Top 10 Ralph Lauren Perfumes For Men

Fashion is apt to enter any stratum of society and even the home, being able to easily be visible among mothers , fathers and children a marked style of this type of trends.

Ralph Lauren was a visionary in his time who was in charge of fashion design for these types of sectors, with men being great beneficiaries of his modern luxury designs and where his perfumes made up a large part of his empire.

These perfumes have the tendency to adapt to any type of context, even not only for luxury, but also for those with fewer resources.

In the same way, in this article we look for precisely what Ralph Lauren was looking for, the one that you feel identified with this line of perfumes that we expressly chosen to make up The 10 Best Ralph Lauren Perfumes For Men:


1. Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

A new era for men has arrived, modernity along with luxury are present in the Polo Red by Ralph Lauren a perfume that has set precedents to have it on the best lists.

Taking the greatest possible risks and at an exorbitant speed has been the main influence when designing this perfume that also opts to embellish this type of man’s full emotions. As regards also the most intimate in terms of perception, you have with the Polo Red a perfume that moves perfectly with your spirit and also according to your own characteristic element, being also a reliable proof that this designer looks for a lot of confidence in you.

On the other hand, this has been made up of notes of lavender, red saffron, sage, coffee, amber and also the classic wood to keep it present especially in winter and that also has a long-lasting longevity and trail for a worldly and reluctant man like you are.



2. Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

The Polo Black Ralph Lauren is one of the most curious and intelligent perfume designed by the company, men who wear this perfume usually end up charm the women approaching, and this has much to do with its design. But let’s go first to the first, the Polo Black is far from a small perfume and this on the contrary is a sample of great personality and it has also been made so that you feel very sure of yourself, but wearing a classic style above all. .

Then, for a change, the perfume has that exceptional plus where sensuality is a big part of you and also with enormous sophistication.

At the same time, the mystery of this perfume is also rooted in its notes of black patchouli, sandalwood and also timberol. Substantially it is easily identifiable as a perfume that is made for the summer for its power and has a moderate longevity and like wake.



3. Polo Blue Sport by Ralph Lauren

Adventure and insight are always present with the Polo Blue Sport by Ralph Lauren , a perfume designed for a man who is not afraid to venture into deep tides in search of his own freedom. Similarly, Polo Blue has a freshness and also that elegance that characterizes the perfumes of the American designer.

It contains all the classic elements of the sea that are included with Ralph Lauren perfumes, but oriented even more towards the Mediterranean Sea.

That is why within its composition we have its notes of melon, cucumber, herbs, amber, mandarin, sage or geranium for a somewhat strange combination, but always full of the value that you like to feel. Its longevity is long-lasting and its trail heavy to be used perfectly during the winter due to its solidity in terms of heat.

It is then made to be a particularly complete perfume in the sense of adventure, but without losing that subtle touch that makes it well identifiable.



4. Polo Red Extreme by Ralph Lauren

Top 10 Ralph Lauren Perfumes For Men

With the Polo Red Extreme you will undoubtedly experience the power of all the addictive that is the constant challenge to the rules and outlined towards the most extreme possible. In other words, the Polo Red Extreme contains many strong emotions due to its notes of black coffee, black ebony wood, as well as blood orange.

This perfume is based on your energy being the most remarkable and that touch of blood orange is what gives it, in addition to freshness, that touch of willpower so that you can move where you want to go, a total luxury to use a fragrance that will enchant even the coldest woman.

That touch of extreme speed, as its name suggests, will seduce you into danger so that it travels with you to the most remote places. Its season is summer and it contains a very long longevity along with a heavy scent.

No half measures with the Polo Red Extreme, either you travel at maximum speed or you stay at home.



5. Ralph Lauren polo shirt

The most classic of its perfumes, the one that opened one of the greatest stages in the golden age of fashion, we are before the Polo by Ralph Lauren, spectacular perfume from every point of view. This was made with totally dry and waterless woody notes to achieve that imposing effect that is marvelously felt by the sports spirit that has always characterized this company.

The fact is that with this perfume you will feel very manly and always ready to practice your favorite sports. The perfume itself has been a great mixture of the highest elegance and the greatest rudeness present in any man very much like Sean Connery.

