What does it smell like? – Black XS For Her by Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne represents in itself as a brand all the sexism and lust that a woman can obtain, that is why all her perfumes have a line towards the gothic, the rebellious, as well as the mysterious, this is an advantage for all who want to be interesting girls and the Black XS For Her It is one of the best perfumes with which you can give yourself the luxury of creating addiction in your essence.

A perfume like this is too loaded, it gives you no respite and this is driven by your grades pink pepper, tamarind, vanilla, patchouli and black violet to create a smell sweet, seductive, fruity and very heavy. It does not hurt that you know more about its essence and here you will see it very clearly.

Black XS For Her by Paco Rabanne

Black XS For Her by Paco Rabanne

Rebel without a cause

One of the greatest signs of identity for him Black XS For Her by Paco Rabanne is that it is rebel, It does not matter when you use it or the schedule, it will always be a very rebellious perfume that will not let you walk without being watched all the time, it is perhaps the perfume of this Italian firm that generates more looks of amazement.

It is precisely designed to be used girls always rebellious and carefree, those that with their walk always generate strong sensations and that this always creates a tendency to amazement, of course their notes and aromatic elements also intervene that we want to talk to you about.

The truth is that thanks to a combination of sweet, floral elements and an irresistible taste of spice, generate that the perfume in question that we analyze always has a air even of originality as very few can afford to get.

All this logically that deliberately disrupts the base audience for which it is directed. We will be talking about this later, but we anticipate that it could not be other than the one that overflows with joy and a lot of youth.

It is this sector of women who are indicated to use when Black XS For Her and this has generated that young girls from all countries gather in flocks to buy this perfume in their favorite perfumeries and feel part of a strong and determined movement.

Addictive scent

We go with another of the most important points so that you take into account this perfume whenever you want to use it, we refer to the addiction that generates its aroma in not only women, but also in men, creating a perfume that you always want to approach at all times.

The Black XS For Her being thrown in 2007, explored in a very original way and above all as a pioneer thanks to its creators Emilie Coppermann and Max Buxton. ANDThese forbidden aromas in a certain way generate a lot of sensuality, maybe too much in women and make them the center of attention at all times.

This we can assure you thanks to the fact that they have among their aromas: mixtures of sweet, bitter and even citrus. You could not expect less from a perfume that you always want at all times create impact, but they also ended up generating an addiction rarely seen, in a perfume and more if it is a classic style like the firm Paco Rabanne.

Let’s talk about aromas without equal

Talk about Black XS For Her is to do it with a perfume that does not really have the same one and that part of the originality to make its sales much greater than those of other brands, the secret of course is in its fragrance and that we are going to explain it to you completely in this pulled apart.

Let’s start, the Black XS For Her Belongs to the Olfactory family Woody Floral Musk for Women, one of the strongest families you can get in the world to compose the scent of a perfume. This gives you a smell very strong, bitter and also with the strength of wood, which makes it the favorite of many girls who are strong and who much prefer to lead through life by themselves.

On the other hand, we have its notes that create various aromas and sensations depending on the particular case. The first are from cranberry, pink pepper and tamarind. This is the fruity and citrus side in a way that this enigmatic perfume has to offer. With them you will be able to seriously enjoy a perfume with strong and very citrusy fruit smell since this aroma is quite perceived, it does not hide at any time.

We also have to mention the cocoa, pink and black violet. This is the side of the perfume where generates addiction because its aroma is debate between sweet, bitter and even floral allowing a always bittersweet smell, but with modern nuances. It is the mix between cocoa and rose the one that creates a odor strongly sweet, but with a certain halo of freshness provided by black violet, this without being exempt from mystery.

We couldn’t close without talking about the vanilla, patchouli and Massoia wood. These three final notes are what give you your more feminine and also more seductive air, so you also have the inclusion of certain touches made of wood that create a delicious smell and that you need a daring girl in you.

As we can quote, this particular perfume is one that create an air between the floral, the addictive, the sweet and the rebellious as it has never been observed in the shaping of a perfume.

The perfume of Rock

The scent of Black XS It is one of those that exceeds its own sensory borders with plenty of nuances, since it also has a Rock essence that has not gone unnoticed, this has been taken into account by various marketing consultants.

This perfume usually creates such rebelliousness that its best genre if we have to talk about music would be Rock, who has achieved that in any advertising campaign he is associated with this popular genre among young women.

You have to feel like star of this genre, since the power of its aroma thanks to the inclusion of elements Very strong is what gives a feeling of strong and scorned girl.

A different spring

They have always been considered spring perfumes like those where love is the most important thing, however, this Black XS is the one who came to change this tonic with his deep and enigmatic air.

Undoubtedly, it has certain feminine and very heavy touches that give spring that change that could feel good enough to be able to have another type of air, especially in the face of passionate nights.

The floral notes that has this perfume, despite being few, are the ones that usually come perfectly to a season of the year where everything is supposed to be pink, but rather it ends up acquiring a darker air thanks to the Black XS For Her.

Excessive in all its glory

It comes from the soul, it comes from the fire, so we can define everything that the Black XS For Her, which is a perfume that is excessive in everything it has to offer you, of course always based on its so air heavy and deep.

We have, for example, a longevity what comes to be all powerful and very durable, which will adjust to all types of environments, whether they are sunny or even rainy so that it lasts on your body as long as possible.

If we have to mention your wake, this is rather very heavy, it has to do with all that presence that this deep aroma usually generates.

In this sense, we warn you that its aroma does not have anything ordinary or warm, is a smell overloaded, one of those that you feel a kilometer away, one that is too seductive.

Final Considerations

The essence of Black XS by Paco Rabanne it is so big that it could not be explained in a single article since you have to take your part in the matter and use it to give it your approval.

However, we can tell you that by using it you will have a perfume loaded with originality and rebellion. It is the typical perfume for all those women who never conform to the norm and have their own rules to break the mold in which the world wants to stay.

But wait, not everything is rebellion if beyond, the Black XS For Her It will offer you truly intense moments, the kind that are never forgotten.

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