Top 9 Jimmy Choo Perfumes For Women

Jimmy Choo is a Malaysian-born designer, widely known in the fashion world for the greatness he brings to his handmade women’s shoes, but he is not only a genius when it comes to footwear, but also in perfumes.

This is demonstrated by creating unique and delicious perfumes that every woman should have in her beauty arsenal, very versatile options that offer spectacular performance at any event and time of year. If you are a determined woman, energetic and always ready to face new challenges, these perfumes are sure to enchant you.

So get to work and really discover a perfume that suits your style and personality, we present the 9 Best Jimmy Choo Perfumes for Women:


1. Jimmy Choo For Women

Top 9 Jimmy Choo Perfumes For Women

Get ready to never go unnoticed thanks to one of the most iconic fragrances by Jimmy Choo , this perfume is characterized by offering a very sensual sweet aroma, perfect for nights when you want to shine like a star at any social event or romantic date. .

It opens with citrus notes to provide a certain fresh and mischievous air at the beginning, where the orange, tangerine and pear stand out, to pass to middle notes starring the prestigious patchouli and the person responsible for the sweet aroma of the perfume, with this we refer to the caramel . The fragrances that close with notes of chypre are characterized by being very sensual, and Jimmy Choo For Women is no exception.

It is a perfect fragrance to wear in winter and autumn , even better if you wear it at night .



2. Jimmy Choo Flash

We change a little notes to enter a field of flowers , it is the best analogy we can mention when talking about Jimmy Choo’s Flash , a perfume that directly evokes the most beautiful and sunny spring days.

It is an exquisite perfume that is characterized by opening with notes of strawberry, mandarin and pepper, to continue with the most notorious notes of the perfume, with that we refer to magnificent flowers such as jasmine and white lilies, it is also worth noting that it has lily white.

Its final notes are woody , which gives it a very good base so that, mixed with the other notes, it provides an impeccable duration and a moderate trail, you will be the most beautiful flower if you use this wonder during the spring.



3. Exotic (2015) By Jimmy Choo

A fragrance for self-confident women , those who have that air of confidence that sometimes rubs off on us and makes us feel like we can do whatever we put our mind to, Jimmy Choo Exotic is a feat that shines to its full potential during winter.

Notes fruit that give a charming air passage will open half notes orchid and passion flower, two key elements to create this excellent fragrance. It finishes masterfully with base notes of patchouli and raspberry , which give it an enviable consistency, together with an excellent duration and a soft, but always remarkable trail.

Dare to show your confidence in winter with this masterpiece!



4. Jimmy Choo’s Blossom

Happiness will be a constant in your day to day by applying this masterful fragrance , it belongs to the Floral- Fruity family and has an aroma that will awaken your most romantic senses, making it ideal for social events or outings with that special person.

It has notes that evoke a good sense of humor and the simplicity of life , by which we mean an ideal combination of fruity and floral notes at the beginning, represented by raspberry and orange, which will give you a flirtatious and sensual touch.

It continues its masterful journey with middle notes of roses to culminate with the powerful musk , whose note gives a certain sensuality to the fragrance.

With an enviable duration and a heavy trail, dare to use this perfume as a weapon of seduction in any situation.



5. Illicit Flower By Jimmy Choo

Debuting in 2016, we came across a fairly strong fragrance, characterized by presenting a perfectly balanced combination of floral, fruity and musky notes.

It opens with notes of apricot and mandarin, which give it a certain air of mystery, to continue with its characteristic floral notes, represented by the grapefruit flower, jasmine, rose, and freesia, everything is combined to end with its base notes of musk and sandalwood.

It is a fantastic option for spring or summer , where we will be the focus of attention on sunny days thanks to its incredible duration and delicate, but delicious trail.



6. Jimmy Choo Fever

Orient says present on this list with a perfume that is characterized as a lethal weapon in the game of seduction , Jimmy Choo’s Fever is the favorite for cold days that need a little action.

It opens with notes of lychee, plum and grapefruit, a full and luxurious combination that gives way to its floral notes and its base of sandalwood and coffee, an ingredient that adds that sensual and romantic touch for which this perfume is characterized.

You will feel super comfortable and confident using this secret weapon for seduction during your romantic outings.



7. L’Eau De Jimmy Choo

Another wonderful blend of the Floral family , Jimmy Choo presents this glorious fragrance that evokes the happiest days of the year, it is a fragrance that will make you relive good memories, while giving you a slightly seductive scent .

Bergamot and hibiscus are the protagonists in its initial notes, followed by peony and nectarine in its middle notes to end in a spectacular way with a musky and slightly woody background.

An option that cannot be missing in your wardrobe in any situation.


8. Illicit From Jimmy Choo

Honey will become our best friend by leaving us in love after the first sniff with this Jimmy Choo classic, the Illicit is an ideal blend of honey with floral and slightly citrus elements , evoking a feeling of joy and sweetness that few perfumes can match .

Its floral middle notes masterfully highlight its main ingredient; the honey . It is a perfume with excellent duration and with a soft trail, fully recommended to be used during spring days , those in which the sun shines in all its splendor.



9. Jimmy Choo’s Stars

You will be the star that shines the most with this bet by Jimmy Choo , a perfume with a perfect balance between sweet and citrus aromas , with a touch of patchouli that gives it seriousness and a lot of elegance.

It opens with slightly sugary citrus notes , to continue with caramel notes and a light floral touch, provided by the orchid, it is a solid option for spring that will make you feel in the stars thanks to its excellent duration on the skin and light trail.



Final Considerations

Jimmy Choo has definitely made a mark in the history of perfumery. Despite not having a huge range of options like other more recognized brands, it manages to offer the most exclusive, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Go ahead and try any of these splendid fragrances and feel comfortable during your day, whatever the occasion!

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