Top 10 Lanvin Perfumes For Women

For about 130 years when Jeanne Lanvin decided to found her own fashion house in Paris, it has found quite peculiar tastes, but in the 21st century they have gained even greater strength.

It is well known that Lanvin has a lot of history in every aspect of fashion, but we wanted to focus on its line of women’s perfumes in this article called The 10 Best Lanvin Perfumes For Women .

We do not want to reveal any information that could ruin the surprise reading this article, however you anticipate that this company have made perfume high – level dominated basic fragrances and also very bright on par with the flowers as their most primordial seal .

Do not allow yourself to stop reading these lines if what you want is to stand out in your own light.


1. Arpége pour Femme de Lanvin

The Arpege Lanvin pour Femme e s a perfume that is made for all nights of important summer. With this perfume you get a spectacular combination between being as feminine as possible, but with a large dose of mystery, so then you can be the soul of the party at all times, also becoming well received as far as your perception is concerned, since It has notes of amber, lily of the valley, benzoin, sandalwood or patchouli.

The majority of critics or perfumery experts speak of Arpége pour Femme with great fierceness, especially because it has a very long-lasting longevity and a huge trail being part of its intention to stand out at all times with those around you.

As we well pointed out, this perfume has been made to show yourself to the world, instead of protecting yourself in a fragrance that seeks to make your personality very great, something they have achieved with that masterful combination of elemental natural notes and a lot of strength of presence .



2. Éclat d’Arpège de Lanvin

With the Éclat d’Arpége by Lanvin you will feel a floral explosion at all times that will highlight your beauty during each step you take, making this perfume a total part of the best that spring has to offer.

There are perfumes like this that have the particularity of giving their buyers a subtle touch, but important in everything that has to do with highlighting their positive aspects and with this perfume on duty you will get it.

Designed by Karine Dubreuil, this has been made with notes of peony, peach blossom, tea leaves, amber, musk, Chinese osmanthus and cedar  to make a really basic composition, but one that will make you imposing because all these fruits and flowers are from the highlights of its fields.

The longevity of its fragrance has been made with a moderation that can sometimes be prudent and its trail is soft something very feminine that does not highlight the attention on a large scale.



3. Jeanne Lanvin de Lanvin

The most classic Lanvin perfume now arrives for you, it is Jeanne Lanvin everything that the French designer was looking for has been done in the bottle of this perfume.

The Jeanne Lanvin is shown as an interesting option from the point of view of its composition, which consists of notes of pear, peony, freesia, amber, musk, sandalwood and blackberry to attract even the most secretive man, this gives proof Being a world-class perfume with which you will feel quite sure of yourself, that has been the main incentive for what the Jeanne Lanvin recreates .

At the same time, it can be shown interesting the fact that its fragrance is perceptible and identifiable even from far away places, being its moderate longevity and its soft trail combinations that are soft, but that do not destroy the common denominator of the Jeanne Lanvin that It is to create environments for women to feel more self-confident, something that can also be done in winter the time when its fragrance is best developed.



4. Lanvin Me by Lanvin

Personality and durability are quite common elements within the long line of Lanvin perfumes , that is why with Lanvin Me you will have no problems in being a very feminine woman. With this perfume you will dramatically reinforce all your feelings and also your palette of inner emotions so that they are in harmony.

At another point, the Lanvin Me is the perfect perfume for charismatic women, for those who, without pretending, manage to move masses and that the gaze reaches them.

Its designer, Domitille Bertier, has endowed this perfume with notes of mandarin, blueberry, sandalwood, licorice, tuberose and roses. So with that in mind you can go out into the world to eat it and even more so in the fall. 

It is worth noting that its longevity is long-lasting and its trail is moderate even the latter lasting somewhat longer than most medium fragrances in this sector.



5. Éclat de Nuit de Lanvin

The night parties have not been the same since Éclat de Nuit was launched on the market his insight when showing himself is what has made it possible to perceive it as a great combination between sensuality, but also a lot of determination that has been seen better. achieved with the freshness of spring , after all, it is a certainly atypical perfume that is highly prized for spring, but without falling into the details or embellishments so common at that time.

Its notes of black currant, vanilla , sandalwood and certain elemental fruity notes are a perfect union to achieve being quite sexy and certainly addictive for men who approach you.

With the Éclat you will surely notice a shocking force in longevity and a trail of equal cut, making you not worry about using this perfume at all times, with a single application it will be enough for you to be able to captivate yourself, but also to any man, as we reviewed before.



