What does it smell like? – Daisy Love Spring by Marc Jacobs

A signature like Marc jacobs She is used to creating perfumes that will always go hand in hand with what a woman wants, and that is why they are on everyone’s lips, without any inconvenience, this has been the hallmark of the house since its foundation .

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However, sometimes perfumes arrive that know perfectly that they will generate a special expectation, and the Daisy Love Spring It is one of those scents that were born to break with any type of established mold and rejuvenated the perfume industry.

In this particular case, we wanted to collect what had to do with this striking perfume and we are going to define it absolutely from the root, it cannot be wasted at all and you will already be able to see that the Fountain of Youth is closely associated with its fragrance.

Daisy Love Spring by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Love Spring by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Love Spring by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Love Spring by Marc Jacobs


A young scent for young people

Daisy Love Spring by Marc JacobsDivine youth treasure is a phrase that perfectly defines all the possibilities that a woman has at these ages and that this perfume in question has been able to generate with its touches as novel as fresh, it is then the perfume Daisy Love Spring an aroma designed by the youth of our times.

In fact, the model who makes life in the promotions and marketing of this perfume only has 16 years and a world of special possibilities for its aroma, managing to captivate from the first moment an entire audience that was not used to such youthful aromas at a time when models had to be over twenty to be taken into account.

However, the case of Daisy Love Spring It is breaking the rules and giving a too fresh air and impacting with a visual and olfactory union in extremely young girls, but who have a really older mind, a mixture that more than one will have already fallen in love with. That’s why this scent is designed to have a profound impact on everything it stands for. youth and their immediate future, since it is an aroma for today and not for tomorrow.

A different scent for the summer

It is usually associated with the aromas of summer with the citrus and sweet fruits, something that is true until the Daisy Love Spring and then the rules of the game began to change remarkably. This perfume was in charge of being planted in her favorite time of year, but rather with its own charms.

What is most striking is that it is not a particularly fruity aroma, which makes its aroma one more closely linked to flowers and forest compounds that we will be reviewing in more depth below. But this does not at all detract from a good presence on summer days.

Thanks to a delicate but sensual floral essence, the perfume in question enjoys prestige in this hot season because it rather adds that relaxation plus how much you look for once you have already attended the beach day and need comfort first hand, and what better way than to have it starting from the fragrance of the perfume that you carry in your travel bag.

That is why summers acquired a touch more vintage and relaxed since this aroma was given the task of changing the wild course for one rather delicate, but always sensual.

Flowers brought by Alberto Morillas

It has always been a maxim widely used by Alberto morillas the fact of including flowers in their perfumes or even elements that look like them, in this case the equation does not change and the Spanish perfumer has been faithful to his style.

It is a perfume that belongs to the Aromatic Spicy olfactory family for Women, already showing the intention to achieve a perfume really passionate and that it reaches mind and body, and it achieved it notably by the addition of notes that we will review shortly.

Of course, all the flowers that Alberto Morillas has brought have been finely selected to achieve a neutral balance and where none bothers the other, making the simple act of perceiving them a delight. They are some of the finest and that keep a close relationship with the sea, making them come very close to summer in this sense.

Alberto morillas It also managed to make youth and sea flowers come together, something perhaps unthinkable due to the classic and elegant cut of the latter, but which ultimately paid off in this movie perfume that leaves the senses as new.

Sweetness, warmth and flowers alike

flowersNow let’s talk directly about its aroma, which is one of the best topics we can generate since it has a lot to say and here we are going to tell you everything. It is a perfume with a little number of notes, which makes you perceive each of them more perfectly throughout the process of perceiving your fine chords.

We have that this perfume has some exit notes from rose, rosewood heart notes and cardamom base notes, Only three represent the trio of possibilities that they have given you to enjoy a unique and very earthy perfume, it is an aroma that does not sell smoke, on the contrary, it is what is perceived in their promotional campaigns.

On the one hand we can say that its aroma has a spicy heat, This is logically the product of cardamom and its direct relationship with the other notes, it is somewhat contradictory that being a perfume for the summer this is somewhat warm, but remember that it is not a conventional aroma and they managed to overcome the barrier of fresh perfumes for the summer by offering a warm one. .

