Top 8 Rihanna Perfumes For Women

It is increasingly common to find stars from the world of cinema or music design their own perfumes or also various clothing lines.

This is how, for example, we have in this case Rihanna, one of the biggest musical stars and her peculiar line of perfumes, which we wanted to bring to all women who want to feel renewed.

In The 8 Best Rihanna Perfumes For Women we have designed a select list so that you can choose among its best exponents and take them to your home, do not miss it and take a look at each of them:


1. Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna

We open this article with Rihanna’s Reb’l Fleur this perfume is among her most popular options because it is perfectly made for all those girls who leave shyness aside in search of all the best options for their personal achievements, without doubt an individualistic perfume .

This one has totally fruity notes so that you experience a very tropical sensation quite in the style of Rihanna, it also has to provide a well moderate trail and longevity.

Perfect perfume for the summer seasons and their doses of many adventures.


2. Rihanna’s Rogue

Launched in 2013 the Rogue is a perfume that contains all the quality of the interpreter always offered for women, it has a very sweet fragrance so that you feel perfectly comfortable with each situation you experience, it is totally flexible and versatile for enter any place, very typical of its perfumes.

In total, we have to tell you that it is designed in leather notes, as well as orange blossom flowers that will provide a sweet fragrance in some measures.

Contains a long-lasting trail and longevity that lasts well.

A perfect perfume for any time of the year.



3. Rihanna’s Rogue Love

Now we bring you the Rogue Love , a perfume that sets objectives similar to the previous one, but with the addition that it is designed to achieve love in the person with whom you most want this type of feeling, without a doubt a tribute to the love that you will have in a single jar.

It has to offer you notes of red berries, mandarin orange and also jasmine We find in this perfume a huge trail and a very long-lasting longevity making this a perfect perfume for any time of the year, after all, love never has a date on the calendar.


4. Rihanna’s nude

In the fourth place let’s talk now about Rihanna’s Nude, her only name has to offer a lot of eroticism and in the same way it will invite you to be content with your own body.

This has been perhaps the greatest success of a perfume that is here to stay on the shelves of girls who want to feel sexy every moment.

Inside we have, for example, notes of guava, pear and mandarin for that touch of extra daring.

Similarly, Rihanna’s Nude contains a high longevity and trail, perfect especially for the fall season .


5. RiRi from Rihanna

In this fifth place we cannot stop talking about Rihanna’s RiRi this is a perfume that is exposed and conceived to highlight the feminism of any woman, regardless of her personality type thanks to the fact that it includes notes of mandarin, cassis, rum and jasmine .

This will only add a lot of personality, and if we add to this that it has a high longevity, but with a moderate trail we can say that you will attract all eyes.

Ideal especially for spring , a time when the beauty of each object or living being stands out.



6. RiRi Kiss by Rihanna

The RiRi Kiss is a perfume launched on the market in 2017 and that is presented among the most interesting in the world, since while it makes you dazzle with its feminine touch at every step it will also make you a very mischievous woman with whom you are look at every moment.

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We can emphasize its great notes of freesia, neroli and some flowers also highlighting its moderate longevity and trail , equal parts that give it a lot of added value.

Special to use in summer, without any doubt.



7. Rihanna’s Rebelle

Irreverent perfume, a perfume that makes you want to be yourself at every step, it is one of the best in terms of solidity, but it is also peculiar because it leaves everything to your own devices.

This perfume has notes of ginger, strawberry or plum, it should be noted in addition to a soft trail and moderate longevity , the perfect perfume to make you dazzle with your originality in summer.


8. Rihanna’s Crush

We finish with Rihanna’s Crush made so that you can dazzle the person you want to be with, even without having met her, it will make you feel very confident so that you can have fun and be yourself when you are with her.

This has been the case thanks to its very oriental notes that include jasmine as a preponderant element.

At the same time, it has a soft trail and longevity that blends into any environment.

The Crush is perfect for any season, very suitable for those moments of great tension and also to awaken mixed feelings.


Final Considerations

Rihanna perfumes awaken in women the most sensual desires, also uniting a quota of tenderness perfect especially for those who have a good dose of angel and devil inside .

Do not miss out on these perfumes if you want to get high and be the envy of everyone.

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