Top 10 Perry Ellis Perfumes For Men

The innovation must always be the first point of support which fashion designers observe the world. The latter must be a blank canvas under which they carry out any type of experiment within the popular fashion slang to satisfy all their artistic needs or impose their way of seeing the entire planet.

This is the case of Perry Ellis, one of the most original and non-traditional designers that we have today in fashion. Its line of perfumes has catered to both sexes, but in this article we wanted to compile The 10 Best Perry Ellis Perfumes For Men because its non-traditional cut mentioned above has served for the design of fragrances that, despite having been formed in the The 70s, are maintained very strongly towards this current time due to their unconventionality. 


1. M for Perry Ellis

Monosyllable, direct and dry, this is the M by Perry Ellis , a perfume that has been launched on the market with the intention of being totally powerful , a fact that has been corroborated and they have been able to achieve it immediately. The Mit encloses for all the men who use it all the force necessary to attract to themselves those they desire.

It is composed of notes of bergamot, cinnamon, vanilla, vetiver, white musk, cashmere, star anise and also balsamic fir, from which it can be perceived that it is a combination made to make it strong, not all men are suitable for the use of the M , except for those with the necessary toupee .

If you wonder what kind of duration it has, then you will be happy to know that it has a lasting longevity so you do not escape from it, while the trace it will leave before you will be moderate .

The Perry Ellis M, on the other hand, has the distinction of being very good for winter .



2. Reserve For Men by Perry Ellis

And there comes the first perfume of this article under which the sensuality and addiction belong to parallel worlds that work for you completely. This perfume launched in 1998 and designed by Firmenich is an ideal choice if you are looking for a fragrance completely bathed in strong desire.

It contains interesting notes that correctly explain the reason for such attraction to the female sex, and that is that juniper, lavender, grapefruit, bergamot, geranium, sage and black rose, is the common denominator for such success on the shelves of the entire planet. That fusion has managed to make no one detach from you and is reinforced by the fact that its longevity is very long-lasting with a certainly soft trail.

Its own packaging is attentive to the eyes and this is why it is really hot and is emerging as exceptional for the summer In short, if you like to attract glances and be the life of the party, be sure to try Reserve For Men tailor-made for each man that has what is necessary for women to turn around and want it.



3. Perry Ellis Pour Homme by Perry Ellis

The classic, elegant, manly style, but with a lot of detail , is present in each drop you use of the Perry Ellis Pour Homme this is perhaps the model that best brings together what Perry Ellis wanted so that men could identify with an exclusively designed perfume for them.

The Perry Ellis Pour Homme comes fully loaded with notes of bitter orange, coriander, cedar, lavender, tonka bean, patchouli, amber and musk, with which you will easily identify at all times, since they are elements that this designer usually uses. for its masculine fragrances.

In addition, taking into account that its longevity is moderate and its trail is soft, we can get an idea of ​​how easily predictable its fragrance is, which is not bad, but it makes it accessible to perceptual taste, also for autumn It is more than perfect to give a masculine and elegant touch to that time of so much glamor.



4. Portfolio Black by Perry Ellis

The modern and unconventional has always been the characteristic mark of Perry Ellis and he demonstrates it with the Portfolio Black , a perfume that also has what it takes to be the perfect to wear to the office at any time, leaving aside the delimitation by seasons.

This means that with the Perry Ellis Portfolio Black you can play a lot with what has to do with its context, as it was pointed out before, it is a perfume with very modern characteristics that can be modified both for any work day and for parties. in a very subtle way.

Therefore, it has been made with notes of pear, coriander, amber, musk, sandalwood, basil and also lavender, a lot of diversity is found in this chameleon of perfumes , to name it in a way, where it has not necessarily had to hand out such striking elements.

It is also important that its longevity is long-lasting and its wake is moderate in a team of great class and attitude for you, the most modern man of the 21st century.



5. 360 ° Green by Perry Ellis

An explosion of freshness, cleanliness and order is breathed with the 360 ° Green by Perry Ellis which has even been made with professionals in environmental issues. It is a comforting experience to wear this perfume because it positions you towards a forest full of magical experiences, where the climate is also on your side to make you feel more alive, that’s how intense and liberating 360 ° Green is which contains in Its interior notes of grapefruit, marine essences, tonka bean, cardamom and green apple, quite clean elements that will help you feel very well done.

