Top 8 Creed Perfumes For Men

No matter how striking or persevering certain fashion brands on the planet may be, there are some that stand out from the rest and very easily because they are real, they are distinguished by their entirely exquisite and strict cuts.

In the particular case of this article, we are talking about The 8 Best Creed Perfumes For Men, which is a very particular case because this company has more than two centuries of luxurious existence.

Absolutely nothing in Creed failsthis is because they always have as a strict rule the choice of the best natural components for the manufacture of their perfumes, but without neglecting the discovery, since they use various artificial aggregates to distinguish themselves from the rest, what which allows them to be one of the most exclusive companies in the entire planet, something that they have not left behind under any circumstances.


1. Aventus of Creed

The strength of a perfume-like Aventus has no precedent in the world, the launch of this perfume fell sharply within the sector of critics and lovers of men’s fragrances.

The Aventus is a perfume with great seriousness with which you have a lot of versatility, elegance and also poses a very masculine contextreally the adjectives fall short of this perfume that has the record of being the best-selling perfume of Creed in all its history, a detail for nothing less.

Let’s see, the fact is that Aventus has managed to perfectly lead the combination between fruit aromas and being totally masculine, this has managed to attract a new generation of men who previously did not dare to use this type of perfumes for having certain similarities with the feminine ones.

From the point of view of its conformation, a perfume like Aventus has also been innovative because it has inside notes of bergamot, cassis leaves, apple, pineapple, jasmine, musk, oakmoss, ambergris, and also vanilla.

In the use of the Aventus notice spontaneously the same perfume has an excellent predisposition to be used especially in the winter to contribute the amount you love to heat and that gives you that special feeling to feel good in any situation since Its aforementioned versatility is the creator that you can use it in both elegant and informal situations.

It is worth mentioning that with this perfume you have one that lasts a long timeits longevity goes towards this and if we consider its wake, it becomes heavybut do not worry, it will not bother at all.

2. Original Vetiver from Creed

Like every perfume that Creed launches on the marketthe Original Vetiver is another hit on the table, another perfect example that when they decide to market a product, it stands out as very few can because of the large elements under which they are designed.

Now, the Original Vetiver is a perfect representation of what luxury means in any of its various ways, this perfume has everything that the house can create, such as incredible originality, but this is made for vetiver, which is its most characteristic element.

On the other hand, the Original Vetiver has that very classic touch of the brand that makes it very attractive for the more traditionalists because it is an ideal option for men who want to feel very masculine without exploring other areas, they are the ones with more characteristics. railroads.

The number of notes that have been included inside has been studied by professionals since these are sandalwood, ambergris, musk, ginger, Haitian vetiver, as well as mandarin, bergamot, and iris.

The Original Vetiver will make you be a classic man in every aspect, you will notice that everything will be in its place, being a perfect order for you to maintain your style.

This perfume is a sample that does not need a presentation anywhere, in fact, it has a style designed to be used in the most exclusive situations, it will not generate good feelings if you use it in any type of celebration because hers goes towards total luxury, this is already part of Creed’s DNA.

Its longevity, on the other hand, is moderate, and its wake is similar, where its ideal time to use it is summer.

3. Creed Himalayas

If what you want is to have a trip to the highest place in the world, all you have to do is use Creed’s Himalayasthis perfume is a total trip as soon as you apply it to your body, especially because of the enormous freshness that it offers you. on any day.

Its smell is really similar to what you will find in the Himalayas, so the mountain is very present in this bottle. The emotions on the surface are especially contained in this perfume that makes you vibrate due to its extreme cold power, which is complemented for wintersin the same harmony that you will feel that your feet never touch the ground.

Like some perfumes from this most luxurious company, this fragrance has a level of short surprises because you have not experienced something similar.

If you want to know what is in this perfume because we say that has notes of grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, tangerine, juniper berries, nutmeg, pepper, and wood of sandalwood.

You can see from the beginning the strength with which this perfume has been designed and also towards adventure since this is one of its most used by more adventurous men and those who love adventure at all times.

It should be noted that this perfume has really long-lasting longevity so you don’t lose track of it and a moderate trail. The Himalayas are another proof that Creed always bets for the highest and also for what has the most personal value for men.


4. Creed’s Silver Mountain Water

Born in the 90s, Creed’s Silver Mountain has a lot of glass, a lot of very neat, perfect currents. Every essence of neatness is very accompanied by a lot of freshness, it has everything that is related to air currents and what that causes in the human being.

By having Creed professionals who are dedicated to studying the stimuli of a certain perfume in human beings, it will make you feel very healthy even for your breath as it does not contain any type of chemical element that harms your healthso Silver Mountain Water It is a really good perfume if you want to feel totally natural sensations at all times.

There are many men who are attracted to this perfume because it is directly liked by both sexes, managing to attract any woman to you.

But not only do you breathe cleanliness with this perfume, but it becomes quite special in the sense that it will give you so much ease so that you feel free at all times and that is because Silver Mountain Water has everything to be able to fit in the springs for its notes of sandalwood, petit grain, galbanum, green tea, mandarin and black currants in a direction as always correct by Creed for nature lovers and more if we tell you that its longevity is very long-lasting, while its trail it’s huge, So you will not get lost in any natural environment and more so if you live it in the total company, which is the most indicated so that you do not miss any moment of your perfect adventure together with nature.

