The 8 Best Prada Perfumes For Men

The Prada name signifies royalty and good taste of Italian fashion and lifestyle, after all, it was founded in 1913 in Italy and underwent a radical turn to get to where it is today.

However, that would be another matter and would require another article with a theme diametrically opposed to this one. What is affirmative is that we are here to make a compilation of The 8 Best Prada Perfumes for Men , fragrances that will accompany you everywhere and make you look like a real man, being these of the most requested throughout the world. planet.

So we will not continue without telling you that with Prada perfumes for men you have to find your ideal partner to captivate every woman you come across, this is one of the best and most successful Prada goals in its history.


1. L’Homme de Prada

The 8 Best Prada Perfumes For Men

L’Homme de Prada is often ranked as one of the favorite perfumes for any man on the planet. Sticking to this statement responds to the need for this perfume to be the perfect fragrance for meetings or social gatherings.

Thus, a feedback is generated where when more people are in a certain place, L’Homme will do its job better, since by perspiring more, its notes of cardamom, patchouli, amber, sandalwood and also carrot will make you notice among the that surrounds you.

Now this is directly related to the time of the year for which it has been thought, which is the winter , because with every last drop of sweat that transpires, you’ll be making you notice very naturally, coupled with the fact that possesses strength in its longevity one and a wake that does not escape.

With L’Homme you can be comfortable even with more than a hundred people around you, after all, this is the ultimate goal of this perfume.



2. Amber Pour Homme by Prada

Designed, manufactured and marketed for the most sophisticated men, the Amber Pour Homme by Prada arrives this perfume has been made by very modern designers, without necessarily being very young , since age is in the mind.

Amber Pour Homme is part of the aforementioned feeling totally sophisticated in all your comfort zone. In its interior composition we are talking about a fragrance made with notes of mandarin, neroli, cardamom and some notes with a touch of soap .

Since even open the packaging of this perfume, you ‘ll notice that it has a destination to the year and that is the view to not , being a really cool fragrance too, which can be seen in the manufacture of all your notes. In addition, the Amber Pour Homme has a marked line where its longevity is long-lasting and its trail is moderate to contrast and mislead you a bit.



4. Les Infusions: Infusion Iris Cedre de Prada

It is true that Prada’s Les Infusions: Infusion Iris Cedre has a long and unconventional name, but that precisely reveals the future of a perfume like this. It has the particularity of being one of those perfumes that you can even wear without a shirt, but really the best thing is that after a shower you put it on your clothes.

It is perfect for the summer and those moments of so much heat that can bother you, in addition, with its notes of Tunisian neroli, benzoin, incense and cedar, it comes to give you a lot of manhood, especially if you think about using it for a first date or when you think about meeting someone for the first time.

Now, it is made up of long-lasting longevity and a similar trail to be one of the most stable options possible in today’s perfume market.

Without a doubt, it is the most formal and manly that you can find in the Prada stock .



5. L’Homme Intense by Prada

The L’Homme Intense is another very interesting variant of the L’Homme series , this being a rather complex aspect, even for the most knowledgeable in perfume matters.

The L’Homme has an essence quite captivating pretty deep if you will and with much mystery. It is designed so that you are the one imposing the rules in your own area and not other people, taking you into an almost unknown dimension.

Much of the typical Prada masculinity can be seen in him but with another orientation.

To this we must add that it has notes of patchouli, tonka bean, sandalwood and also iris a frequency that is certainly little used in these times, but that shows the intention of Daniela Roche, designer of this perfume. It also has a long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail, somewhat striking, but normal if it comes from Prada.

Finally note that it can be firmly used in a time like autumn and its somewhat slow and confusing wave of perception.



6. Amber Pour Homme Intense by Prada

Perfumes like Amber Pour Homme Intense by Prada are not seen every day and we explain why. It is one of the perfumes that reward in style to be a totally direct man in all possible circumstances, a tribute to sincerity could be said, and it is that with Amber Pour Homme Intense you can live adequately in your fast-paced style of life. without giving explanations.

It is composed of notes of vanilla, bergamot, labdanum, sandalwood, saffron and myrrh for that explosion of all the senses.

On the other hand, it has a good disposition to be a summer perfume due to its freshness and even more so when you consider that it has a long-lasting longevity and a huge trail.



7. Luna Rossa Black by Prada

Luna Rossa Black by Prada highlights the power of the enigma in terms of being a totally private man at every moment. This perfume has a profile of the most suitable to go unnoticed even if you wish.

With this perfume you will achieve that many glances fall on you, especially for that effect of total indifference that thanks to its notes of amber, angelica, coumarin and musk combine so that you have a protective shield against whom you do not want.

Its essence is outlined to be used fully in a time like summer and with its very long-lasting longevity and enormous wake you will be faced with the sensation of this time, do not let the power of the enigma not fill you towards your whole being, use it.



8. Luna Rossa Sport by Prada

Made to make your sports activities the highlight of your life, comes Luna Rossa Sport , a perfume that closes this article in style.

With it, you will always be on the lookout for the next minimum amount of rigor for how much physical activity you do. It represents a formula rather than a perfume because it contains notes of tonka bean, vanilla, lavender and juniper berries. On the one hand, its composition is also based on a moderate longevity and a trail of equal cut.

Recapitulating, as we said before, the Luna Rossa Sport is the perfect companion for sports, being even used by many stars of its different disciplines for feeling identified with all the manly power that a perfume like this offers.



Final Considerations

The fragrances for men Prada represent interesting options for any man can use them as you wish.

These manufacturing formulas have been constantly growing to the point that today we have to tell you that they are not easy to identify. But returning to the topic of the current article, with these perfumes presented we have covered an extensive line of emotions that men experience in their lives, such as sexism, feeling strong or adrenaline, each of them in its different conditions.

So don’t wait any longer and go out and buy one of these Prada perfumes for men!

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