This perfume that has a great acceptance in the male public is one of the best possible bets for spring and thanks to the strength printed in its longevity it  will last a long time by your side together with the ferocity of its enormity in terms of wake we speak.



6. Ralph Lauren Red Intense Polo

Ralph Lauren perfumes have a lot of magnetism from their very name, the Polo Red Intense is a true reflection of this and they have not discovered anything without the name itself having not revealed it to them. Very well, if you are a big fan of racing and adrenaline, then this will be a perfume that fits you perfectly, being mainly a perfume made for summers.

It is worth noting that this has been designed with woody notes, blood grapefruit, as well as blueberry being easily perceived an ideal citrus combination to generate that context of danger, excitement and a lot of verve.

With this perfume that has moderation in terms of its longevity and scent, what has been sought mainly is that you can use it several times during the day and have that aura of a strong and fast man in any situation.

Essential for a passionate man to have it on his shelf of favorite perfumes, it has no emotional loss.



7. Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Quite similar to the Polo Blue Sport comes the Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren, which represents so far the most classic maritime soul of this designer that no longer goes to the full detriment of sports, but rather in terms of man’s own discovery in as to what it defines as such.

With this perfume, long boat or sailing expeditions can be your escape valve to define yourself as that man who needs his own solo adventures without having to be accompanied by anyone. The Polo Blue has notes of musk, woody and suede, and in the same way, certain fruits such as apple  have been part of that perfect canvas designed for your most divine perception in the company of the sea.

The summers and springs insurance will be loved with such perfumes, and Polo Blue well know to the include for himself and counting his time with one lasting longevity and a heavy wake perfectly integrated to live intensely.



8. Ralph Lauren Polo Ultra Blue

Perhaps the most extreme version of what has to do with the sea and sports together has been carried out with the Polo Ultra Blue by Ralph Lauren. The most extreme of the sea then came to the market with this perfume that presents itself as the perfect one for long excursions in any type of ocean or sea.

Water as a vital element has been widely considered by the manufacturers of this perfume where in the most spontaneous way possible and always in harmony with nature, you will feel that strong desire to be next to water, either observing it or being mixed with it, perfect to enjoy in summers where many times you tend to swim without thinking about anything other than the fun itself.

Since the sea is one of the greatest exponents in the Ralph Lauren line, it was designed with notes of lemon, citron, basil, lemon verbena and musk for a certainly smoky effect, but that will not stop enchanting you and those around you. where you are the one who makes the decisions called by the sea.

In addition, it has a long- lasting longevity and trail in day-to-day use.



9. Ralph Lauren Supreme Cashmere Polo

Detaching ourselves a little from what has to do with the elements of the sea, comes the Polo Supreme Cashmere by Ralph Lauren a perfume specially designed so that you feel such respect for yourself that it causes you to take care of your life as if it were a treasure. treated.

In general, this is a perfume that has a base of totally woody notes where lemon and certain citrus elements also make an appearance.

It has a composition that does not bother as soon as you spray it on your body, since it has that typical Ralph Lauren elegance so that you can even get rid of it whenever you want, that is why its trail and longevity are certainly soft and smooth. appreciated as a perfect perfume especially for autumn .



10. Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

We finish with the perfume that triggered any kind of intention of Ralph Lauren to approach the sports world , it is the Polo Sport, the ideal fragrance above all perfumes in terms of use in sports fields.

Its fragrance is composed of notes of mint, tangerine, lavender, aldehydes and abrótano so that you can enjoy your favorite sports to the fullest with this Polo Sport.

There is no doubt that summer is the ideal time to use it and it is also very good when mixed with the heat, since it will release all its powerful citrus fragrance on the skin of those who practice sports with greater speed and contact.

Remarkable is also the fact that the Polo Sport has a very durable and heavy longevity and trail respectively something that was not surprising with a perfume as manly as this one.



Final Considerations

Ralph Lauren’s line of perfumes has been considered for years as one of the most conducive to men because they enhance that feeling of great value, courage, adrenaline and also situations of risk or excitement that they love so much.

That is why these ten perfumes presented above make each one in its different aspects the best that you can buy in the market to highlight your manhood above anything else, while also achieving excel in sports or also the finesse of elegance.

Don’t let more time pass and go for them!

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