Top 5 Marc Jacobs Perfumes For Men

Marc Jacobs is well known for being a designer who has set an important guideline in the world of fashion, especially perfumery, bringing exquisite fragrances to the market for both men and women.

This American designer knows exactly what the modern man needs, one who cares a lot about giving his best, but without neglecting his appearance.

On this occasion, we will review some of his best creations, taken directly from his men’s catalog. Perfumes that will give you confidence, comfort and a lot of energy during your busy day to day, we present you The 5 Best Marc Jacobs Perfumes For Men :


1. Bang by Marc Jacobs

Top 5 Marc Jacobs Perfumes For Men

We start with a quite manly perfume that is based mainly on woody notes . ‘Bang’ was released in 2010 under the Woody-Spicy olfactory family , and is planted as a perfect option for summer or spring, seasons in which it will give you all its olfactory potential and give you a marked masculine air. .

It opens with notes of black pepper and pink pepper, which give the fragrance a quite sensual and slightly vain touch , perfect for men who like to flirt anywhere. Woody middle notes follow, ending with base notes of oak moss, patchouli, vetiver and benzoin.

As we mentioned, it is the ideal option to be used during spring or summer days . It has a spectacular duration , being able to stay on your skin or clothes for more than 8 hours, along with a moderate wake that will be perfect to give very good impressions to the girls around you.



2. Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs

We continue with an aquatic version of the ‘Bang’ , it has a perfect Mediterranean touch for sunny days, walks on the beach or sporting events. ‘Bang Bang is released in 2011 under the woody-citrus olfactory family . Its excellent combination of woody and citrus notes will give you the energy you need to excel in sports or informal gatherings.

It opens with notes of amalfi lemon, cardamom and watercress flower, followed by middle notes of sandalwood, and its final note of musk that will perfectly balance all the notes of the perfume to provide a fairly solid aroma that evokes seriousness. and manhood.

It is ideal to be used in the spring, summer or fall. It has a magnificent duration and a moderate trail that will accompany you during your daily activities.


3. Marc Jacobs Splash Cucumber by Marc Jacobs

A cool and relaxing bath will be what you get when trying this perfume. ‘Marc Jacobs Splash Cucumber’ was released in 2016 under the floral-green family . It is a fragrance that will make you feel very fresh and active throughout the day, especially in seasons such as summer or spring , where the climate and the environment will adjust perfectly to exploit the full aromatic potential of the perfume.

It opens with notes of bamboo, cactus flower, lotus leaf and cucumber. Its middle notes are represented by freesia, lily, linden flower and lily of the valley, to finish with its base notes of musk and a good variety of woody notes.

It has a good duration and a moderate trail . It is a quite subtle and informal perfume that will be perfect to wear it daily , in those informal meetings, in the office or also to play sports and not feel overwhelmed as if you were using a perfume to seduce .


4. Marc Jacobs Men by Marc Jacobs

A classic from the men’s perfume catalog by Marc Jacobs. We came across the ‘Marc Jacobs Men’, a perfume that belongs to the woody olfactory family and was launched on the market in 2002, but is still as valid today as it was on the day of its presentation.

It opens with notes of bergamot, cumin, cardamom, cypress and benzoin, which give way to middle notes of rose, cyclamen, fig leaves and aquatic notes that provide a lot of freshness to the fragrance. The base notes of cedar, oak moss, patchouli and tonka bean masterfully close.

It is perfect to be used during spring or summer days . It has a fairly good duration together with a soft trail that contrasts perfectly with the fresh notes of the perfume. If you are looking for a perfume that will become your daily companion , ‘Marc Jacobs Men’ is your ideal choice.


5. Marc Jacobs Splash Orange by Marc Jacobs

We run into a spectacular citrus explosion , ‘Marc Jacobs Splash Orange’ is Marc Jacobs’ safe bet for those men who are characterized by being on the move for most of the day , those multi-tasking who do not like to waste time in trivial matters. This fragrance was released in 2006 under the citrus olfactory family and is a perfect candidate to become your next daily perfume.

It opens with notes of bergamot, neroli and mandarin, which give way to middle notes of rose, mint, freesia and orange; a citrus-floral combination very well worked to make us feel very active at work. It closes with base notes of tonka bean, musk, amber, cedar and oak moss.

It is ideal to be used during spring or summer , seasons where citrus scents come to life thanks to the weather. It has a quite acceptable duration , being able to stay up to 8 hours on your clothes or skin, along with a soft trail that will be quite bearable and very well received by the people around you.


Final Considerations

Marc Jacobs is, without a doubt, a mogul when it comes to modern perfumery. This catalog of men’s perfumes is ideal for today’s man, a careful choice that respects all the virtues of gentlemen.

Go ahead and try a Marc Jacobs fragrance and feel very active and comfortable during your day to day!

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