Top 10 Tom Ford Perfumes For Women

Being in the mind of fashion designer Tom Ford must be one of the most exclusive rides, but equally grandiloquent for its wise mix between the madness of genius and the sobriety of the intelligent woman.

These characteristics have always been reflected in its fragrances that have been designed since 2006 and precisely in this article we have wanted to touch for you with The 10 Best Tom Ford Perfumes For Women.

It turns out that in the most direct way possible, but also delving into Tom Ford’s fascination for the most striking, we bring you to this collection that we will not talk about at all until you are the one who judges them, although you will surely end up convinced to go out to buy them in your nearest perfumery. After all, perfumes made by Tom Ford don’t always knock on your door.


1. Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford

The Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford is the perfect choice for fall so where has been presented has been in its advertising campaign.

This perfume has a design that favors the ostentation of high jewels or the greatest possible luxuries, but also with a connotation that approaches mystery and mystery but always well outlined in what Tom Ford offers its customers. .

The Velvet Orchid brings you a clear homage to the seduction , but all oriented sensory power that can achieve an orchid, hence the name Velvet Orchid.

Its designers have put into hand notes of black orchid, rum, honey, myrrh, vanilla and also a floral combination where the rum has managed to envelop the other choices in a clear state of intoxication that will take hold of whoever passes near you.

At the same time, the Velvet Orchid is fully designed with a longevity that is presented in moderation, even bordering on prudence while its wake handles a certain soft cut attached to style rather than to stand out for other reasons.



2. Tom Ford’s White Suede

In a totally different perspective, focused more on the charisma and the importance of an attractive personality is Tom Ford’s White Suede which has this as the main hook to attract all kinds of women who see how their personality will look Influenced towards success and evolution with the application of its fragrance, it is made of woody notes, where it also makes an appearance of vanilla and other floral elements, very much like Tom Ford .

A good part of what the women who have used it have liked is that it has certainly also given them a certain simplicity or minimalism because it is not precisely too pompous, but rather a perfectly planned and direct direction.

This perfume is highly recommended for times like winter for its sordidness, but also its good dose of heat that is also sustained by a strong longevity and a heavy trail.



3. Jasmin Rouge by Tom Ford

The Jasmin Rouge has been the perfume Tom Ford insurance that many young men and women mature become amateurs have.

The reason for this is directly related to the fact that the perfume itself has a lot of elegance, but also distinction  for a combination of the most interesting where you will immediately notice that mixture between the freshest, but also sensual of Tom Ford’s repertoire, it’s like if the perfume itself had been placed directly by this American designer in your hands.

It is also worth noting that Jasmin Rouge is a perfume that will make you much more self-confident, because it has a composition of notes where jasmine is the most precious element and is also surrounded by vanilla, leather and woody notes.

All of this has come together to give you a fragrance tailored for spring and that has a moderate longevity coupled with a heavy trail to match its willingness to enter anywhere like water, but with its doses of magnetism.



4. Fucking Fabulous by Tom Ford

Its own title already reflects in itself the festive and bombastic character that this perfume possesses, but the most propitious to define Tom Ford’s Fucking Fabulous would be its intoxicating fragrance that everyone has liked from the moment it was launched. to the market.

Many people love Tom Ford’s Fucking Fabulous for being a perfume that has a fragrance that is not only exclusive but is quite fabulous (its title honors it).

But entering its composition, we note that its disparate notes of bitter almond oil, tonka resin, iris, leather, sage and various oils have ended up promoting this perfume in style with its touches of such diversity, where perfectly You can use it in all seasons of the year because it has eastern or western elements to make this perfume that has also been achieved under the premise of being the perfect one for the most intense moments in private.

It is made in the end to emphasize the one that has a lasting longevity and a huge trail.



5. Violet Blonde by Tom Ford

After having witnessed so much festivity, excess and waste, it is the turn of Tom Ford’s Violet Blonde , a perfume designed to be of a more elemental cut , even peaceful if you like.

If we focus on the most important, which are the sensations that this perfume evokes, we have that it is quite eloquent and sexy like every perfume made by Tom Ford and more if to this we have to add its notes of jasmine, cedar, musk, vetiver, benzoin or chamois.

