Top 6 Thierry Mugler Perfumes For Men

Within the world of the great fashion industry, there are an infinity of people who have been in charge of redesigning the basic concepts that time and time again they try to reinvent with the sole purpose of creating greater originality.

A fairly strong name fills the spaces when we talk directly about this, his name is Thierry Mugler and in this article we will talk about  The 6 Best Thierry Mugler Perfumes For Men:

Known for his style in fragrances and being perhaps the designer who works the most alongside the most famous in music, the designer himself knows that under his shoulders there is a huge burden to offer the greatest polished detail in his perfumes and, to be honest, the men are pleasantly pleased that it is so. No matter what you’re doing, don’t miss out on this article made just for men.


1. A * Men by Thierry Mugler

Top 6 Thierry Mugler Perfumes For Men

We have to talk to you when you open this very particular list about Thierry Mugler’s A * Men a perfume that deserves a deep analysis that explains what it has generated since its official launch in 1996.

Let’s start by noting that this perfume is a fragrance totally designed by the French designer himself and that it has all his stamp printed on a perfume that is the pure sample that even in the abstract of art there can also be perfection.

The A * Men invites you to develop in all your perfectionist splendor, which will make you a careful man even in the smallest detail, it is one of the most representative fragrances of what Thierry Mugler means for the world of fashion, this has at the same time many doses of sensuality, maximum perception and also the intelligent seal that a man deserves who uses perfumes from this highly detailed fashion firm.

In the strictest sense of the sensations obtained with this perfume, you will notice that you will feel very manly, but with another approach, even given towards technology and the advance towards the perfect man , something that we know you love.

Now, to explain this recreated context you have to go to the other side of the sidewalk, towards his notes these were also conceived entirely by Thierry Mugler in his desire for perfection and extreme reality, and features mint, bergamot, lily of the valley. valleys, cedar, musk, benzoin and amber.

For all this, A * Men by Thierry Mugler has been chosen as the ideal fragrance for winter the coldness typical of perfectionism will invade you completely, in addition, let’s make it clear that it has the strength of a very long-lasting longevity and a trail huge.



2. Alien by Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler usually creates futuristic atmospheres in his fragrances, handcrafted by himself to precisely position men towards a perception of another planet, this occurs with the Alien a fragrance contained in a bottle that we will talk about below.

With Thierry Mugler’s Alien you are looking at a perfume that will make you vibrate the first moment you pick up its packaging for various reasons. You can clearly feel a magnetism as if it were a magnet, and many people love their bottle that changes colors.

However that is not the hallmark of a perfume that is here to stay on the shelves of any man with a sense of softness, towards the modest but fair.

The Alien stands out as a perfume with which you can perfectly enjoy the floral elements and also resulting in a fragrance that adheres to your skin and does not allow you to detach. The launch of this perfume directly coincided with the launch of some other Thierry Mugler perfumes, but the one who stole the spotlight was clearly the Alien.

On the other hand, its notes have been finely chosen to give you the effect you need in spring to be a perfect seducer, since this perfume is precisely that, an original value. It contains citron, jasmine, Queen of the Night cactus flower, as well as white amber and sandalwood choices that could well be used in a feminine perfume, so it will give you a sensual air and with touches of a very good measurement for the touch. . It is finally a perfume that also has a very long duration , becoming highly present in any place and contains a huge trail always making your position clear.



3. A * Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

Many of the French designer’s perfumes come to be considered as an authentic bath with a fragrance that sometimes even generates an appetite for its highly detailed substances in the end they also have doses of great virility.

Bringing all this to you comes the A * Men Pure Malt , a fragrance that you are not going to waste for sure as soon as you have the opportunity to use it. This perfume has that classic touch that many women fall in love with when a man with a perfume of these characteristics passes very close to them.

The A * Men Pure Malt was really made as a perfume that has to contain yes or yes to the glamor factor , this can be perceived from the first moment you smell it, being a kind of perfume inspired by James Bond with those elements so outstanding of seduction that they will accompany you everywhere, but without leaving the classic style that a man should have.

In other words, the tone that this perfume has also invites the casual, not necessarily being attached to such elegant occasions, it has a certain tendency to change and therefore also has that added value to be used in a simple meeting with friends or , on the other hand, at a fancy restaurant dinner.

It also stands out for the joviality of its fragrance , it must be a perfume made for any type of age, even for those who consider that their time passed for seduction and romance.

