The 9 Best Balenciaga Perfumes For Women

Balenciaga is a Spanish fashion house, specifically born in the Basque country, which over the years has always been characterized by offering quality designs, both in fine fabrics and fragrances. Cristóbal Balenciaga was the founder of this glorious brand that, since its inception in perfumery, has only received critical acclaim.

For more than 60 years it has been in the market, offering the most refined products, and that is why we want to present you The 9 Best Balenciaga Perfumes for Women:


1. Rumba De Balenciaga

This fragrance was launched on the market in 1989 under oriental and woody accords . It is based on a splendid combination of exotic notes that give it a completely unique aroma worthy of a very confident woman. Your mood and style will be severely enhanced with this magnificence that fully represents the Spanish house Balenciaga.

It opens with spectacular notes, among which the orange blossom, raspberry, peach and bergamot stand out. its middle notes are well represented by honey, magnolia, carnation, orchid, heliotrope and lily of the valley. Its base notes are sandalwood, leather, patchouli, musk, sweet vanilla, among others.

The ideal time to use this fragrance is winter , where it will give you its best virtues thanks to an excellent duration and a moderate trail that will surround you with a fabulous aroma that will make you feel animated and happy throughout your day.



2. B Balenciaga By Balenciaga

This perfume is planted as a safe option for today’s woman , B Balenciaga is based on a practically perfect blend of woody and aromatic accords, it represents one of the brand’s best-selling perfumes, which anyone can see right after the first sniffed.

It opens with notes of lily of the valley, violet leaves and peas , which open the way to its middle notes of cedar and orris root, ending with base notes well represented by musk and cashmere wood.

It can be used in any season, although it shows its best during spring and summer, where you and the people around you will be able to perceive such a delirious aroma. It will accompany you for long hours and its moderate wake will shelter you so that you feel comfortable in any place and situation.



3. B Balenciaga Intense By Balenciaga

A slightly modified version of the original B Balenciaga , this time with a greater focus on seduction. A perfect alternative for those nights that require you to be a woman with character, style and with a lot of presence at social events and parties. B Balenciaga Intense will enhance your personality and give you that irreverent touch that is always needed at the most demanding parties.

It opens with notes of green tea and blueberries; a spectacular combination to begin to notice how intense this fragrance can be. Its middle notes are well characterized by a masterful queen of the night, while its base notes stand out from cedar and mahogany.

It will be necessary for you to use this fragrance during the most anticipated nights of winter , where you will look spectacular because you will be surrounded by a fragrance that has a harmonious trail and that overflows confidence and curiosity in the people around you, you will also be perfumed during long hours thanks to its great duration.


4. Balenciaga L’Eau Rose De Balenciaga

We come across a fantastic combination of floral and fruity notes . This perfume was launched on the market in 2013 and it is sure to cause thousands of pleasant emotions after smelling it for the first time. Its olfactory composition is aimed at sublime women, those who take life in a relaxed way, but never in excess.

Its top notes are categorically represented by blackberry, while its middle notes are patchouli and rose. To finish in a delicate and majestic way, its base notes of cedar and musk will take care of providing that pinch of seriousness to the fragrance.

If you want to use this perfume in an ideal way, it is recommended that you do it during spring, where the environments of beautiful flowers will remarkably resemble the notes of the perfume, making you have a unique contrast. Its duration is spectacular and its trail will accompany you, leaving an unparalleled aroma in your wake.



5. Balenciaga Paris De Balenciaga

The 9 Best Balenciaga Perfumes For Women

Another wonderful perfume that transports us to the enigmatic and classic city of Paris , during its most beautiful seasons. Balenciaga Paris belongs mainly contains floral chords and was launched on the market in 2010. It is considered a perfect option for women who like long walks and being in contact with the Parisian day-to-day.

It contains a large number of delicious notes, where carnation, patchouli, cedar, violet and violet leaves stand out. All these notes are related to each other to provide a magical aroma that will keep us very active and fresh while we visit any of our favorite cities.

