Top 4 Oscar De La Renta Perfumes For Men

The precision under which a designer like Oscar de la Renta works is one of the hallmarks of the native of the Dominican Republic . If he stands out for something, it is because he manages to generate the element of recognition in his perfumes, making, for example, men inevitably know that a perfume is masculine just by perceiving it in the environment, all the work of Oscar de la Renta.

Bringing the 4 Best Oscar De La Renta Perfumes for Men was not an easy task, but in the end the goal was achieved so that you can have each of these in your skin that masterfully will make you a man unforgettable, do not miss the trail of the following perfumes that are the best that this designer has notably made.


1. Oscar for Men by Oscar de la Renta

Top 4 Oscar De La Renta Perfumes For Men

First of all we have to tell you that Oscar de la Renta’s Oscar for Men is one of the most recognized and beloved perfumes of his men’s line and that it was launched in 1999.

With a perfume like the Oscar for Men you will be able to raise even the most static eyebrows, since it is designed for modern men who know what they want in life, but who together with that also manage to raise their status thanks to their tendency towards good dress and fine tastes, its fragrance was made for men of the best and most elegant cut.

Within the Oscar for Men there are various notes among which we have sandalwood, musk, fir, vanilla, incense or jasmine , having total parity between the totally masculine and elegance. Thanks to its freshness, this perfume is recommended for summers and contains long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail.



2. Gentleman by Oscar de la Renta

It is well known that Oscar de la Renta perfumes contain a lot of classic, perhaps to maintain that special value that means the distinction based on the finesse of a man, this is presented in capital letters with Oscar de la Renta’s Gentleman.

With the use of this perfume you define yourself as the most elegant man anywhere you step , making you be respected for this simple fact. On the other hand, the Gentleman contains a dominant blend so that no suit gets too cold, its fragrance perfect for winters .

In its composition we find, for example, notes of amber, labdanum, vetiver, cardamom and champagne, the latter making very clear the meaning of good taste.

The same perfume has a moderate longevity and an equal trail , both signs of measurement and coolness on the part of the designer.


3. Pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta

With the Pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta you have a very special fragrance, since it was the first Oscar de la Renta men’s perfume launched on the market in 1980.

This is a unique sample of the designer’s intention to break with the paradigms established until then in an industry that needs change and that Pour Lui gives you entirely by giving you a fragrance to be very alive at every moment, with this perfume you arrive totally to feel like part of spring , your senses are benefited because it radiates even pure joy for you.

Much has to do with this its notes of patchouli, geranium, musk, oak moss or cinnamon to envelop you in a whirlwind of passion where it has a powerful presence with its long-lasting longevity and heavy trail.



4. White Gold by Oscar de la Renta

Every man who has ever used Oscar de la Renta’s White Gold knows perfectly well that it is a special perfume that has a high degree of manly beauty , that which women look for in you at all times. It gives you many intense moments, especially to use it in autumn, an element to consider given its imprint.

The White Gold contains notes of bergamot, Amalfi lemon, lavender and very oriental elements so that together with its strong longevity of high presence and its heavy trail, a perfume of a very high presence size is achieved, always focused on making you be the prince charming of any girl.



Final Considerations

This select list of the best Oscar de la Renta perfumes makes it clear that all the possible style of this designer goes very well accompanied in what he chooses for his perfumes and that his fragrances, far from keeping you distant, totally envelop you until get you to stand out in any opportunity.

If you are looking for distinction, elegance and attractiveness, then you have to try these four options outlined above for you, that modern man who does not stray from his roots!

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