Top 10 Tom Ford Perfumes For Men

Being multifaceted is one of the human beings who have achieved the most successes and world recognition throughout history.

Such is the case of Tom Ford a fashion designer who is also a filmmaker and has taken it upon himself to elevate his art to levels never seen before. Therefore, it was to be expected that in a short time this versatile man would make his foray into the world of perfumes, managing to offer one of the most important lines for the male sector today.

This is how his collection has fully entered men thanks to the power to feel identified with these fragrances that have a really characteristic seal.

Without more or less, we offer you the 10 Best Tom Ford Perfumes For Men in this article dedicated to you, the full man of this century. 


1. Tom Ford for Men by Tom Ford

We could not talk about the select line of Tom Ford perfumes without first making particular mention of Tom Ford for Men a perfume that has an even exaggerated force to achieve penetration within those men who are modern, but who do not seek to attract all women. looks in a grotesque way, but rather thanks to the style that they have, with this you will have no problem fitting into absolutely any group, having the best thing about this is that you cannot even drop a word because with your mere presence right away You will notice what this perfume is made of.

On the other hand, Yves Cassar has been the one who created the fragrance of this perfume and the truth is that he has not been wrong because he has endowed it with notes of lime, basil, bergamot, violet, Tunisian orange blossom, pepper and amber to give it a really powerful body that does not remain stagnant, especially because its longevity is moderate and its trail is enormous a composition of this type seldom made, but that the Tom Ford brand does wonderfully.

In a different vein, with the Tom Ford for Men you will have a perfect companion for hot summers.


2. Tom Ford for Men Extreme by Tom Ford

The Tom Ford for Men Extreme is one of the perfumes with which more care should be taken with the outstanding line of the same designed by Tom Ford. Its title may suggest otherwise, however, the first thing you will notice about the fragrance of this perfume is that you are facing a bath of luxury and passion, but taken to the extreme .

This results in this Tom Ford for Men having a strong composition, which is perceived in many cases as heavy. But do not be fooled, it also has a certain classic touch, very elemental that can be easily noticed by the choice of its various aromas, making this a very characteristic perfume of this American designer.

It is worth noting that it has notes of lemon, black plum, coriander, as well as some citrus touches .

In this sense, its fragrance has been strongly disrupted thanks to a huge trail and a powerful longevity, staying with you for a long time, it becomes special for those evenings that will last until dawn.

The very time of year in which this perfume can be used is also detrimental to what is done with this perfume and is oriented towards autumn .


3. Noir by Tom Ford

Top 10 Tom Ford Perfumes For Men

To meet Tom Ford’s Noir is to find one of the most enigmatic fragrances that can be found in any design of this fashion house, its own manufacture lacked publicity, but when it was released it immediately attracted attention.

But entering the matter, Noir has a presence of the most masculine that can be found in its perfumes, which is also expressed in its notes, which are made on the basis of flowers, also spices, wood or also vanilla.

As well as, for example, it can be added that the perfume itself has one of the best facets that are perfectly open to the new millennium in which it was launched. In fact, with this you will feel in a futuristic paradise, but full of mystery and much more, not all men are given for its use, only the most ardent of inner desire.

At the same time, with Tom Ford’s Noir you will have a perfume specially designed to catch you and that is based on a heavy scent and super high longevity, thus becoming liked by many men because it catches all women with just perceive all its splendor.

Finally, it should be noted that with this perfume the winter season is noticed especially to face cold movements.



4. Neroli Portofino Forte by Tom Ford

Being part of the most elegant men’s club has always been the dream of many men, a fact that is presented as a total success and that is fulfilled with Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino Forte.

This perfume has been imbued under an aura of total respect, totally oriented towards men over 30 years old, for this reason it is a perfume that is outlined towards mature ages above all.

Now, within the realm of its fragrance in particular you will obtain with in Neroli Portofino Forte to notes of leather, woody notes , musk, neroli, bergamot, blood orange, lavender, basil, galbanum or also orange blossom of the orange tree an exclusive combination It does not under any circumstances err as being a vulgar or informal fragrance.

However, it has the quite impressive particularity of being a perfume with a weak longevity, but with a huge trail. With this it manages to be a perfume that becomes a very important option for springs times in the year when it is perfect to conquer girls under the aura of elegance and manhood in equal parts.

It is undoubtedly the most royal perfume that Tom Ford’s extensive collection has making it as mentioned in the previous segment, a fairly classic acquisition.



5. Tom Ford’s Tobacco Oud

The Tobacco Oud of Tom Ford is presented as an option rather prominent that comes packaged in a fragrance quite strong and arrogant. This has been made as a perfume totally designed for men who have a high standard about themselves, making them stand out for their ego and attitude.

This has made it a product that has to be defined several times before being able to give it an exact rating, this is part of the very question that Tom Ford’s Tobacco Oud raises. Above all, it will provide you with a lot of value and strength, since this perfume is not suitable for all tastes, only for the strongest and most daring.

Then we have to mention the perfect time for this perfume to be used, which is winter, since this perfume tends to work better especially in environments where the cold tries to take over your body and you must use it. when you go to a big gala or wearing clothes of the highest quality due to its tendency to magnify those who have the courage to try them.