If you are also looking for a fragrance where you need to highlight your elegance and freshness, then this perfume on duty is the best possible option for you.

5. Green Irish Tweed by Creed

The Green Irish Tweed Creed is a highly sophisticated perfume because this has been considered by many as a clear reference to the classic that should always be a perfume gentleman.

Green Irish Tweed is very old if you like because it is presented with the stability that is required to be very serious in every way, its fragrance has an air of superiority that is rarely seen in a perfume, but we are talking about Creed and this is the day to day of its reason for being.

As it contains a lot of traditional elements in its fragrance, this perfume has to be used by mature men, in addition, its presence towards you will always be very fresh and its notes show that they are since it has notes of lemon, violet, Florentine iris and sandalwood that you will feel with a certain freshness of hints of mint.

Also, the Green Irish Tweed has very long-lasting longevity that is noticeable, especially when you spend a lot of time with this perfume on top, making its mint influence look highly noticeable in a season like summer.

As for its wake, it is really heavy, getting you to be noticed from meters away, ideal to establish your position with respect to your way of being. However, you should not be alarmed, its level of traditionalism does not overshadow that it also has modernism, which is enhanced in men who feel comfortable being observed, but without being extremists.

6. Bois Du Portugal by Creed

What an honor represents for the Lusitanian country to be honored in such a way in a Creed perfume, we have it here reviewed with the Bois Du Portugalit portrays everything that has to do directly with this country and everything that has to do with the passion of his men and how this can be noticed in any action that is carried out.

The special thing about Creed’s Bois Du Portugal is that this perfume is totally inspired by the beautiful mornings of this country, so you will feel ready to start off on a better foot every day when you wear it. It is well worth taking into consideration that this perfume has to be clearly used in the fallthat time when the sun sets best in Portugal.

With the Bois Du Portugal, you have to go slowly and not throw yourself into an exacerbated use, since it deserves to be used with care and slow enjoymentespecially considering that you will have more than three hours of duration in its longevity as it is durable Furthermore, its wake remains in the environment for more than half an hour, given its enormous characteristic.

In addition, the Bois Du Portugal has elements such as notes of lavender, ambergris, cedar, sandalwood, and bergamot that will give you that touch of penetrating sweetness that will last for a long time.

If you are looking to experience perfume with almost magical qualities in the sunsets and that at the same time makes you feel very active and thinker, the Bois Du Portugal is your best choice.

7. Viking from Creed

The strongest, fastest and leading man has to have his own perfume, for those lovers of being intrepid comes the Viking of Creedthis fragrance will provide them with a lot of activity for a long time, designed for men who are entirely alive.

It is not a secret for anyone that his name is totally inspired by the ancient Vikingshence if you are a common traveler you will find a perfume that will accompany you anywhere.

The free and courageous style of the Viking will be for you like something never experienced, since when you use it, you will feel capable of dominating any territory because it professes to explorationalways becoming the supreme leader of your group, this means that for excursions in the company of your friends it seems monumentalas always Creed taking a high note in generating the most palpable contexts for men.

The limits never exist for a man who wears the Viking of Creed, the adventurous spirit of the perfume plays perfectly with you because it has notes of pink pepper, sandalwood, vetiver, Bulgarian rose, Sicilian lemon, and also lavender to always make you feel at your best. possible attunement to the environment by providing you with good freshness, although it also has long-lasting longevity, as well as a heavy wakevery much in the style of what a Viking could become, a man with wild characteristics that was molded to the specific stage that he had to live.

8. Millésime Impérial from Creed

Last, but not least, the Millésime Impérial by Creed is that perfume you need to achieve the total essence of innovationthis, of course, could represent a challenge for you, but nothing that Creed cannot achieve, and with a perfume like this, you have the citric element on your side framed in notes of sandalwood, amber, musk, bergamot, green mandarin and also lemon.

Especially regarding the last two elements, we must mention that they will suit you very well when it comes to freshness as one of its most attractive features, especially for the summer.

Your skin will perfectly feel like in a constant bath of fine water so that you even feel sensuality in your bodythus inviting any woman to come closer to you on beach days.

Each element of this perfume has an absolutely masterful worth being a perfume out of Creed and feels like even some elements of herbs are strained to you should use it perfectly on any day and what is better than to be for major events both or the typical informality of a conversation between friends.

Men should adjust to the fact that the perfume has long-lasting longevity and therefore it is achieved with this to have your perfume with a lot of durabilities to which the trail is not far behind because it is enormous.

All this, in general, makes this perfume both fresh and indifferent to any type of situation, that is why it has been liked so much since this type of perfumes made by Creed are oriented towards modernity that must be had in all types of situations, but always having that touch of distinction characteristic of Creed.

Final Considerations

Creed perfumes cannot be ignored, they show that they are always aware of the world’s news, but that they adhere to their roots of high exclusivity, elegance and traditional values ​​of man.

These options that we have presented are the best possible in the field of classic men, but they adapt very well to the new century and more.

Also, as you may have noticed, they are counted as fragrances even with wild touches that allow you to bring out your wild side in the most unusual situations.

Don’t stop using them, Creed awaits you!

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