This perfume has a moderate longevity and a trail of the same characteristic to achieve a great perception about yourself, but without entering the annoying terrain of others not supporting your fragrance.

One of the best possible options, the 360 ° Green speaks for itself with its neat nature.



6. Perry Ellis Elite Portfolio

The Portfolio Elite by Perry Ellis is considered one of the turning points of the company, since it meant that this brand had fashioned adaptability also to a certain business sector because this perfume is one that defined the style itself that Perry Ellis was to continue for future deliveries of perfumes of this type.

With it, you can have in your hectic day to day at the office a fragrance bathed with notes of white currant, apple, lily of the valley, caraway, tonka bean, amber, oak moss and cardamom to give you that touch of irreverence that Every entrepreneur must carry with him to avoid falling into the boredom or typical stagnation that most happens to them.

The very busy summers are the perfect time to use it and more so when it comes to long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail. This has always been presented as one of the best options also for certain meetings of the highest possible level where you must be very formal, this is definitely a perfume made for the most formidable entrepreneurs who achieve what they want in life.



7. 360 ° Red by Perry Ellis

Not just any man can use the 360 ° Network it is not suitable for any man to use it, he is not easily seduced . This is the perfume that has the essence you need for luxury and exclusivity. With the 360 ​​° Network you will be able to obtain the best results if your ego is high and you also seek to obtain the greatest possible relevance in your daily social circle .

With its notes of nutmeg, lemon, mandarin, bergamot, cinnamon, patchouli, sandalwood and musk are allowed to go very easily to the perception, since one of its greatest virtues is that it has the be direct and precise on all accurate for spring plus it boasts long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail.

Do not allow yourself not to use a perfume like this that will make you, in addition to the center of attention, an exclusive man with whom you should not beat around the bush.


8. Perry Man from Perry Ellis

The be irresistible to women around you is one of the biggest successes has won the Perry Man by Perry Ellis, with this very precise and demanding and even perfectionist formula that has been carved out a place for you to be part of what women look the most in any man.

Perry Ellis has always been synonymous with success with women, and with him you will have ranks of them wanting to be part of your way of being and to perceive your fragrance more closely, even in the most intimate moments. If we go to its notes, it has been made from lemon, neroli, teak, patchouli, labdanum, musk and also vanilla.

This combination of sweetness with the citric account as an ode to maximizing seduction. It is worth noting that with this you can count on a fragrance designed especially for winters, those where hot weather is very important.

Its longevity is moderate and its trail of equal manufacture.



9. America by Perry Ellis

Thanks to having changed the popular culture of the American citizen, is America which contains a fragrance that is in a position to change your perception again, just as Perry Ellis did with his first design.

Thanks to this perfume, you can reinvent yourself, being the star of your own show. It will represent for you a product made so that your personality is highlighted without trampling on others , it should be used to be quite influential for anyone.

The America is made up of notes of lavender, neroli, sandalwood, Virginia cedar, and also amber and leather, and endowed with a lasting power of longevity and moderate trail where a cold cut for summers can be appreciated above all .

Above all, with America what is most flattering for those who use it is that they will be recognized as a noble person and wherever they are, they will reach very high.


10. 360 ° White by Perry Ellis

With a little more of the same from the previous one, the 360 ° White arrives specialized above all in making you stand out for the originality that stands out. This has had some notes of bergamot, lily of the valley, cedar, white musk, tonka bean and vanilla to make it a totally imposing delight and where the characteristic feeling of your own soul will be imposed, hence it is perhaps one of the purest fragrances available on the market today.

If for example we talk about its perfect season, we have to tell you that it is spring, everything in this is perfect and neutral, also taking into consideration that it has a moderate longevity and an equal trail.

This has been the main characteristic that a perfume like 360 ° White is among the favorites of men who appreciate it as sober and stable as possible for their lives.



Final Considerations

Recapitulating in the Perry Ellis perfumes these are distinguished by being the most original brands possible anywhere, that is why those selected in this article are a true reflection of what a man should consider to establish a precedent when choosing his preferred fragrances.

Each of these have a common point: the fact that they will highlight your personality , regardless of how it is. The clear thing is that with these you will also be influenced to open yourself to a world that is in full swing of globalization and that with them you will be better adapted.

Dare to boost your personality and confidence with a Perry Ellis perfume!

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