6. A Girl In Capri by Lanvin

Top 10 Lanvin Perfumes For Women

The A Girl In Capri is a perfume as fresh as it is based on that characteristic to be recorded in the spring and do not let go of him. The fragrance of this perfume has a lot of innovation, having even many men within the olfactory approach of the perfume itself, being even a perfect option for any year, it has not aged badly and it will surely be that way for a long time to come.

Without wasting time on other less attractive elements, Lanvin’s A Girl In Capri has notes of grapefruit blossom, marine notes, white musk, wood and also amber these are all conducive to an explosion of high freshness that will allow you quite spontaneous.

The perfume itself also has long-lasting longevity and a huge trail the hallmark of Lanvin in its most impressive presentations, this has allowed the strongest, but also vulnerable, women to use it, showing full capacity for adaptability.



7. Éclat de Fleurs de Lanvin

The Eclat de Fleurs de Lanvin is a really strong version of its line of Éclat, being this particular one of the most sophisticated appreciated especially because they give an effect of looseness and foremost presence.

This is noticeable for example by having notes of pear, white musk, sandalwood, jasmine and rose, all a feminine power with which to bring out your always active personality. With its moderate longevity and a similar trail, it has positioned itself in all possible lists since it does not become disgusting due to the force it transmits, but rather has that power of attraction.

With the Éclat de Fleurs there is also a clear disposition to the day and evening stages, quite colorful from every perspective and thus confirming its presence in the summers .

It is necessary to mention that with this version of Éclat you will also notice a lot of inner energy , since the perfume itself has been tailored to the sun and its special nutrients.



8. Marry Me! by Lanvin

Marry me! It is the exceptional perfume to attract the attention of the man you want the most. Its name alone highlights the intention of its manufacturers, it will make you feel immediately in love, not only with the fragrance of the perfume, but also with any special person that comes into your life, being ideal so that you do not fear at any time.

This at the same time has a lot of sensuality so that you attract all men, but achieving an energetic environment.

On the one hand, if we go to his notes, the Marry Me! It has notes of bitter orange, peach, freesia, jasmine, rose and magnolia that give it a lot of femininity, but power.

Also thanks to its moderate longevity and a trail of equal scope, this perfume makes it clear that vulgarity is not part of its equation, but standing out on its own. Finally, I recommend it for you to use it especially in the winter , in this way it breaks with all that annoying coldness of this time of year.



9. Modern Princess by Lanvin

Avant-garde, independence and beauty value come to life in the Modern Princess by Lanvin a perfume that has been enjoying great success since its launch.

This, as its name suggests, is the best modern piece in terms of perfumes for women. Created by Christophe Raynaud , it also has a composition of notes of jasmine, freesia, white woods, orchid and vanilla.

With the Modern Princess by Lanvin you will have achieved a fragrance full of moderate longevity and a huge trail to pay special attention to this because it gives it a long shelf life (if the term fits). This results in you wanting to buy it one more time, even after you’ve spent it completely.

At the same time, Modern Princess is a fragrance made especially for autumn , especially if you are in the city, it is also planted as a perfect option for day to day .



10. Rumeur de Lanvin

We close with the Rumeur de Lanvin this is a perfume totally designed for you to rebel against your own system, in a high spark that will focus on you as if it were a vital wave. This is the main incentive for those who buy from Rumeur de Lanvin the fact of being able to feel comfortable breaking the rules and also creating new trends.

It has been made with notes of orange blossom, musk, amber, patchouli, rose, jasmine and also magnolia that it will surely take a while to identify, but that in time you will surely love it by knowing how to decipher where it wants to go in your body .

With its long-lasting longevity and huge scent, it makes an ideal summer purchase So break the established with this perfume and even more so if it will make you really known for it, designed by and for rebellious women by their own nature.


Final Considerations

If Lanvin perfumes stand out for something, it is for capturing emotions and also feelings so unique to each woman.

This is something that will last a lifetime as long as Lanvin is at the forefront of women’s fashion. Now, these perfumes presented above are the most remarkable thing that can be offered to those who want a Lanvin perfume and it is demonstrated with each different spark that occurs in these bottles that denote many feelings for you alone.

Do not stop trying these perfumes, even if you are not a fan of Lanvin, so give it a try and you will not regret it, they are the most original and colorful perfumes!

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