It has a duration that deserves to be highlighted , along with a trail that will make you feel very fluid, fresh and comfortable, as if it were a walk.



6. Cristobal Balenciaga De Balenciaga

We are facing one of the most classic fragrances of this line of perfumes , which bears nothing more and nothing less than the name of its own founder. Cristobal Balenciaga began to be marketed in 1998, and its aromatic chords continue to be talked about today, it is a delicacy of notes that every woman will want to taste.

It begins with notes of carnation, bergamot and fig leaves, which give way to middle notes of peony, jasmine and freesia, ending with an enigmatic background of sandalwood, patchouli and the always classic musk. These chords play together in an ideal way to deliver a scent that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding woman.

It has a remarkable duration , and its moderate wake will make us feel unique and highly requested when we are around people in our delicate walk.



7. Florbotanica De Balenciaga

An oath made with mint, roses, and cannabis (yes, marijuana) . That this does not scare you, you are facing a perfume that has only achieved success since its launch in 2012. Its unprecedented blend of aromatic chords make it worthy of an excellent review from any recognized perfumer.

It opens with notes of mint that are responsible for providing optimal freshness to the fragrance, to continue with middle notes of rose, carnation and cannabis, the latter being one of the most controversial notes of the perfume, but which undoubtedly represents its chord. more important. It ends with base notes of vetiver and amber, which add a lot of solidity to its final aroma.

Its duration is impeccable; managing to remain for up to 12 hours on our skin, and with a moderate trail that anyone who passes around you will notice , it is perfect to be used during the sunniest days of spring or summer , where you can take advantage of all its aromatic power.


8. Rosabotanica De Balenciaga

This wonderful fragrance stands out for having green notes , which provide a comfortable and super fresh air to the fragrance, perfect for women who like to take long walks and feel in harmony with nature.

It began to be marketed in 2013 and one of its biggest users is the great actress Kristen Stewart.

It opens with notes of hyacinth and petit grain, which give way to intermediate notes of roses, cardamom and grapefruit. Finally, its base notes are well starred by cedar, vetiver, another range of woody notes and also white amber.

It is a masterful combination that, as we already mentioned, will make you feel very comfortable and fresh, you will not have to worry about its duration because it is quite long-lived, managing to remain on your skin for long hours. It is also worth noting that its light trail will accompany you and will make the fragrance very noticeable at a short distance.



9. Balenciaga Talisman

There is no better way to describe this perfume than to equate it to a talisman , a precious stone that only causes charm and luxury to anyone who manages to wear one.

That is exactly what this classic fragrance from the Balenciaga line achieves, which was launched on the market in 1994 and remains solidly among one of the most requested perfumes by perfume lovers in recent years, a completely immortal that even today continues to offer its wonders.

It has a complex aromatic composition; opening with notes of pineapple, dried fruit, aldehydes, mandarin, osmanthus, peach, rum and bergamot.

This large number of notes gives way to its middle notes of cyclamen, carnation, iris, freesia, jasmine and lily of the valley, ending categorically with base notes of leather, tonka bean, patchouli, musk, honey, cedar and caramel. .

As we have seen, its highly complex composition of notes makes it the just creditor of such fame and success. It is a perfume that will serve you for any occasion, it will give you a duration that very few fragrances can match , along with a heavy trail that will make you notice anywhere, showing off its most powerful notes and making you look radiant on any occasion.

Be sure to use this magic potion during the autumn or winter nights , where you will see why it is considered one of the most successful fragrances in this great line of Balenciaga perfumes.



Final Considerations

Balenciaga perfumes represent a feat in the world of perfumery, they are made in a very careful way so that their wearer can exploit their full potential during the most appropriate moments, that is why we have taken the trouble to present you their best creations.

Feel fresh and unique by wearing a fragrance that perfectly matches your personality and style!

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