The 8 Best Olivier Cresp Perfumes For Women


The name of Olivier Cresp He was already destined to be part of the world of perfumery since he was born in 1955. As a child, this Frenchman could already observe how his family sold various raw materials for the design of perfumes and then see how his sister became a professional perfumer.

The great leap occurred in 1975, year in which he launched his first fragrance, but little by little he gave a greater longevity to his perfumes to the point of making them irresistible for any age.

Here what we want is to give you a review of The 8 Best Olivier Cresp Perfumes For Women, because we are very clear that the female market has always been the favorite of this designer with such a long history. A superb and glamorous collection It is the one that you will be able to see with all these eight aromas of different characteristics and brands, all thought of you.

1. Angel by Thierry Mugler

Angel by Thierry MuglerThis is the best known perfume of Olivier Cresp and with which a turn of the screw in perfumes, the revolution of Angel by Thierry Mugler It began in 1992, the product of a perfume with many mysterious qualities and that is within the Amber Vanilla for Women olfactory family.

Total revolution by making a perfume with many nuances, notes of cotton candy, coconut, pineapple, tangerine, honey, plum, roses and caramel they are just some of the best and most exponential of his grades.

But above all the Angel has a sweet scent, extremely feminine and warm, with a lot of inclusion of Fresh fruits, that is why it is often seen among the most sought-after perfumes in winter.

To the Angel we must add that he has a longevity that is long-lasting, while its wake is really heavy, always showing that it has among its interior elements the fruits and candies.

2. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

D&G Light Blue by Dolce & GabbanaFanatic of the Mediterranean coasts, Olivier Cresp designed entirely the Light Blue, a perfume that he put up for sale Dolce and Gabbana in 2001. It is the typical perfume of summer, but it has a much more accentuated depth thanks to the French’s hand as a perfumer. This scent comes within the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women.

A bit diverse and always spicy, this Light Blue is characterized by the high presence of tropical fruits as you can see in their exit notes from lemon and apple. Has a heart surrounded by flowers and plants As the bamboo and jasmine and its base notes are very strong and woody like the cedar and amber.

In this way, as a whole the Light Blue gets you out of trouble in the heat due to its essence citrus, fresh and with light touches of wood, always accompanied by a long-lasting longevity and a moderate scent.

3. Elle from Yves Saint Laurent

Elle from Yves Saint LaurentWhen Olivier Cresp wants to bring out the attractiveness of a girl, he achieves it in seconds, with this premise the Elle, a scent well framed within the Floral Woody olfactory family for Women. This one was launched in 2007 and has many modern elements that continue to stand out today.

Fruits, spiciness, flowers and wood are among its most important notes, where in its exit it offers you lemon, in his heart the pink pepper and jasmine, and in the base cedar and vetiver.

It is quite feminine when it comes to its aroma, everywhere you feel an olfactory presence of wood, well full of fresh flowers as if it were a picnic.

Some chords earthy and heavy make life in the ecosystem of this perfume as sophisticated as it is strange and that will be the tip of the beginning of the fall next to its moderate longevity and a very heavy scent.

4. Blue Seduction by Antonio Banderas

Blue Seduction by Antonio BanderasRarely has a movie star hit the nail on the head with a brand of his own, Antonio Banderas he risked and won with Olivier Cresp in 2007 thanks to the creation of Blue Seduction, another of the most famous perfumes for the summer. This perfume is rooted in the Ámbar Fougére for Women olfactory family and has a lot of belonging for the girl who uses it.

Packed with the tropical and the Caribbean, its top notes range between the melon, bergamot and mint, green apple, sea water and cappuccino towards its heart notes and at its base the amber and wood culminate its essence.

First of all make resonate what is one of the perfumes colder that exist, It is almost icy and is accompanied by marine, aquatic and somewhat fruity aromas, more specifically being citrus, It is the classic summer perfume from start to finish.

This resemblance reaches so much in its way of presenting itself that it is a perfume with a moderate longevity and a soft trail.

5. So Elixir by Yves Rocher

So Elixir by Yves RocherSexy meets young and old in the So Elixir, a timeless and highly addictive perfume of Olivier Cresp for Yves Rocher. This saw its release in 2009 and comes from a combination of the heat, strong amber and citrus.

A correct selection of notes such as patchouli, tonka bean, jasmine, rose, frankincense and rose They are the ones that have this perfume that is indicated to appease the cold of winter. Its scent is very warm and with hints of citrus, but also from roses and wood

What is addictive also comes from owning long-lasting longevity and a trail that is heavy, elements that can never be lacking in a perfume as spontaneous as possible.

6. CH Eau De Parfum Sublime by Carolina Herrera

CH Sublime Eau de Parfum by Carolina HerreraSeriousness and entrepreneurship took greater shape in 2013 when Oliver Cresp created for Carolina Herrera the CH Eau de Parfum, a scent chosen for the Chypre Floral olfactory family for Women. It is one of the most serious French perfumes and this makes it the most suitable for elegance.

It has exit notes from bergamot, some from the heart of pink and leather and patchouli at the base they allow themselves to earn their place. This trio of fruit, flower, and dryness is what makes it so classy and unworldly.

Its aromatic air will always be floral, although it should also be noted that it contains some citrus and leather passages, logically the most striking for the spring.

Comes with a longevity that is long-lasting and a moderate scent, ideal for your accompaniments in luxurious places and where your class cannot be seen retouched.

7. Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Black Opium by Yves Saint LaurentIt is the most bold and modern by Olivier Cresp, in 2014 he surprised everyone with the Black Opium, one launched for Yves Saint Laurent and which is geared towards the Amber Vanilla olfactory family for Women. Designed for today’s woman, this scent wastes no time in gaining addicts.

Its notes are quite heavy thanks to a wake that reflects its way of imposing itself and they go between the pear and pink pepper in your exit notes, the coffee and jasmine between her heart notes and the vanilla and cedar in the base notes.

Maybe so much addiction is because her scent it is sweet but bitter, product of two of its most remarkable aromas such as vanilla and coffee. At the same time you will feel a sensual tickle because the pink pepper it is there generating the necessary trust.

The scent in question maintains a longevity that is short and in the summer you can get your best result.

8. Nina by Nina Ricci

Nina by Nina RicciFlirtatious women know what they want, the Nina by Nina Ricci It is a masterpiece for those who use Olivier Cresp perfumes, especially since it is a perfume as modern as it is youthful. Launched in 2006, the Nina is included in the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women.

Contains exit notes from lemon, from the heart of granny smith apple and base for example to cedar. As you can imagine, this Nina has quite a bit of fruit to share with you.

But it is not all, its combination of aromas makes it a very appetizing aroma for spring and it has citrus, freshness, sweet and a lot of wood in a perfume that will make you want to have fun for a long time. Its longevity is long-lasting and its wake is heavy, so it makes the girl who wears it dazzle.

Final Considerations

For all tastes you have to enjoy Oliver Cresp perfumes and if you are a woman then you will have even better opportunities to wear them. All these perfumes are a clear sign of the French perfumer’s sympathy for his opposite sex.

From summer to spring Olivier Cresp Give your perfume wardrobe a uniqueness that no one else can give you, enjoy these perfumes without the need for someone else to tell you, just choose.

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