On the other hand, he does not lose his intention with the wood, a chord that, although strong, does not at all disturb its aromas of flowers. The wood will remind you of the aroma that all the boats that appear along the sea during the holidays emanate rather than that of course that puts the smell on alert by being a note with a attractive and tough personality.

This perfume also has a scent certainly spicy and this because he belongs to a family that is so, achieving that for a good part of the time its aroma decants between the delicate and the passionate, creating a nice atmosphere just above yourself. It is this aroma so of sea spices that has achieved that effect of age retardation and that It will allow you to feel like new when using it.

However, the second half of the power of its scent resides in the flowers and where they have a special participation during their first moments when it comes out of the bottle. In fact, the first thing you will be able to perceive when you take it out of its container is that it is a perfume designed to open with its aromas of hot pink and very feminine, that they manage to mark territory and that of course they will make a nice game for everything that has to do with the summer.

Now this scent has sweet as a hook to attract glances, this is no coincidence and Alberto morillas included these notes in such a way that they could compose a perfume with many extremely sweet aromatic touches to make a delight of aroma to everything with every chord that goes from here to there.

Finally, without diminishing its importance, we have that this perfume also has certain and slight moments of balm so that not everything is really sweet or totally full of flowers, this scent has its fee of elegance and really sweet moments and that will lead you to even want to use it for when the summer, something common in this type of aromas that generate feelings of nostalgia when the days go by.

Not very durable or heavy

It was somewhat predictable to expect a perfume like Daisy Love Spring It was not going to contain such a long-lasting aroma, much less set a trend for its heavy way of being. His conception was that of a feminine scent and that it was made for today’s girls.

With its aroma you can expect a perfume that draws attention rather to the short and strong, of moments that you have to enjoy yes or yes in a short way, but that will remain in your memory for many years, something that is talked about so much in hot summers in the mouths of sensual girls.

And although this perfume may surprise a bit because it contains a strong aroma, it is that it does not have a too overwhelming trail, that in fact it is soft and invites you to feel like a soft girl and that does not boast of so many drums and cymbals, that it is more for the scents of spring that seek to arrow from the first moment.

Although in short it is a dedicated perfume for a short imprint and a trail full of softness, It is a scent that is not easily forgotten and therefore it is worth it even if there are others in the environment who surpass it in strength and durability.

Casual and elegant

These two words may not seem very easy to understand, but in the Daisy Love Spring Yes, they do it because an objective way of understanding entertainment was achieved equally, both for those who want casual and rather fun or those who want protocols and classic.

If you are one of those who want to be carried away by the party and the striking moments, then it will be of great help and presence, since its aroma with spicy heat combines wonderfully in those moments where nothing should be rigid and therefore its presence in the mornings.

On the other hand, if you have an important meeting or even an interesting moment with people from high society, you can easily carry the aroma of this perfume since it has classic floral notes that attract attention, but without being really rude to penetrate. in the noses of those who are by your side.

They are perhaps two opposite ways of seeing life but that are nourished within the bottle of this perfume and that of course you will love to use both forms in a really striking perfume and with a respectable aroma from all perspectives.

Mediterranean inspiration

Something that drew our attention is that this perfume has a great influence of the Mediterranean and this is very noticeable in the choice of its notes and aromas that Alberto morillas He made a work of art by choosing them so easily.

You will even be able to easily perceive all that which attracts so much attention, like a certain heat that joins with the fragrances of sea flowers and that generate a beautiful expression of the environment in you. For all this they will surely make you feel like a woman in Tuscany.

In addition, it is not an exaggeration to say that this perfume has a clear influence from the Italian coasts, especially in reference to spices, many of these extracted directly from the vicinity of the Mediterranean and that they have created a truly exuberant context for the young woman of today.

Final Considerations

Perfumes like Daisy Love Spring They are the ones that must be launched more frequently today because they have all the necessary values ​​to gain a place in the hearts of girls, this perfume created a trend towards casual and elegant that is really wonderful.

Use its scent during summer is a delicious mix between modern, youthful and above all living life without thinking about tomorrow.

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