What does it smell like? – Britney Spears Fantasy

When one of the biggest stars in music is known as he is Britney Spears launch a perfume, they will want to take advantage of this to learn more about what it means this scent as particular as outgoing, such is the case of Fantasy, a perfume that came to make her expressiveness stand out.

We anticipate that it is an aroma that includes a series of notes of white chocolate, kiwi, red lychee, quince and orris root. With this natural environment that smells like fruit everywhere and also bitter, you must explore all its aspects, because it is a unique perfume in the world.

Britney Spears Fantasy

Britney Spears Fantasy

Romance made perfume

Britney Spears FantasyWhen you talk about Britney Spears, There is undoubtedly a talk of a girl who captivated the whole world with all her movements and her out-of-tones on the street, something normal in any star of music and art in general, therefore, the Fantasy It is a perfume that has a lot to give you so that you do not stay behind any girl who considers herself sexy, on the contrary, it will make you even more sensual.

The aroma we are talking about I know launched in 2005 and immediately set the whole world vibrating since it impacted above all by the sensuality, class apart the aroma that includes that it is capable of cause a sensation from that first moment when he appears at a party or in a meeting with friends or with someone special that you expect surprise with your presence. It’s about a scent with much surprise that it has enough to give you in all those moments where it is necessary to mark territory.

However, it is more than this, in fact the perfume in question always bets on the romance of which our subtitle mentions. If you are looking for a perfume to generate expectation and infatuation on the part of men, then this aroma is the most indicated above the others. Tea bring love into your body when you spray its scent on yourself.

The seduction of the American artist is present in everything that has to do with this perfume and of course the night is your best ally, taking into account that the parties and evening gatherings They are the ones that give it its best side for everything it does and the notes that we will be happy to present to you later.

What’s inside Britney Spears’ Fantasy?

Starting from the Floral Fruity Gourmand Olfactory Family for Women, This scent is one of the best valued by critics, even in the case of a scent that should have been debated with critics at the time. This was achieved because its manufacture was of a high quality and it was shown that a music star could make a high quality aroma.

The notes that compose it are kiwi, red lychee, quince, white chocolate, cupcake, orchid, jasmine, musk, woody notes and orris root. The first thing you will find when using it is the smell of flowers, but not to just anyone, but to sexiest that exist and that they also feel very comfortable with any woman.

The essence of each of its flowers is what makes it a too feminine scent where it does not escape the classic formula of the floral neutrality to be able to get a girl to feel comfortable and not so exuberant. Let’s not forget that it has its cleaning air in its aroma and that is why it is so recommended for younger girls.

Another of the best aromas that this perfume has to offer you is, for example, its essence a exoticism, work of James krivda, its creator and who decided to include Kiwi to give a quite exotic touch to everything that smells the aroma of this perfume. What it will grant you will be a smell of spring as well as adventure that very few perfumes are capable of giving with such power.

The sweet enters this perfume in the form of smell of chocolate, Which is not bad at all considering that it is a scent that needed more feminine touches than daring in general. This inclusion will make the perfume very delicious in all its facets. Because believe us it will feel too feminine thanks to the fact that chocolate creates a feeling of urgency and love.

The fruit elements They do not wait, however, their notes are what will really give you that smell of well sour cream, but with a lot of musk charm. It is a combination that of course generates that many girls are attracted to this sophisticated style.

Light for your days

It is fortunate that there are perfumes like this that really offer perfumes to girls informal, but that they are very given to feeling in good vibes with the whole environment.

East Fantasy It is a perfume that offers a good amount of elements so that you decide to use it in your day to day, especially in the weekends which is when it best fits your aesthetic so youthful as feminine. It will serve you especially on the day that generally has good times to find its aroma.

Does not lose its feminism

With all its flower notes, This perfume is one of those that best defines what a woman needs right now. Because it does not tie you to anything or any situation. He Britney Spears Fantasy It has an essence that also makes it a very practical perfume and that does not remain at all, it really is quite independent.

On the other hand, one of the elements that best define its aesthetics is that it has a bottle made exclusively of Swarovski crystals. Which create a supreme expectation for its packaging, being royalty and increasing all that status that this perfume has.

That is why you cannot forget that it is a perfume that also represents the upper classes that require perfect aromas for all their younger girls and that they are not shy about showing themselves as they are.

Total spring

If you want to take our advice, of course the spring It is the best time for you to use and carry this much-needed scent in the XXI century. All because it recreates in one way or another the essence of this season in the year.

We are talking of course about a perfume that has a lot of love, but also sensuality, And it fits perfectly with what you need to do for you which is to generate strong emotions when meeting a special person.

However, it will do perfectly so much for blind dates as for moments of seriousness with your partner. Sample of this is inclusion Gourmand in its notes to make this perfume of the highest quality in choice of elements much more respectable above all.

Luxury intensity

One of the details that girls like the most is that this perfume has moderate longevity, while its wake is heavy, This leaves us a broad picture for those who hope to use this perfume in every day of spring.

The first one gives you of course maximum integrity where it lasts what it has to last without looking further. The second will give you a marked and full of optimism everywhere, a brand that will not fail to be noticed by anything in the world and that makes a very good mix between classic moderation and that persists.

Young forever

We recommend this perfume especially if you are a young woman and you want to make a place among your group of friends because it generates a lot of excitement at the time of exposing itself. It is a perfume that has all those perfect moments so that you always feel young.

This also has a lot to do with the perfume flexibility and makes it special for girls your age who want movement everywhere.

Final Considerations

Young and feminine two adjectives that perfectly define the essence of this aroma and that what it needs is that you use it so as to be able to give everything it has of itself.

Remember to buy it as soon as you read this article, you do not waste your formula sensual and risky.

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