Top 5 Victoria’s Secret Perfumes For Men

Despite the fact that Victoria’s Secret specializes in exclusive items for modern women, it could not ignore men, and that is why it has released some perfumes that can be ideal to seduce or leave a very good first impression.

Personally, what strikes me the most about a man is his security and confidence , and upon noticing that he is wearing a perfume from the Victoria’s Secret range, I immediately deduce that he is a man with these qualities, and I am sure that many women will also feel identified.

With this in mind, we present you the 5 Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes for Men:


1. Victoria’s Secret vertical

Top 5 Victoria's Secret Perfumes For Men

One of the most categorical perfumes from Victoria’s Secret for men . It was released in 2009 under the floral-leather olfactory family and is planted as a solid option for men with a slight touch of irreverence and who always feel self-confident.

It is composed of notes of amber, suede, lavender and bergamot, the latter gives it a very fresh citrus touch that will accompany you throughout your day. The suede will take care of giving you seriousness and a lot of class, very important to attract the attention of the girls at any party or social event.

It has an excellent duration ; being able to stay on your skin for up to 12 hours along with a magnificent trail that will help you masterfully in the game of seduction. Make sure to wear this fragrance during fall or winter nights , specifically at exclusive parties or gatherings.



2. Very Sexy Attraction for Him by Victoria’s Secret

One of the pheromone perfumes from the Victoria’s Secret line . Very Sexy Attraction is an unbeatable option to seduce and not fail in the attempt, you will be desired by many girls and you will only have to let yourself go to finish the job, it is a fragrance that will give you security and will notably increase your success on flirt nights. .

It was released on the market in 2008 and uses cinnamon as a lethal ingredient to seduce. It has a large number of woody notes that will be responsible for making the cinnamon stand out and contrast in any situation.

A fragrance that will provide security thanks to its excellent duration and attractive trail that will accompany you throughout the night while you seduce and become the most desired man of the night.



3. Very Sexy for Him by Victoria’s Secret

An aphrodisiac fragrance , which increases your libido and lust in any environment. It was released in 2001, and is characterized as another fantastic option for romantic dates. It is a perfume to be exclusively used at night, where you can show off your best seductive techniques under the moonlight.

It opens with notes of caraway, bergamot, orange and lime, which make it very fresh and citrusy during its initial phase. It continues with middle notes of bamboo, pepper, sage and cinnamon, the latter will do the job for a seductive touch like no other for most of the fragrance’s duration. It closes with notes of musk, orange blossom and vetiver, which will be in charge of contrasting the most seductive notes of the fragrance.

It has an excellent duration; it will stay on your skin or clothes for more than 12 hours, along with a slightly heavy trail that will attract the attention of the girls around you.



4. Very Sexy for Him 2 by Victoria’s Secret

A variant of the previous perfume, but this time, it will be our first option to be able to seduce during the day . Very Sexy for Him 2 was released in 2003 under the citrus olfactory family. It has a fairly fresh aromatic composition, but also with seductive chords that will not disappoint you at any time.

It opens with notes of sage, green pepper and juniper berries, these notes give it a lot of naturalness and freshness, excellent for sunny days in summer or spring . In its middle notes we will find nutmeg, cardamom, lavender and geranium; a quite attractive floral combination that will be exquisite for the girls around you. It closes with notes of musk and teak wood, along with other woody notes that add a lot of class to the fragrance.

It has a remarkable duration ; It will be able to stay on your skin or clothing for more than 6 hours, enough to perform your magic in the sunlight. It has a light trail that will be noticed by any woman who approaches you.



5. Very Sexy Platinum for Him by Victoria’s Secret

A luxury version with very good woody chords . It was released on the market in 2013, being one of the latest aromatic creations from the Victoria’s Secret house for men. You can use it and get very good results both during the day and at night.

It is based on a masterful combination of woody notes , where the moss will be the most important note. We will also come across violet and pepper leaves, which will give it a mischievous and seductive touch throughout the total duration of the perfume, which is excellent, being able to remain on your skin for more than 6 hours.

Its wake will accompany you doing a very good job , especially during the most demanding nights, where your ability to seduce girls will be put to the test.




Final Considerations

Wearing a Victoria’s Secret fragrance for men is synonymous with confidence and virility . You will be the focus of attention among the girls while you are the bearer of one of these works of art, made especially to seduce.

Dare to be the man of the night thanks to the aromatic wonders of Victoria’s Secret!

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