Top 5 Tiramisu Perfumes For Women


Honestly, within the wide number of perfumes that are for the female market, we have many that are direct and taken from nature to make a bottle, however, others such as the perfumes with tiramisu They represent a polished jewel and they bring with them many benefits even for other types of fragrances.

It’s the tiramisu one of the elements that are less often used in perfumes because its own originality and sweet fragrance cannot be used so often, it is a matter of respect and also because of its strong imprint that leaves space invaded with its scent as feminine as divine.

That is why we compiled a list with Top 5 Tiramisu Perfumes For Women, that once you have them with you, you must take care of them to use them from time to time. Remember that tiramisu does not get along with just any day, only with special days.

1. 212 VIP Rosé Red by Carolina Herrera

212 VIP Rosé Red by Carolina HerreraLike all good Carolina Herrera perfume, the 212 VIP Rosé Red It is a perfume that captivates from its top notes, which are very fruity and intoxicating, made up of the liqueur, tomato and raspberry.

When this perfume that belongs to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women takes shape later, we realize that its hints of heart notes of tiramisu and spices they give him a odor very aromatic and where the freshness of these spices predominates.

Either way, base notes of patchouli, musk and wood so that you can even feel a certain aroma of coffee and sweet passion.

The 212 VIP Rosé Red must be used in spring and this was very clear since 2020 when it was launched, an aroma for sensual young women and with their energy well to the fullest thanks to a long-lasting longevity and a heavy scent.

2. Aurien Gold by Eudora

Eudora Aurico GoldA jewel like him Aurien Gold by Eudora It came out in 2017 for the taste of the most exquisite girls who do not want to waste their time with cheap aromas. This was achieved by the mixture of citrus, spicy and sweet aromas from its top notes that are of tiramisu, lemon and ginger, where you can feel trapped by the freshness.

To all this we must speak of a power of flowers and mystery that are reflected in its heart notes that are of iris flower, osmanthus, lily and peony, This is where it gets the floral touch and where it shows that it is in the Floral Woody for Women scent family that comes wonderfully in the fall.

Close with the amber, musk, patchouli and vanilla from Madagascar to finish with that touch of sweetness and wood that women love so much to mark a presence at all times. Combined with all this generates a moderate longevity and a heavy scent.

3. Crazy For Oud by Mancera

Crazy For Oud by ManceraHailing from the prominent Woody for Women olfactory family, the Crazy for Oud by Mancera is a perfume that was born to shake women with its contained and unbridled fragrances woody, sweet and leathery, That is why it is a perfume suitable for winters.

Certainly the oud, leather and bergamot of their initial outings mark the field of perfume in general, being citrus and dry this aroma that it gives off in its first minutes of use.

With the tiramisu, Bulgarian rose and violet in its heart notes, this aroma is present floral feminine and with a certain charm.

Already in its end, in the base notes you can see a tendency towards aromas of earth and spices thanks to the notes of vanilla, wood and oak moss. It is in this sense where this perfume of 2019 feels fresh and comfortable together with its short longevity and a moderate trail.

4. Ylang-Ylang Expresso Floral Street

Ylang-Ylang Expresso Floral StreetThis perfume, the Ylang Ylang Expresso Floral Street brings together many aspects of feminine sensuality in its bottle and that came out in 2017 already had a lot of modernity and daring on top. It is not surprising to imagine this with some exit notes from pink, pepper and orange, where it shows its fragrances more citrus and floral.

At the same time, already deep inside, in his heart notes he has the ylang ylang, tiramisu and jasmine for its sweet side and full of a certain heat, which will always keep you at a high temperature in winter.

With the coffee, whipped cream and cocoa, its aroma becomes already strong and very long-lasting in its longevity that is accompanied by a heavy trail and that already in its final aroma phase is bittersweet.

5. Precious Oud by Mancera

Precious Oud by ManceraA perfume that celebrates sensuality as if it were part of everyday life is the Precious Oud from Mancera, an aroma that already in its beginnings gives us to understand that it will be very sweet, intoxicating and woody for some notes from whiskey, leather, bergamot, tiramisu and rose.

Released in 2019, its aroma of the Amber Vanilla olfactory family for Women is also linked to a certain warmth and a tremendous whiskey fragrance, making way for it to be highly coveted for nights of partying and sleeplessness. In this contributes its longevity that is long-lasting and its wake is heavy.

Scent for summer days, you will not find a better time to use it.

Final Considerations

All the perfumes with tiramisu for women give a lecture on what the party woman means, but with presence, always remarkable and with aromas that go between the freshness and warmth, That is why there are five options that separately have nothing to do with it and there the tiramisu joins them with its characteristic sweet.

It is not for everyone, nor for any day of the year, knowing how to use tiramisu is an art that evokes experience and an unorthodox way of life in women.

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