Top 11 Revlon Perfumes For Women

When talking about Revlon, we immediately relate it to makeup products such as foundations or eyeliners . This company is one of the most respected in everything that has to do with cosmetics, but lately they have also ventured into the world of perfumery , launching spectacular fragrances that are perfect for today’s woman.

These fragrances are characterized by mixing the classic with the current, which is why it manages to captivate many women (both mature and young ), because they are immortal aromas that will make us feel very good in any situation.

We present you the 11 Best Revlon Perfumes for Women:


1. Splendid by Revlon

Top 11 Revlon Perfumes For Women

One of the latest Revlon fragrances , Splendid evokes a field full of beautiful flowers thanks to a great presence of floral notes in its aromatic composition, it is a perfect option for contemporary women who like to be in contact with nature . It came on the market in 2012 and since then it has been a permanent member of the beauty arsenal of every woman with good aromatic tastes.

It opens with floral notes of peony and freesia, coupled with a light hint of black pepper that adds a mischievous touch to the fragrance. Its middle notes are well represented by roses, ylang-ylang and red berries. On the other hand, at its base we will find musk, patchouli, woody notes and a light touch of vanilla that adds sweetness to the fragrance.

It is perfect to be used during spring or summer, where you will take advantage of its full potential in contrast to the flowers that are characteristic of these seasons. It has a moderate duration along with a slightly heavy wake that will accompany you anywhere.



2. Charlie Blue from Revlon

One of the Revlon classics , one of the most purchased woody perfumes in history. Charlie Blue is a perfume that could not be missing from this list for any reason. Being a variant of the classic ‘Charlie’, this version focuses on providing fresh aromas represented by its exquisite aromatic composition, where mainly woody notes stand out.

It was released on the market in 1973 and today it is as valid as on the day of its presentation. It has a perfectly balanced combination; where the musk plays a fundamental role , because it is in charge of contrasting the other notes of the perfume, which are; moss, sandalwood, roses, geranium and jasmine.

Such a combination of notes can only be described with one word: perfection . This fragrance is ideal to be used during winter and autumn , both day and night , its fresh trail will make you feel comfortable, along with an enviable duration that will allow you to feel perfumed for more than 12 hours.



3. Charlie Gold from Revlon

Another great Revlon alternative, Charlie Gold is synonymous with good taste and lust . It was launched on the market in 1995 and has become an ideal companion in romantic encounters, first dates, or any situation where you want to shine your seductive side.

It has a perfect combination in its aromatic composition, where cinnamon, apricot and peach play a fundamental role in giving the perfume that playful and seductive air that identifies many women today. It has woody and musk notes that contrast in a categorical way to its main notes and give it a magical aroma that will attract many eyes.

It is perfect to be used on autumn or winter nights, where you will be the focus of attention among those present. It has excellent longevity and a slightly heavy trail that will be perfect to help you in the game of seduction .



4. Charlie from Revlon

We came across the original version of Charlie, one of Revlon’s most representative perfumes that is still in force after more than 40 years on the market. It is a fragrance that evokes youth, good times and happiness , its ideal blend of woody and floral chords make it a solid option that will fit any woman, regardless of her age.

It has a slightly complex aromatic composition; It opens with floral notes of gardenia, galbanum, jasmine and hyacinth, which give way to its middle notes of geranium, violet, coriander and lily. Its background is well represented by musk and its important woody notes, which are contrasted by a slight sweet touch provided by vanilla .

It is a versatile perfume that will be used in any season, regardless of whether it is day or night. It is known to be one of the longest lasting perfumes , along with a moderate trail that will accompany you for much of your day.



5. Bling Bling Revlon by Revlon

Bling Bling is a slightly vain fragrance , it represents self-confident women who like to attract attention . It was launched on the market in 2010 under the oriental-floral olfactory family and its notes have a perfect balance that make it a favorite of many modern women.

Its initial notes are represented by orange and bergamot, which will give us a slight citrus moment during the first phase of the perfume. These notes give way to its middle notes of lily, rose and jasmine, being some of the most important in the perfume. It closes with a masterful background of musk, vanilla, sandalwood and amber that ensures that there is a balance in its composition.

