What does it smell like? – Guess Woman by Guess

The firm Guess It has always been characterized by making women stand out above anything else. This has been achieved with strong aromas next to some attractive promotional campaigns among which the Guess Woman, the perfume that you have to know this time.

Notes of tangerine orange, cedar, amber, oak moss and lily of the valley they will give you a perfume full of flowers, but also of a smell of citrus and sweet like very few. So do not turn away from this article where you will know everything that a classic perfume of this brand has to say.

Guess’s feminine classic

The year of 2006 was chosen on the calendar by Guess to break into the market for classic women’s perfumes, they left everything in the hands of Maurice roucel and the result could not have been better for the brand that already enjoyed a lot of prestige in the world of fashion, but which still lacked a great classic in perfumery.

We are talking about an immediate classic because the Guess Woman by itself it represents everything a woman has to give, a specific type of girl who is not afraid of the world, but we want to talk to you even more about in this interesting article about a perfume that attracts attention whenever it can.

He mainstay on which this adjective of classic from Guess is that has own personality from the first moment you look at his modern flask of silver and pink color, leaving a duality between the feminine essence and also the future that lies ahead. It was one of the first perfumes that bet on modernity before the boom of social networks and others.

It will highlight your personality above all, in a way that you will never have been able to see and that is its aroma is really original and full of moments in which you will surely wonder if it is a perfume ahead of its time or a time bomb for everyone to approach you, that is why it is designed for girls who have a Strong personality.

Another of the best charms of this Guess Woman is that it has a femininity really calculated and from which you can never depart. The result is a delicate scent that you can have the pleasure to enjoy at any part of the day. This point is important to also know that line of success that has had its aroma, especially among the younger audience.

A natural scent for natural women

Floral Fruity Olfactory Family for Women Is it known to you? It is one of the most special families within perfumers because everything in it is from a very natural style and that is exposed as this is so perfume striking as necessary for women who are sincere and those who especially like being who they are.

You can feel really comfortable with this perfume, since the Guess Woman It has an appeal that starts with all its basic notes and that we will be reviewing shortly. They are notes that were not chosen at random without more, but rather had a essence Very particular and that are enjoyed without any chemical accompaniment.

The naturalness This perfume is what invites you to get hold of its aroma, especially since the beginning of days. It will give you a very interesting vital energy This perfume that is certainly not lacking in personality at all, in fact has much more than what you are looking for and is a good sign for those who cannot stay calm.

And what does Guess Women have inside?

Everything in this perfume is pure nature, It is one of the perfumes that best handles its very elementary notes and it is especially demonstrated in the excellent union that their both floral and fruity aromas and that makes it excellent to be able to mix their families as similar as they are distant without this being a manufacturing error.

Let’s talk about their fruity notes, which are composed of apple, in addition to tangerine orange and strawberry. This gives you a scent really fruity that in addition to being very fresh gives a quite citric and sweet aroma. So with this mix of fruits you will feel like a queen between these two very popular fruits.

However, the apple itself also generates a Good effect because it has some light bittersweet touches that complement very well that strong effect that the tangerine orange at all times. Let’s say one note complements the other and boy is that a nice bonus. But don’t forget what it is sweet in a way by the arrival of the strawberry which is the fruit that at the end of the day gives it all that well-defined touch of femininity.

Talking about this perfume is also talking about the best possible flowers, this is demonstrated with notes of bergamot, musk, cedar, amber, oak moss, peony, freesia, lily and red berries. Combination of notes that are really somewhat disparate, but that are also found in a forest is a wonderful way to get closer to these imposing natural areas.

This is where its aroma becomes strong for women and where a clear harmony is perceived that smells a lot of forest, smells quite like berries of all kinds and for nothing that is dangerous, more on the contrary, all the power of nature is reflected in this haute couture perfume.

Finally, highlighting its aroma that it is a perfume that then has a marked tendency towards fruit and forest, which generates a perfume to be felt as touched by nature.

Perfect freshness for you

Before, we mentioned that it has the Apple between his notes, this of course adds a very well elaborated edge and has to do directly with its freshness.

East Guess Woman It is a spectacular fragrance so that you feel very good in any day however hot it is, since it is ideal for a marked freshness where you can also make your body comfortable at any time that is necessary.

He Guess Woman It is a perfume to that nature has touched it very well and with which you should be able to feel too good, especially in summer, a time in which all its fruity notes work very well and wonderfully so that you can enjoy the whole day without being bothered by any kind of temperature.

If you love sports, the Guess Woman It will accompany you in the most special way to give you air in moments of high tension, a luxury.

Simplicity that falls in love

One of the greatest attractions of this perfume of course also has to do with the simplicity that it has, since everything that is perceived in its aroma is ideal, it does not seek at all to demonstrate something that it is not and hits the nail on the head, especially due to the presence of musk.

It is this note that makes you feel a very female, but also honest that you will love especially if your intention is to choose simple scents, but always full of that nature that you carry inside, an advantage that you can bring out especially at times when you do not want to monopolize the spotlight with bizarre aromas.

Final Considerations

The goodness of nature in a single perfume, this is how we can broadly define everything that has to do with the Guess Woman, a perfume that has a series of details as intense as they are simple and that will bring out the best of you as a woman.

The first thing that will stand out to you would be that touch of subtlety and modernity That seems impossible in a perfume of its kind, but it was achieved by having very original notes mixed together to offer a better appearance.

Do not forget also, that everything in this perfume in terms of its aroma has to do with the fruits as well as the flowers, and goes directly proportional to the supreme nature. So you can get this scent that encompasses everything related to the most basic feelings of a woman.

Finally highlight that his best season is summer and with which you will be able to enjoy whole days with your cool company, since it is a perfume quite given towards making you feel comfortable and simple as a woman.

Run to buy it, get rid of what this powerful yet simple aroma has for you!

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