Top 8 Ralph Lauren Perfumes for Women

If there is a fashion brand that despite its classic fragrances has managed to endure over time, including both sexes in tastes, that is Ralph Lauren. This designer managed to change the abstract perspective that was had on fashion to implement an iron style when designing perfumes.

So women could not be left out of their success equation in this difficult world and the perfumes made for them are a great example of the vigor, but also mettle of Ralph Lauren and his team.

In this article, The 8 Best Ralph Lauren Perfumes for Women emphasizes these fragrances so characteristic of this brand and with which we totally know that you will be fascinated so that you are the one who takes control of the situation. 

Do not detach yourself from these lines brought for you, a woman who likes the best based on her will.


1. Ralph by Ralph Lauren

Top 8 Ralph Lauren Perfumes for Women

We started with the Ralph by Ralph Lauren, an example of the kind of vision that this designer had for the future of perfumes that was to come in the next few years.

This evolution has materialized in a quite fresh mixture and with a tendency to be weak in its longevity and soft in its wake so that its fragrance made with notes of Japanese osmanthus, apple leaves, Italian mandarin, musk or yellow freesia does not go unnoticed but that neither do they permeate the environment.

Very well, what you will get with this perfume launched in 2000 and designed by Alain Alchenberger  is a perfume that will allow you to enjoy the most intense summers because your own body will be constantly bathed in substances that do not adapt to the body directly, but can become as if water were spoken.

It is an even simple sample of the company, but it has risen like foam for that minimalism that women love so much so as not to go overboard with the perceptions of these fragrances.



2. Ralph Lauren Romance

The captivating is much of it has to do with perfumes Ralph Lauren , a feeling that you will not lose the Romance one of the perfumes of its stock since its launch in 1998 has managed to conquer the hearts of those who they use, but also of men who pass by the side of their carriers.

Thanks to some notes of lotus flower, lilies, ginger and chamomile, you will obtain a perfume that has a lot of feminism, but also sensuality, hence it attracts both men, since they evoke fresh and fruity sensations as if they were found. in a flowery field.

At the same time, it becomes important to note that Romance has been made to better enjoy springs, and it is that with its long-lasting longevity it can be with you all the time and not to mention its moderate wake a waste full of beauty that will captivate you. From the first moment.


3. Polo Sport Woman by Ralph Lauren

Not only men play sports, that was very clear to Ralph Lauren, and with this in mind the Polo Sport Woman by Ralph Lauren has arrived .

It has been cataloged as the perfect perfume to go out in the mornings and perform any type of physical activity given its composition of notes of violet, ebony, oak, cedar, poppy, walnut and also aquatic mint, which provide a lot of strength. Consequently, they couldn’t go for subtle touches on longevity and scent at this company , and both are strong for this fragrance stability that you need every second of your day.

The Polo Sport Woman will give you everything you need so that you go perfectly equipped for your different sports activities because you will bring out the breed and they will see you in a different way when you step on the pitch.

Otherwise it could not be and this is concentrated in hot summers, where sports tension increases double, it is in this field where you know how to win.


4. Ralph Lauren’s Notorious

The Notorious by Ralph Lauren is made so that you shine with your own light during each luxury event, it differs from many others because it provides the elegance you need to achieve an impact, without being necessarily sensual.

The secret of such coldness, but also independence and distinction, is the work of Olivier Gillotin who, when launching it in 2008 , masterfully positioned it for winters . Its notes of bergamot, white chocolate, vanilla , orris root and patchouli are a work so that you do not stop stealing glances at every step you take on the most important catwalks.

With its moderate longevity and similarly cut trail, the Notorious proves once again that you don’t need to teach too much in a fragrance to get noticed, as elegance prevails over sexy and this is one example of this. In addition to that with him, you will feel a more important and organized woman.


5. Tender Romance by Ralph Lauren

We associate the act of romance and attraction as something that happens without more than a glance or a gesture, but it goes far beyond this simplistic classification.

The Tender Romance has it very clear and with their fragrance they have made seduction a master plan for any woman who wants to make a man fall into her networks. Its composition has been made with white Lily, white magnolia, benzoin, musk and cashmere that make you perceive from moment number one a certain purity that is detrimental to what you wear, that is why it is very important that you know how to combine it perfectly.

The softness of its longevity and wake invite you to think on the other hand that with the Tender Romance you should be calm, since it attracts men in a detailed and very punctual way , practically without disheveled.

The Tender Romance is a fragrance totally designed for you to wear in the fall , in addition to the fact that evening evenings are its specialty.



6. Ralph Love by Ralph Lauren

The spring comes with Ralph Love a masterpiece to enjoy love as best must. It represents a delight for us to recommend this perfume because with it you will feel what it is really to love and feel loved.

The Ralph Love is a fragrance that invigorates your senses so you can choose love as the primary basis to attract the man of your dreams. Its notes of cotton candy, red apple and pink rose are more than enough to give your whole body beauty the splendid love that a man can feel for you.

With a moderate longevity and a trail of equal reach the Ralph Love closes as a perfect fragrance for the power of love, it is given to make your spring days even more splendid and it is even better if you add your ideal partner with you.



7. Big Pony 1 for Women by Ralph Lauren

The Big Pony 1 for Women by Ralph Lauren is the first of the versions given for a perfume that is one of the most classic that can be obtained with Ralph Lauren it has the mixture of all the necessary elements to be at the same level as even the most classic perfumes of all fashion brands.

But with Ralph Lauren this goes hand in hand with a lot of willpower, a perfume that allows you to be quite determined and with which you will have notes of lotus and grapefruit with only these two elements it has been designed to a perfume that will make you vibrate with the citrus explosion , especially in summer .

However, its long-lasting longevity, which is tied to a moderate wake , places it as one of the most important in the field of attraction and distinction This one has the best of both worlds: elegance and sensuality.


8. Big Pony 3 for Women by Ralph Lauren

The Big Pony 3 for Women by Ralph Lauren is a perfume that closes this article but with which special care must be taken given its characteristics of great contribution both for special outings and for the practice of certain sports .

This is made so that you live the moment intensely and do not detach from your goal, elements that have been perfected by notes of mimosa and pear which also have a weak longevity and a soft trail so that you travel easily to where the fate better take you.

With all this, the Big Pony 3 for Women by Ralph Lauren is a perfume made to enjoy the fall and better still outdoors.


Final Considerations

With Ralph Lauren, women have found their special place that they have earned with all their charisma, beauty and talent. There are no words to define each of their perfumes and the best thing is that with these you will get what you propose without much effort.

Dare to try some of these wonders from the hand of Ralph Lauren!

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