What does it smell like? – Daisy by Marc Jacobs

If we talk about making young women look like classic people, we always have to mention the Marc Jacobs brand, one of those with an extremely classic style, but always adapted to new trends to improve.

He Daisy by Marc Jacobs It is a perfume that having some notes like musk, vanilla, white woods and strawberry, manages to contain a smell of sweet, wood and flowers like no other. But let’s review this perfume much more thoroughly in the article that you will have to read next, you cannot miss it.

Youthful from every angle

One of the hallmarks of this perfume is that it has a lot of youthful aspects in its interior, returning to each use on a journey towards the happiest moments of your youth or, on the other hand, live intensely in the present.

However, this youthful air part even more because inside it has many elements that will make you vibrate and that you will be able to review perfectly when we talk about all its elements in the form of notes and chords.

But remember first of all that you can feel a girl always youthful in body and soul when you use this Daisy, Fragrance especially useful to achieve a very young-looking effect whatever your age.

Optimistic energy

Another of the elements that best draws attention to this perfume is that it has a air of great optimism, something that is shown to contain a series of elements pretty wild inside and that this gives it an aesthetic between the adventurous and the enjoyment of the days and evenings. This of course makes it a very enjoyable fragrance that in many moments will make you want to get out of your house and be part of nature.

Elegant and sophisticated alike

Daisy by Marc JacobsAnd here we come to an element that makes it a perfect fragrance to enchant all audiences, we refer to the union that possesses between sophisticated and elegant, a pair that does not take advantage to contribute what is fair and necessary.

It is a scent that really makes young women feel like they are part of the best possible elegance, one that suits their times, yet makes them look very respectable. We cannot at least also mention the sophistication of its aroma, which is not wrapped in any note, but manages to make you enjoy everything a little to ensure that you do not get attached to anything or anyone.

With this scent, you also have to know that it is uniquely suited to Best moments and also to those who require your best wardrobes to enchant all men, but always framed in an environment of the high societies.

What does Marc Jacobs’ Daisy smell like?

We land at the most interesting point of this article, in the fragrance itself of this perfume that generates so many charms. We started talking about his family, the perfume belongs to the Family Floral Woody Musk Olfactory for Women and its release year was 2007.

With this family you can expect exclusively a perfume that has all its notes based on the highest possible quality, this manages to make it be perceived a lot of cool wherever it goes, and this is a relief since it is not a perfume that bothers but avoids moments of tension to make you feel comfortable anywhere.

The making has been by nothing more and nothing less than Alberto Morillas, a Spanish designer who implanted his stamp. These are from violet, blood orange, strawberry, gardenia, jasmine, vanilla, musk and white woods. Count with one scent really sweet, but bathed in flowers from beginning to end, something that you will appreciate because many perfumes put this aside at this time.

In the first place, smells everywhere a lot of Spanish style in its flowers and this is noticeable in all the character that its fragrance has, a particularly delicate style, but that brings out its talents as a daring woman when it should, which is in itself an advantage that adds points for when you need to give a first impression.

The mere inclusion of the vanilla is tremendous, since it adds that element ultra sweet that stands out for making you feel above all feminine, but with a delight for your body. It is a note that does not disappear easily, but rather will be with you throughout the day.

However, we must not lose sight of the fact that there are also a series of details within this perfume citrus such as the presence of the grapefruit, this makes it precisely a perfume that smells like tropical a little bit. It is really nice that these types of aromas have been included in a fragrance that can do everything their sweet and feminine elements.

The fact that it contains musk its aroma makes it worthy of authority and total cleanliness.

Summer for your scent

On the other hand, it is important to note that this perfume has a marked presence for the summer and we come to explain the reason for this. It is a perfume that will be excellent especially during the summer.

By having certain touches citrus, begin to acquire those moments where you can be calm, since you will never feel a dry perfume, but rather with a certain freshness that will feel wonderful for any time of the day where the sun is burning strongly.

An experienced campaign for young people

Such is the fame that this perfume acquired among designers before being launched on the market that a remarkable number of advertisements were made, then it matches the style that seeks to recreate this perfume, which is enjoyable for each and every one of the women in the world, the special incentive being to get a youthful appearance may he never be upset.

As a curious fact, it should be noted that a selective choice was made of young models without much experience so that they had lush and highly delineated faces instead of the typical recognized models.

It does nothing more than outline a scent that you want to be your first time with perfumes as feminine as they are refined.

The most loving variant of Daisy

daisy loveThere is a great variant of the Daisy perfume and it is the Daisy Love, a perfume that is much sweeter as well as more refined than the original.

This perfume belongs to the Olfactory family Woody Floral Musk for Women and launched in 2018. Has notes of margarita, cashmere musk and driftwood. With this simple formula you have quite a scent discreet but delicate, that can only be used in special moments.

The smell of this perfume is totally a Daisy flower which is the dominant note and with which you will be able to feel really comfortable because it provides a lot of stability and does not clash with any place where this feminine and special aroma has to be used.

To know a little more about this perfume, we will tell you what the aroma is ideal for springs And in this it differs from the previous perfume, because rather it looks for any encounter with love to be able to give you its full level of quality.

We do not want you to forget that this perfume has a longevity that is rather short and a soft trail. Undoubtedly from the hand of a scent that is wanting to make you feel in an elegant and masterful way.

Final Considerations

It is more than proven that this aroma is one of the most important to understand what it takes to be a delicate and feminine woman everywhere. The scent of Daisy It will always be welcome for those who are more elegant and delicate, although it is not surprising that it is used by those who have a strong and attractive touch of personality.

As we well review in this article, these are aromas that explore the subconscious of women in profound ways to such a degree that they managed to change the way young women dressed so that the classic was an increasingly necessary aspect in the midst of young people who have surely never experienced this.

Delicacy, strong emotions, beauty and of course that touches of happiness They are the ones that await you with this aroma that also has a much more loving variant than the previous one, but just as elegant.

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