Top 6 Caron Perfumes For Women

Caron has been one of the few French perfume houses that has been completely faithful to its history and has not been carried away by ‘fashion’ , always maintaining a classic style both in its bottles and in its content.

It was founded in 1903 by Ernest Daltroff and Raoul Daltroff, creators of a brand that would firmly establish itself for more than a century among the highest standards in the world of French perfumery.

In this article, The 6 Best Caron Perfumes for Women,  we will present you an exclusive selection of fragrances that will represent you as a strong, classic, elegant woman who knows how to maintain her composure in any situation.


1. Infini by Caron

We come across an enigmatic perfume , a fragrance that will give you a very seductive mysterious air. This version of ‘Infini’ hits the market in 2018 under the sweet olfactory family and is planted as a perfect option for women who want to make their own on the most anticipated nights of the year, at exclusive parties and luxurious events.

Its aromatic composition is based on notes of pink pepper, orange, pear and jasmine in their initial phases, ending with base notes of sandalwood, musk, benzoin and vanilla, the latter being one of the most important ingredients of the fragrance; will be in charge of providing that delicious sweet touch to the perfume that will be perfect to seduce and attract attention.

Be sure to use this olfactory wonder during fall or winter nights , seasons when you can exploit its full aromatic potential. It has a magnificent duration ; being able to stay on your skin or clothes for more than 10 hours with a lot of consistency. On the other hand, its trail is slightly penetrating and will be great to enhance your charms.


2. Parfum Sacre de Caron

The perfume worthy of an empress , a fragrance that mixes luxury, sensuality, passion and warmth. It was released on the market in 1991, and has managed to make a name for itself among the most prominent vintage perfumes . It is an elixir made purely for seduction and passion , it represents the best benefits of the East.

It opens with notes of mimosa, pepper, cinnamon and cardamom, which give way to middle notes of cloves, orange, roses and jasmine. Its base notes will be in charge of closing with a flourish through vanilla , musk and myrrh; a splendid combination of will come in handy at any time.

It is ideal to be used during the fall or winter , it has a spectacular duration and a heavy and penetrating trail that will not be invasive, but it is quite attractive.


3. L’Eau Pure de Caron

Now we find the only unisex perfume from this selection of Caron perfumes , a fragrance that will make you feel very fresh and comfortable during your day. ‘L’Eau Pure’ comes out under the citrus olfactory family , and is planted as the perfect option for the hottest and most beautiful days of summer , an ideal option for long walks with your family or walks on the beach.

It opens with notes of the sea, lime and bergamot; a quite jovial and fresh citrus combination that will make you feel active during the day to day. It is followed by middle notes of coriander and nutmeg, ending with base notes of cedar, musk and sandalwood. It has a quite enviable aromatic composition that you and those around you will love.

It is ideal to be used during the summer or spring, it has a moderate duration along with a soft trail that will be perfect to enjoy those days with a lot of momentum and energy.


4. Tabac Blond by Caron

A perfume in which leather is ideally mixed with floral notes to provide a spectacular aroma that will be ideal for many special occasions. ‘Tabac Blond’ came out on the market in 1919 under the leather olfactory family , it is aimed at women with a lot of character, but who perfectly balance all their charms to look magnificent anywhere.

It opens with notes of linden flower, leather and carnation, which give way to middle notes of ylang-ylang, iris and vetiver; a crazy combination to enhance your personality . It closes masterfully with base notes of musk, cedar, patchouli and vanilla.

It is ideal to be used during the winter and autumn seasons , especially at night, where you can exploit the full aromatic potential of this fragrance. It has an excellent duration and a moderate trail that will surround you with a fabulous aura.



5. Eau Fraiche de Caron

Caron presents another citrus alternative that will be perfect for sunny days in summer or spring. ‘Eau Fraiche’ was launched on the market in 1997 under the citrus olfactory family and it will be a solid option to make us feel comfortable and safe during the day.

It opens with notes of basil, orange, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon and mandarin, which give way to middle notes of rose, nutmeg and jasmine. It closes categorically with base notes of oak moss, musk and strong oak. We come across a combination that meets a perfect aromatic balance.

It is ideal to be used during the summer or spring . It has a moderate duration along with a soft trail , an excellent combination to accompany us throughout the day, making us feel fresh and always ready to face new challenges.


6. Piu Bellodgia de Caron

Floral option for the most beautiful days of the year, a perfume that reminds us of the beauty of life at every moment. ‘Piu Bellodgia’ was launched on the market in 2013 under the floral olfactory family and is planted as the ideal option to be our companion during spring days .

It opens with notes of lily of the valley, jasmine, rose and carnation, to give way to heart notes of cinnamon and cloves. To finish, there are its base notes of musk, sandalwood and cedar. This aromatic composition will make the carnation the protagonist together with the cloves, two of the most important notes of this fragrance.

It is recommended to be worn during spring or summer , seasons that suit this magical perfume wonderfully. It has a magnificent duration , along with a trail that will surround you with a charming aroma during your daily activities .



Final Considerations

As expected, Caron has not disappointed us and has presented us with a fabulous catalog of feminine fragrances that will perfectly match our personality and positively boost our mood.

Let the luxury and class of Caron take care of providing you with a perfume that represents you and makes you feel great at all times!

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