Top 10 Juicy Couture Perfumes For Women

When Juicy Couture was released for the first time the fact of being able to easily mix style and class became quite popular , which is why any product from this fashion house ends up penetrating the population very well, in other words, When you use a Juicy Couture product, you also use a fashion piece that lasts over time.

That is why with The 10 Best Juicy Couture Perfumes For Women there is a perfect selection of perfumes that have been totally designed to achieve all that modern European glamor that always generates emotion among women. 

We do not tell you more, unless you take a look at these perfumes and the great appetizer that will be for you, because when you decide to use them, you will be totally addicted to these delicious and very feminine fragrances.


1. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy

The fragrance of the Viva La Juicy is one of your bets more superficial and indifferent since they went on the market, this perfume gets in more young people to their perfect audience, so there are many feelings of this kind of age that are embodied in a perfume like this.

For a change, the same perfume contains a lot of activity, this is what we mean by that you will always be active when you go to use it, thus generating that you are always in constant movement, hence it is presented as a very good fragrance for summers.

But if it is summer, their notes make it clear that this is what they are aiming at or wanting to address at least, because it has elements such as amber, vetiver, jasmine, mandarin and wild berries that give it a rather tropical consistency that joins the cut. European forest.

If we add to this that it has a very long-lasting longevity and a huge trail, you have to realize that its presence is always strong.

2. Viva La Juicy Glacé

The Viva La Juicy Glace is also presented as one of the perfumes most reputable towards Juicy Couture, as this manages to get that air ice that every woman has inside to make your day to day, plus cool, too whatever focused enough to be enormously productive.

The Viva La Juicy Glacé presents all the possible topics of ice for the human body and their direct relationship with respect to the actions taken.

Therefore, this perfume will be for you one of the best thermal sensation of the collection of this brand, and with which you will feel really comfortable in any situation.

However, it is worth highlighting where this glacial sensation that the perfume has for you comes from, since Viva La Juicy Glacé contains notes of pear, sorbet, orange blossom, sandalwood, vanilla and also jasmine.

All of them are cool enough so that when they come together, they have the necessary elements to get very cold, together they will respond to your body as if you had a small air conditioning behind you at all times and that adjusts very well for the summer and be able to repress the heat.

Its longevity, on the other hand, is moderate and its wake is similar, both always managing to be very measured in their ranges.

3. Viva La Juicy Gold Couture

The sensuality that is posed with the Viva La Juicy Gold Couture is quite different from that shown in other perfumes.

This one has quite characteristic elements of this fashion house, such as, for example, a large amount of happiness and also excitement, this makes you feel very comfortable with Gold Couture and laughter is not something that has to be faked.

The perfume itself, on the other hand, certainly has to give you some warmth which is needed to come into play whenever things are getting a bit tense.

On the other hand, and regarding this heat that we mentioned, Gold Couture has a marked tendency to be used in winter for this reason that we talked about previously, in addition, its notes promote it, these are amber, caramel, sandalwood, jasmine, wild berries and vanilla so you don’t lose that feminine feel that each Juicy Couture perfume knows perfectly well.

Its longevity is long-lasting and its trail is moderate letting you see a perfume that knows how to get there and where to go with its hidden power.

4. Couture Couture by Juicy Couture

The Couture Couture is a fragrance designed by Juicy Couture for you which includes everything you would expect from this brand, but goes far beyond.

In reality, Couture Couture hides much of what a woman seeks for herself. When using this perfume you will feel joy, passion, vehemence and a feeling of deep inner peace, this is totally reflected in that the same perfume contains notes of mandarin, sandalwood, amber, vanilla and African orange blossom that give it a touch of certain force that is known to overcome.

In terms of longevity, Couture Couture is long lasting, while its trail is huge, all to keep the distance for any type of person who wishes to enter your life upon meeting you.

This perfume must be used entirely such a time as it is the spring for yield much with all the extensive amount of sensations obtained with the perfume.


5. I Am Juicy Couture

The maximum representation of what it means to be yourself and not having any problem with it is achieved with the I Am by Juicy Couture , it is a quite sweet fragrance where you will always feel like in a floral field designed for your long stay.

A perfume like this never goes unnoticed and proof of this is that millions of women have bought it in a relatively short amount of time.

