but it does opt for move freely anywhere.

The element floral is the one that stands out the most in its formula since it has notes of lily of the valley, freesia, orchid, rose, mimosa, lily, magnolia, musk and amber. It is this part that manages to hit the mark with an ideal aroma for those who want the simple and always the furthest from the vulgar.

With this mixture, its characteristic smell will be that of flowers, like losing yourself in a delicious garden that does not end, it thus becomes the definitive aroma of a perfume that really has everything to please nature lovers, as well as taste some fresh flowers and always feminine in appearance.

Made for springs

It should be noted that the Happy has a particularly necessary presence in spring, because everything in him is joy and love, he has such a positivity that there is no better time in the year to use it.

It invites you to enjoy all possible spaces, since we are talking about a perfume that not only has such a liberating context, but all its aroma is designed for this season of love.

The floral notes They are the ones that combine perfectly with spring, since all that have been included in the perfume are directly related to love and those moments in life that deserve to be repeated over and over again. So fully enjoy everything he has for you at this time in a scent so of love with him Happy from Clinique.

Fleeting like the wind

We may not have mentioned it yet, however, it should be noted that this perfume has a short longevity and a soft trail. Both are indications that it is a perfume full of short moments, but that are enjoyed very well, like a breath of fresh air.

Everything in this perfume will not stand out too much until you approach it for the first time, and of course it will not disappoint you, on the contrary, you can have in your backpack or purse the Happy for any time of the day you need it.

Final Considerations

Love the Happy from Clinique It is very easy, it has an essence as docile as it is natural that is incredible for those women who want to feel good without all that paraphernalia of current perfumes, which is why it is a more than wonderful option.

The floral and the fruity they are equally part of this perfume that necessarily has to occupy your bathroom in order to enjoy beautiful, simple and practical moments.

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