The distinction is another of the maxims at the time of the design of this perfume and thanks to a long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail it is shown as an option with a clear intention: to stand out.

The V iolet Blonde is very reminiscent of the beauty highlighted by blondes in the 50s in so many advertisements of the time, since its end is also very flirtatious, perfect for beautiful springs .



6. Oud Fleur by Tom Ford

Oud Fleur is the name given to one of Tom Ford’s best perfumes for women who want that passionate Arabian essence so extracted from the sun that the perfect time for Oud Fleur is winter to mitigate so much coldness.

This perfume has achieved a good impact, since it has a base rich in strong, but natural elements such as notes of rose, patchouli, oud wood, sandalwood or resins. This achieves above all also the one that is played with its very long longevity and a moderate trail.

However, the contrast between so much force of presence, but a modest sum of permanence have made the Oud Fleur count on its legion of fans, since they are always wanting more and more of a highly recommended fragrance so that you have a lot of passion. and inner fire.

Made by and for strong women and with convictions that are not easily broken, it is one more example of how much a perfume can point to the personal goals of those who wear them, in this case, women.



7. Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford

A great mixture of sensations are those that are evoked when buying Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc, so do not expect a particular perception for its fragrance when you use this perfume the first thing you will feel will be a wide range of feelings such as joy, but also surprise, so much margin has this perfume that even in the indescribable towards mysticism it makes its presence in this perfume that like many of Tom Ford has a base full of floral elements , but attached to the citrus .

The Soleil Blanc is the perfect perfume for summer and love affairs so intense, at the time it creates a constant addiction.

Thus, this perfume has notes of jasmine, vanilla, coconut, amber or tonka bean. All to add very good perception and make men approach you with ease.

Special attention also deserves the fact that it can count on moderate longevity and trails to keep any signs of discomfort or heaviness at bay due to its spicy combination of notes.



8. White Patchouli by Tom Ford

Very few designers are capable of making a patchouli work like Tom Ford and this time he has achieved it thanks to White Patchouli.

This is appreciated very well within the extensive collection of seductive perfumes by Tom Ford, since it is one of the characteristic signs that the designer himself has impregnated his perfumes since its launch as such in 2006.

This therefore had to reflect one of the main incentives of the company, which has been the use of patchouli, and certainly they can feel glamorous women in all the broad extension of the word, this has of course made them go in search of it and use it especially in the most formal occasions such as dinners in luxurious restaurants or also in high-end events.

Its notes make clear the intention of respect this is noticeable when observing patchouli, incense or woody notes that can perfectly be used in a time such as winter it will not disappoint you with its respectable warmth.

In addition, White Patchouli contains a high longevity and a heavy trail to achieve that striking effect in every aspect.



9. Santal Blush by Tom Ford

The Santal Blush Tom Ford will propose an excellent overview so that you feel proud of yourself, this perfume was designed under the premise captivate both the perceiver and the wearer so it’s a scent of big words.

It invites you to feel unique in all your facets, managing to amaze even yourself, that is why many women have used this perfume even in their own homes without the need to go out, for the simple fact of the delight that means possessing it in the body.

Its notes of cinnamon, caraway, spices, Virginia cedar or Benzoin make you feel fulfilled.

The fall is shown as the spectacular time for using the Santal Blush and also taking into account that has a touch of moderation to his longevity and wake.



10. Orchid Soleil by Tom Ford

Women who are loving desires most ardent plated orchids will benefit most as prove to the Orchid Soleil Tom Ford one of the fragrances to its most enigmatic instead of Tom Ford and very given to the savage elements that sometimes characterize their designs.

Being dazzling is part of the objective of the company with this perfume and they have achieved it in an exceptional way with notes that include bitter orange, cypress, tuberose, lycoris or lily to shine with their own light in all spring settings. .

Given the very composition of the perfume that allows it to be soft in its longevity and trail Orchid Soleil is a perfect way to tell the world that you feel good about yourself.



Final Considerations

As you may have read, Tom Ford perfumes for women have for years been fundamental pillars of the success of the company itself due to their great adaptability, but also for the originality of their styles.

Avoid using brands that you do not know if you have a Tom Ford perfume in front, it will not disappoint you!

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