Top 5 Elie Saab Perfumes For Men

Elie Saab is well known in the fashion industry for his fantastic creations for women, where dresses and perfumes take center stage. However, there is a line of unisex perfumes in its catalog that will be perfect for today’s man ; one who cares about looking and smelling good at all times, and always making the right decisions with great serenity and experience.

Next, we present you The 5 Best Elie Saab Perfumes For Men, which will accompany you throughout your day to make you feel very fresh and always ready for action.


1. Cuir Absolu by Elie Saab

Top 5 Elie Saab Perfumes For Men

We open with Cuir Absolu by Elie Saab , a unisex fragrance that was released in 2016. It is based on a good combination of fresh notes that will make the leather stand out in a remarkable way. It is quite versatile , so you can use it in any season without fear of losing its performance.

It is based on notes of patchouli, woody notes and its powerful leather . A magnificent combination that meets a perfect balance to give you a scent according to your personality.

As we mentioned, you will be able to use it in any season, it will also remain for a long time on your skin for having an excellent duration , together with a slightly heavy trail that will not be annoying, on the contrary, it will have a slight attractive touch that you can take advantage your taste



2. Essence No. 7 Neroli by Elie Saab

A perfume created under the nose of the magnificent and renowned Francis Kurkdjian. It was released on the market in 2015 under the floral olfactory family, and has earned a good place in this selection of fragrances thanks to its impact and its perfectly balanced aromatic composition.

It is based on notes of cedar, neroli, cloves, orange blossom and potent musk . The great Lebanese designer wanted to provide his male clientele with a perfume that is in charge of representing them perfectly in any eventuality, and always keeping their style and class completely intact.

It is perfect to be used during spring or summer , where you can take advantage of its full aromatic potential. It has a fairly good duration along with a soft trail that will accompany you throughout your day.



3. Cuir Bourbon by Elie Saab

The vanilla comes to life in this majestic fragrance. ‘Cuir Bourbon by Elie Saab’ was released in 2016 under the leather olfactory family . It is a perfume that evokes sensuality and will be quite good for the game of seduction . Once again, Francis Kurkdjian shines with this fragrance, being the nose behind this magnificent perfume.

It has notes of suede, saffron, musk and sweet vanilla; a very good range of exquisite notes that will accompany you during your day to day . Vanilla will be the main note of the fragrance , which will make you feel very sensual and always ready to give your best.

It has a remarkable duration ; it will stay on your skin or clothing for a good amount of hours. On the other hand, its wake is penetrating , which will be quite useful to break the ice in a conversation.



4. Essence No. 4 Oud by Elie Saab

With a combination of exotic notes , the perfume ‘Essence No. 4 Oud’ was launched under the oriental olfactory family in 2014. A fairly exclusive fragrance that will be perfect for demanding, classic and seductive men.

In its aromatic composition, its most important notes are benzoin, black pepper and oud wood, a quite exotic combination that will provide a very unique air among the people around you.

It has an excellent duration thanks to the nature of its notes, it also has a spectacular trail that will be super interesting in any environment, be sure to use it during the autumn or winter seasons , in which you can exploit its full aromatic potential.



5. Essence No. 9 Tuberose by Elie Saab

We come across a fragrance that perfectly blends citrus accords with notes of cinnamon . The ‘Essence No. 9 Tuberose’ perfume was released in 2016 under the floral olfactory family, tuberose will be the main ingredient of this magnificent fragrance during most of its phases.

It has notes of cinnamon, bergamot, musk and the protagonists tuberose. This good combination will blend perfectly to provide a great and very fresh scent.

It is ideal to be used during spring or fall , seasons in which you can experience its full aromatic potential. It has a moderate duration , along with a light trail that will make you feel quite active throughout your day.



Final Considerations

These Elie Saab perfumes represent the modern man , the one who is always ready to face any eventuality, the one with a lot of experience in his area and who is characterized by being multitaskers.

What are you waiting for to get one of these great fragrances? Let Elie Saab perfumes accompany you during your day to day!

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