We now have to enter into the composition of the perfume itself, it is designed with notes totally influenced by tobacco that also have strength both in its wake and longevity.



6. Tom Ford’s Gray Vetiver

The Gray Vetiver Tom Ford has been designed as a perfume to the end of the day has had a fairly high respect by the community of people who are experts in olfactory tastes.

This is also a perfume that is made for men of a certain distance, but do not be surprised, it has the power of the sexy and about how each man is wrapped in a scent that has no waste.

This has been designed to achieve a perfect tour in the summer time and is that with Tom Ford’s Gray Vetiver you can go without any problem to as many parties as you want, burning places without a doubt.

Even more, the strength of what has to do with its well-marked sexism is highlighted considering that it has been made under notes of grapefruit, sandalwood, sage, vetiver, woody notes, amber or oak moss as can be seen in This aspect, this Tom Ford perfume has the ideal citrus composition to make an impact.

As for its longevity, it is moderate and its trail is similar in cut to fill in the spaces where you are going.



7. Beau de Jour by Tom Ford

Within the Tom Ford line of perfumes you can appreciate one with a lot of distinction above the rest and we are talking about Beau de Jour. It is the ideal conception between what has to do with youth, but also irreverence.

This one is clearly focused for you who are a man full of vitality, but also very restrained in what you do and it is quite noticeable in its moderate wake and longevity that despite not being soft, they are not strong at all.

The perfume itself is full of elegance, especially if we consider that it was made with notes of lavender, rosemary, geranium, oak moss, patchouli and amber substances that when mixed result in a wonderful option to wear with informal clothing, but also with various elegant cut suits.

In another detail, Beau de Jour is a perfume that is presented in a solid way for autumn, really perfect the occasion when it is combined with a time that does not deserve to be too exuberant.

In short, with the Beau de Jour , what it means to be young is magnificently combined , but heeding the call of the irreverent. If you are young but with a high personality appeal, this is your ideal perfume.



8. Mandarino di Amalfi by Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s thing has always been to present perfumes that are based on the exclusivity of the fragrance, in this sense the Mandarino di Amalfi stands out one of the most exquisite fragrances in Tom Ford’s repertoire, but where the element plays a lot. unisex , having at the time of your purchase a perfect perfume for spring for all the splendor that usually appears and where your pores will thank you for its exceptional mobility.

First of all, it is appreciated that you have experimented with this perfume in terms of the terrain of the notes, made up of mint, floral notes, tarragon, black currants, orange blossom or also amber.

With this, it has allowed a very well structured positioning where its own manufacturers have provided it with a lot of value for any age, being one of the few in Tom Ford’s repertoire where you will not feel identified with a single age or period in particular.

This analysis of the Mandarino di Amalfi would not be complete without first acknowledging that it has a long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail to drag you to its constant use.

The comments are full of praise and more praise for the Mandarino di Amalfi because it is also appreciated in its fair measure the fact of having the most subtle details so that those who use them can masterfully perceive the chosen notes.

This is something that very few perfumes can achieve to the detriment of a better reception.



9. Reserve Collection: Velvet Gardenia by Tom Ford

The Reserve Collection: Velvet Gardenia Tom Ford is the definitive choice for spring and now it’s saying certainly this statement arises that is inspired by the most detailed floral fragrances that have influenced the design of this perfume becomes an Quite a soft option so that you can capture the attention of people who are most sensitive to odors.

The Velvet Gardenia Tom Ford is made in notes of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, incense, labdanum or even tuberose and plum where briefly played with experimentation, but without being fully inserted into land ever seen.

This perfume contains, it is worth highlighting, a strong longevity together with a longevity of similar characteristics in an effort to achieve a balance that allows it to be identified where it moves.

If we appeal to an example, we have that its notes are composed of flowers and made to be identified as gardenia a fact in which sobriety takes the preponderant place so that it does not become a meaningless fragrance festival, in this the Velvet will never fail Gardenia.



10. London by Tom Ford

We end this article with Tom Ford’s London a perfume that knows perfectly what it means to be a rich man, but also well distinguished.

Inspired by the city of London, it has everything that is required to stand out from the men of high society. It has been another of the unisex perfumes that the company itself has launched as part of the integration of both sexes towards its fragrances, however, the power it has in men is even greater because despite offering you a lot of serenity, as well as power of presence, it seems unconventional from the point of view of its combination.

Taking into account that it has been made with notes of coriander, coffee, saffron, incense, labdanum, oud wood and cedar, we can tell you that this fragrance has managed to intercept even the most experienced so that London by Tom Ford is not so easy to decipher. .

The season under which this perfume can be used is winter , so it is inspired by cold London. Your body will feel more prepared to face a meeting, a day to day or a simple day alone with this perfume which is given with a moderate longevity and a really soft trail.



Final Considerations

Tom Ford is synonymous with quality with a different cut, originality and ego make up the fundamental structure of a select line of perfumes that we have left for you at all times.

These ten models outlined above have formed one of the best combinations because they represent a clear advance towards what manufacturers of men’s perfumes should do in the future, regardless of the fragrance orientation or climate they should have.

In a totally spontaneous way and without any risk of making mistakes, one can speak of Tom Ford perfumes as fragrances taken from the future and given towards the present.

Trust the elegance and class of Tom Ford and try one of his successful perfumes!

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