It is ideal for any season, and is used mainly to attend parties or important events where, apart from having fun, you want to make it clear that you are a woman with character and very self-confident.



6. Jontue from Revlon

Another safe bet that belongs to the woody- aromatic olfactory family . It was released on the market in 1976 and has many floral notes that will make us feel in a meadow full of flowers.

Among its initial notes, we can mention rose, chamomile, gardenia and bergamot, which ideally make way for its middle notes of mimosa, geranium, sage and tuberose. Its base notes will close the perfume with the classic musk, patchouli, vetiver and moss.

It is a perfect perfume to be used during spring or summer . It has a good duration and a moderate trail that will make you feel in harmony with the flowers that surround you.



7. Ciara from Revlon

A vintage fragrance with a very light erotic touch, it has a perfect balance between sensuality and style . It was launched on the market in 1973 and has remained an infallible and faithful option. It belongs to the oriental olfactory family, which indicates that it is a fragrance that has exotic and very luxurious accords.

It opens with notes of lemon and bergamot, together with a slight fruity touch provided by the raspberry. In its middle notes we can find jasmine, ylang-ylang, woody notes and palmarosa. On the other hand, its base notes include leather, opoponic, musk, cedar, and two notes that give it that sensual touch; vanilla and incense.

It is a perfume that has a great longevity on the skin , along with a slightly heavy trail that will leave a spectacular aroma for each step you take. It’s not cloying at all, so you won’t have to worry about spraying a good amount of perfume, although a little will suffice.



8. Charlie White from Revlon

A purely floral version of the classic ‘Charlie’, we come across a delicious perfume that has no age range , can be used by young or mature women and provide exceptional results. It was released on the market in 1994 and has been the perfect companion for women in their day to day.

It has an excellent composition; based on notes of violet, peach and watermelon to provide a perfect mix between floral and fruity aromas. We must also mention its impeccable notes of roses, jasmine and lily of the valley. It has a perfect balance that contrasts mainly with its floral notes to make us feel comfortable and in a good mood during our day.

It has a splendid duration ; being able to stay on our skin for up to 12 hours , along with a moderate trail that will remind you of how beautiful it feels to be surrounded by flowers.



9. Fire & Ice by Revlon

Now we come across a perfume where amber plays a fundamental role; It is the note with the greatest presence in the fragrance and it does so in a majestic way, blending perfectly with floral and slightly citrus notes. It was released on the market in 1994 and has remained at a very good level among the preference of women.

It opens with notes of osmanthus, orange and orange blossom, which give way to fully floral middle notes of narcissus, tuberose, magnolia and orchid. To close with a flourish, the starring amber joins musk and sweet vanilla to give us a magical aroma that will make us feel active for many hours.

Its duration is spectacular , and its wake will cover you with a fabulous aroma, in which the amber will not be cloying at any time.



10. Charlie Silver from Revlon

A perfume that is characterized by carefully mixing floral and fruity notes , resulting in an aroma that will meet the expectations of any woman and will adapt very easily to various personalities, regardless of the age of its wearer.

It has fruity notes of apricot, pear and peach, which combine perfectly with floral notes of lily of the valley and magnolia, it also has a slight citrus touch thanks to its bergamot note, which adds a bit of freshness to the fragrance. .

It has a spectacular duration , along with a moderate wake that will stick to you during any moment of your day.



11. Charlie Red from Revlon

With a delicate composition of aromas , Charlie Red is released, which belongs to the oriental olfactory family and gives us a good range of floral notes so that we can enjoy during the summer or spring . It was released on the market in 1993 and has established itself as a perfect perfume for daily use .

It opens with notes of peach, violet, black currant, plum and gardenia, which give way to its middle notes of rose, carnation, jasmine, orchid, ylang-ylang and tuberose. It closes masterfully with notes of sweet honey, musk, woody notes and amber, which perfectly balance the perfume.

It is perfect to be used during the summer or spring, where you can experience its full potential, it will also accompany you with a spectacular duration along with a penetrating trail that will attract the attention of anyone who is on your way.


Final Considerations

Revlon is a fully established brand in the fashion and beauty industry . Their perfumes have also become a solid range that many women consider a first choice.

Dare to try one of these fantastic fragrances and let Revlon take care of making you smell like a goddess!

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