If we talk about its notes, they contain patchouli, coffee, cedar, peat, vanilla, amber, musk and also bergamot and orange. You should use it especially in the fall , given its ability to clothe for such a cozy time, not recommended for summers or winters. It also has a very long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail a characteristic sign of this French designer.



4. A * Men Kryptomint by Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler perfumes have a marked trend to surprise, to reach even the minds of the most absent-minded people, this is the case of A * Men Kryptomint.

With this perfume, many typical schemes of the brand have been broken because they have decided to bet on a perfume that is totally dedicated to marine nature, therefore you can expect a perfume like this that is quite fresh.

With the A * Men Kryptomint you will be in front of a god of the sea, evoking Poseidon completely, a perfume that has a lot of strength arrives sometimes being enough to impact the people around you. This has a formula that, in addition to being original, will also make you feel like a new man as soon as you use it, intensity being one of its main triggers.

Thanks to its own manufacturers, A * Men Kryptomint will transport you to an icy glacier as it tends not only to be a fragrance for maritime elements, but also for ice, hence its marked freshness. It is a perfume that has been made for unattainable men those who seem to be beings taken from another planet, far from the line of distance of the wisest.

So much strength, freshness or novel elements come from its formula made based on notes of mint, sage, geranium, patchouli, tonka bean, chocolate, coffee and vanilla, which from the first moment is noticeable as a fragrance designed for impact, but with its well marked distance. You should use it especially in the summer especially for its power to make you feel fresh, in addition to its long-lasting longevity and heavy trail, you will reach the most distant places.


5. Ice Men by Thierry Mugler

If there were doubts about Thierry Mugler’s predilection for perfumes with a tendency to winter and cold situations, then with the Ice Men this has completely dissipated. The Ice Men represents everything you would expect for a perfume designed for winter.

To begin, we begin by telling you that Thierry Mugler’s Ice Men has more than freshness and more than independence, the only perfume will drag you until you manage to be in the tune you are looking for, which is undoubtedly a glacial area, just like Antarctica .

The perfume itself is quite powerful and has a potency so typical of the French designer’s winter perfumes. It has become one of the most striking perfumes with the best characteristics for this time of year.

Along with the aforementioned, the Ice Men has a tendency towards the novel, towards the elements of air and water fused into one. This is why a feeling of freshness so simple is not what defines this perfume, but rather the static that you will leave any woman once you wear it on top of you. With this, you will be light years away from the conventional, becoming unpredictable in many cases.

It contains in its interior notes of musk, also nutmeg, patchouli and certain woody elements that give it the right consistency to carry a moderate longevity and trail not without being, as mentioned above, the perfect perfume for winters.



6. Cologne by Thierry Mugler

Closing this article we bring Thierry Mugler Cologne perhaps one of its most representative fragrances because in a small bottle it gives what it takes to seduce women everywhere. This perfume that will be very intense the first time you feel it, it will also be so during any application, so you will have to get used to it.

Even more so when it comes to a fragrance that has been especially designed for summer. We already know how special Thierry Mugler perfumes are for each season of the year and this is no exception, it has that simple but fresh touch well accompanied so that you never get bored. Therefore, if you are in summer and your intention is precisely to have fun, then no perfume like Thierry Mugler Cologne which also has to offer a high dose of heat for when you retire with your girl to have a better time alone. .

Designed by Alberto Morillas its fragrance contains neroli, bergamot, orange blossom, musk, as well as bergamot and petit grain.

This subtlety in its manufacture knocks on the doors of the most enthusiastic who want above all to contain their passion for the most private moments. It has long-lasting longevity and a soft trail that is sure to delight for its frankness, but also the smoothness to present itself.



Final Considerations

It is a truly impressive experience to embark on a journey with Thierry Mugler perfumes , they are the most special fragrances with which any man can reach outer space if necessary, all to feel the power of its elements . Thierry Mugler himself is included in every perfume launched on the market, as this article reflects well.

But returning to the subject, you really can see a clear harmony between these perfumes and nature oriented towards what is to come, towards the future . Thierry Mugler contains what you need to run to find his perfumes. These perfumes outlined above are the most suitable for your manhood, but without detaching yourself from the subtlety necessary to love or fall in love.

Trust this genius of the future and go ahead and try a Thierry Mugler perfume!

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