If we stick to its notes of grapefruit, amber, cashmere wood, passion fruit and rose, you can notice a clear influence of natural, floral and even citrus elements that give your perception the life that is needed to always be with a very good vibe.

The I Am is a very popular fragrance too, since it seems really durable in its longevity and its wake is heavy. This adds the perfect touch to be used in the fallas if to fall at his feet, letting yourself be carried away by that magic that is an entirely floral and natural fragrance like this one.


6. Viva La Juicy Rosé by Juicy Couture

The floral element is also present with Viva La Juicy Rosé but also with everything that has to do with the sweetness that a woman can have on certain occasions, especially if she feels very comfortable with her environment.

This perfume is certainly an explosion of flowers to allow you to be fully relaxed in the spring, considering that it has various notes such as orris root, sambac jasmine, mandarin orange and pear. All together, the result is that it is a perfume that at the same time is quite free and loose.

On the other hand, this perfume has a moderate longevity and a soft trail, totally attached to what it means to be very woman, totally feminine.

At the same time, with this perfume you will feel that everyone is looking at you and it is not an assumption, but rather a fact, since this perfume has a lot of influence in what has to do with the floral environment that is recorded in all its notes.

7. Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture

Another of its most acclaimed classics is the Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture which gives you an ideal perfume to combine with any type of garment, as it will make you look spectacular.

A perfume like this rewards above all the fact that you feel special, and that is why they have made a fragrance that allows itself to be very original so that you are too.

Such is the magnitude of this perfume on the body of those who wear it that they simply realize that you are using a Juicy Couture perfume, since it has all the elements such as style, personality, originality or the fact that you You will feel flattered by how many people pass you by.

The perfume has been created under the notes of vanilla, caramel, green leaves, green apple and watermelon to achieve that freshness as if it were mint and that makes its fragrance worthy of a combination that should be released in summer .

Its longevity, on the other hand, is very durable, along with a huge trail, something totally typical of this brand, but which is never boring for new generations.

8. I Love Juicy Couture

The spectacularity of being extroverted is well marked and recurrent in Juicy Couture perfumes and that this time is not afraid to show it with I Love, a perfume that represents someone who shouts to the world that you have something to prove, this perfume has achieved enormous fame also because it has a lot of strength and warmth within its composition so that you can feel good at ease in the winter.

It has notes of honeysuckle, musk, amber, brindle lily and tangerine that bring it closer to citrus but without going to the opposite extreme.

We have to tell you that this perfume is a sample of the power that has a very long-lasting longevity like yours, since this perfume has made it available to last for more than a day towards your body.

Also, if you want to surprise, because its huge wake gives you examples of what it does when entering any place, it is a perfume for daring women who are not afraid to put their own place in life.



9. Couture La La de Juicy Couture

Modern daring is what has most to do with this perfume, the Couture La La by Juicy Coutureit is a perfume that has an enormous presence thanks to its long-lasting longevity for when you put it on you and a heavy trail so that no one forget about you in no time or occasion.

This one at the same time is made with notes of musk, violet, orange blossom and mandarin so that you can explore from your senses to everything spicy and erotic that the world can give you.

The Couture La La is ideal for any dance occasion, both high society and any informal moment.

Its time for you to use it with an enormous identity is autumn, designed to fit in a time where looks are calm and movements are somewhat passive.



10. Majestic Woods by Juicy Couture

Using the Majestic Woods means that you want to have a supreme journey into the unknown and especially for the exclusivity that you love so much, that’s right, this perfume counts directly so that you can feel like in a forest at any time and place. , alone or with someone, it doesn’t matter, the Majestic Woods is ideal to achieve an inner peace to spare.

This perfume is composed of notes of amber, ambroxan, and certain woody elements to give a lot of body and also ideal for use in winterproof of this is also seen in its longevity, which is long-lasting and its enormous trail.


Final Considerations

Be part of the most select that can exist with Juicy Couture perfumesthey drag you into the world of your dreams and live new experiences, full of passion, but where your enjoyment is paramount.

You should not leave aside the fact that these ten perfumes mentioned above have a strong presence, so you will take them with you to any place and time of the year, you cannot escape Juicy Couture!

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