The 9 Best Emanuel Ungaro Perfumes For Women

Emanuel Ungaro is a French designer with Italian roots, two countries that have always been at the top of the design of clothes and perfumes, which has given him an impressive experience that reflects perfectly in his creations, also standing out in the area of the perfumery.

They are perfumes that are characterized by having both styles; Italian and French, but always making clear the unique style of Emanuel Ungaro, that is why now we present to you The 9 Best Emanuel Ungaro Perfumes For Women:


1. Nude Of Emanuel Ungaro

The 9 Best Emanuel Ungaro Perfumes For Women

One of his first creations, together with the collaboration of Salvatore Ferragamo and the Bvlgari fashion house . The nude fragrance was launched on the market in 2001, but it is still as valid as the day of its premiere, it is a perfume with a seductive air that will make you feel like a complete expert in the art of seduction.

Its oriental notes incite lust and pleasure; It opens with notes of tuberose, red mandarin, pepper, cardamom, peach and bergamot, which give way to middle notes of cyclamen, iris, plum, rose, freesia and jasmine. Its base notes close in a spectacular way with the help of mimosa, sandalwood, tonka bean, cinnamon, musk and vanilla .

It is a great fragrance to be used during spring or summer , in these seasons you can take advantage of its full aromatic potential, along with a distinguished duration and a luxurious trail that will leave more than one man completely spellbound.



2. U by Ungaro For Her By Emanuel Ungaro

Released in 2008 , this fragrance is positioned as a floral party that will make you feel very fresh and comfortable during your day. It belongs to the floral olfactory family and is characterized by subtly combining floral notes with musk.

It opens with notes of freesia, which give way to its middle notes of osmanthus and the fantastic lotus flower. Its base notes neatly contrast the fragrance, leaning on musk and its orris root notes.

It is an option that will not disappoint you during the most beautiful days of spring or summer, you will feel very active, with great security, and with an impetus that few fragrances can match. It is also worth noting that it has a great duration, along with a moderate wake that will surround you for a long time.



3. Ungaro Love By Emanuel Ungaro

Another fragrance that points to sensuality and lust , Ungaro Love says present and establishes itself as a perfume that uses vanilla and pink pepper to perform wonders during romantic nights and casual or luxurious parties, it has an intense aroma that will captivate more than one person close to you.

It has notes of vanilla and pink pepper that combine perfectly with the musk that is felt at its base, giving us a fragrance that will accompany us throughout the night thanks to its great duration and slightly heavy trail, which penetrates the senses of men who achieve sniff such delight.

You will feel very confident and comfortable with yourself, you will be able to make use of your seduction techniques with total security, knowing that you carry a scent that will support you at all times, even if you make a mistake, make sure to use it during autumn or winter nights to experiment completely all its aromatic and seductive potential.



4. Apparition Of Emanuel Ungaro

Launched in 2004 and created under the refined nose of Francis Kurkdjian , Apparition mixes floral and fruity chords that will make you feel at one with nature and that will make you relive those happiest moments of your life, a magic potion for joy and pure feelings.

It opens with notes of raspberry and bell pepper, giving a dash of fun to the perfume during its first phase. Its middle notes will make you feel very active and happy, thanks to the passion flower and the rose. Its base notes give that solid touch to the perfume with patchouli and amber, while the vanilla will give it that sweet touch that every woman likes.

It is a perfume that can be used in any season without hesitation , it will give you a very good duration together with a very pleasant soft trail. It is best to use it during the day, although at night it will not disappoint you either.



5. Ungaro 2007 By Emanuel Ungaro

As its name indicates, it was launched on the market in 2007 under the Oriental olfactory family.It is a perfume that mixes floral notes perfectly with amber , which gives us a very addictive aroma that can be used both in winter as well as autumn, a complete feat accomplished by Emanuel Ungaro.

Its top notes of red berries give way to middle notes of jasmine and white flowers, ending with a background of amber and saffron, the latter being very peculiar, but undoubtedly an addition that gives it a lot of character and originality.

It has a fairly long duration along with a light trail that will make our nose never tire of perceiving it, a great option for contemporary ladies.



6. Ungaro Gold By Emanuel Ungaro

A variant of the previous perfume, Ungaro Gold is known as an alternative that combines very good fruit notes with spectacular chypre , to give us a magical and very jovial aroma . It goes on the market in 2017, and we assure you that you will want to get hold of it after knowing its aromatic composition.

It begins with top notes of pear, black currant and mandarin, already making it known that it is a bet with a lot of fruit presence. It is followed by middle notes of gardenia, jasmine and peony, which add a very nice floral touch to the perfume, ending with a fabulous background of patchouli, amber, and the always delicious and sweet vanilla.

It is perfect to be used during the summer or spring , although it does not have a bad performance during the winter or fall. It will always accompany you thanks to its remarkable duration and moderate wake.



7. Diva Rose By Emanuel Ungaro

Belonging to the floral olfactory family and launched on the market in 2011, Diva Rose ranks as one of the best floral alternatives by Emanuel Ungaro, it stands out for being a version of the original ‘Diva’ of the line, but with major floral chords.

It opens with green, lychee and bergamot notes that give it a very light natural and citrus touch , followed by middle notes of freesia, rose and lilac. Its base notes also play a fundamental role, given to the perfume of great class and elegance, these are woody along with notes of musk and amber.

It is perfect to be used during spring and summer , seasons in which the flowers look wonderful on sunny days, it will also stick to your skin for several hours along with a magnificent trail that will make you feel fantastic.



8. The Diva Of Emanuel Ungaro

This perfume is aimed at those women who love to call and be the center of attention , those who leave their mark wherever they pass and who need attention to fulfill their tasks. You’ll feel like you’re on a runway after just a few applications, La Diva will make you feel fashionable and sought-after.

It belongs to the floral-fruity olfactory family and opens with notes of raspberry, pear, pink pepper and orange; an excellent combination that also provides a slight spicy touch. Its middle notes are perfectly balanced by gardenia, jasmine and quince, to finish with base notes of sweet vanilla, patchouli, and honey.

It can be used during any season, it is more important that the attitude of its wearer is quite strong , of those girls who radiate a lot of confidence wherever they go, even with a slight touch of irreverence. You will be a model for the duration of this perfume, which is quite long, along with a wake that will notify the people around you that a true diva has arrived.



9. Diva By Emanuel Ungaro

The original version of the two perfumes mentioned above. This classic was released in 1983 and belongs to the floral olfactory family . Its success was such that they were forced to create different versions of it, satisfying all sectors that love modern perfumery. It is a cologne that mixes a huge amount of notes, which comply with a perfect synergy to give us a super exotic aroma.

It opens with notes of tuberose from India, coriander, aldehydes, bergamot and cardamom. Its middle notes include carnation, lily root, Turkish rose, ylang-ylang and narcissus. Its base notes are also perfectly contrasted thanks to musk and vanilla, two super important chords that played a fundamental role in the success of this powerful and glorious fragrance.

Its favorite season is winter, especially at night, where you can see its full potential with a few sprinkles. It will be reflected very well on your skin and will accompany you for many hours, hand in hand with a moderate trail that becomes slightly heavy in some moments, which is perfect for the game of seduction , if necessary.


Final Considerations

Emanuel Ungaro perfumes are synonymous with luxury, good taste and sensuality, do not hesitate to get any of these fragrances if you felt that they identify you with any of its virtues.

Let Emanuel Ungaro take care of making you feel like a goddess with his fragrances during your most demanding moments!

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