The 8 Best Mango Perfumes For Women

For practical purposes, all the perfumes that exist for women have to contain a total attachment to the season in the year in which they are used, therefore, one of the most precious are the perfumes with mango, these have defined for many, many years a party feeling, but also very passionate.

These mango essences were extracted for more than a hundred years and of course they generated an immediate impact for all they had to offer on summer days, the perfect time to take advantage of the full potential of these perfumes However, despite being associated with a lot of party, lust and having a very sweet fragrance , they are also perfect perfumes to be able to enjoy the seriousness and maturity of a woman.

For this reason, we invite you to review with us The 8 Best Perfumes With Mango For Women , which surely will not disappoint you.


1. Fleur de Avon

Belonging to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women, we have the Fleur de Avon, a perfume that came out around the year 2014. Its aroma is truly wonderful and splendid, full of a vast amount of very aromatic as well as truly tropical elements .

If we review its interior, this perfume has a series of notes of musk, iris, woody elements, mango, mandarin and even passion flower. This makes all its essence spectacular and very fun, made especially so that you look youthful as well as with a very sweet aroma and freshness,  quite energetic.

It should be noted that the aroma that this perfume gives off is really long-lasting thanks to its persistent longevity, as well as a heavy trail. The best time to use this striking fragrance is summer and therefore we also recommend that it be towards the morning due to its enormous amount of energy.


2. A Jardin Sur Le Nil de Hermés

When we mention the fragrances with mango for women with a greater presence of maturity, we must all mention the Un Jardin Sur Le Nil de Hermés, which was launched in 2005 and belongs to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women . What perfectly defines its aroma is its simplicity and being so direct.

All this is so since this perfume has a whole series of ingredients that outline its aroma in one go without making detours. This is because it has notes of green mango, tomato, orange, lotus flower, hyacinth, peony, labdanum, cinnamon and incense. So it has a lot of citrus, making its aroma spicy everywhere and also intense.

With all this, it is not surprising that the best time of the year for its use is winter, as we also reveal that it has a very long-lasting longevity, as well as a moderate wake.


3. Montale Manga Handle

We must now talk about a fragrance that cold women have liked a lot, but that they have to use a sweet aroma of course we refer to the Mango Manga de Montale that at the same time makes it clear that it is an independent perfume in all essence. This one was released in 2010 and it always caused a sensation.

What I like most about this scent is that it has a series of notes that combine a lot with each other to provide a perfume at least very aromatic and that does not stick with anything. This scent is of notes of mango, ylang ylang, oak moss, Virginia cedar vetiver, orange and jasmine. So we have that everything that is included in this perfume has a lot of flowers, and that makes it feel very comfortable for women with those fruity touches where the sweet sensation of the mango is the first thing that stands out.

We recommend that you wear it in spring and take advantage of the stability of its moderate longevity and trail.


4. Taj Sunset by Escada

This perfume is inside as shown in its multicolored bottle: power everywhere. The Taj Sunset Escada belongs to the olfactory family Floral Frutal Women and lunged toward 2011, a scent that causes feeling from the first moment you feel it .

With some notes of mango, sandalwood, musk, coconut, water lily, nectarine, blood orange, raspberry and star apple, the aroma it has is quite tropical and that makes it that special aroma for summer that you should use. In that aroma you can perceive everything that has a fruit punch and where of course the sweet aromas of mango and coconut are in evidence to fall in love.

Also has one longevity that fades quickly and smooth wake.


5. Incanto Dream by Salvatore Ferragamo

Made to celebrate any season of the year, designed to make you vibrate in all festive seasons, the Incanto Dream by Salvatore Ferragamo is a perfume that has to be used for young and ecstatic girls . This perfume was launched around 2007 and belongs to the Floral for Women olfactory family.

Everything in this perfume is truly eye-catching, including its notes of pineapple, mango, bergamot, amber, cedar, musk, peach, passion fruit, freesia, and pink peony. So it is really citrusy as well as moist to put on your body. That is why it makes all the girls who use it vibrate and also in those who perceive it because it is above all extroverted and that aroma of fruits that they like so much does not hide.

We must also highlight that it is a perfume specially designed to be used in the fall and impact with its long-lasting longevity and heavy trail.


6. Victoria’s Secret Glamor

Not everything in mango perfumes has to always be so direct and without showing moments of calm, this is what Victoria’s Secret Glamor offers a perfume made for the most empowered women. It was launched in 2013 and belongs to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women.

One of the things that women love the most about this perfume is that it has really simple notes , but they are full of luxury such as mango, amber and gardenia. They are only based on these three notes to be able to make you shine with such luxury that it mixes the most exquisite flowers with a tropical fruit of as much value as mango. The result is a very delicate and feminine scent that does not lose the touch of a daring girl.

The Glamor and its approach so women first world renewed and should be used in spring and has a moderate longevity and a similar wake.



7. Angel Eau Croisiere de Mugler

The Angel Eau Croisiére is a perfume that was intended for all women who have to shine their own personality, but also the most beautiful are intended to take it. This aroma came out in 2019 and belongs to the Oriental Vanilla olfactory family for Women.

The leap that this perfume gives is brilliant, because it allows you to always feel like the star of the place for its notes of vanilla , patchouli and where the mango is the one who always takes the reins to give you touches of a lot of tropical air so that you feel that you can lead in any moment. This perfume is also characterized by making you feel very comfortable with yourself, since it does not have heavy elements inside that prevent you from feeling free.

This being defined, this Angel Eau Croisiere is a perfume that should be used in summers and that has a very long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail.



8. Hippie Princess by Vera Wang

We close with the Hippie Princess by Vera Wang, a scent that is very liberal and has quite a bit of that original and rebellious essence of the 60s. This is how it belongs to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women and was launched in 2015.

This perfume has notes of lotus, jasmine, musk, vanilla, mango, woody elements , apple blossom, freesia and apricot. Then you have enough, certainly because its aroma counts both strongly and delicately. The aroma for this reason is the perfect mix between sweet and bitter. You will have this duality marked from beginning to end and therefore it is convenient that you do not miss it.

We also tell you that its best time to use it is winter and it gives you a moderate longevity along with a very heavy wake.


Final Considerations

You should never leave aside what a perfume with mango provides you women will be the most benefited because they can feel youthful and also full of energy for everything they want to do. Having this clear, you cannot fail to see The 8 Best Perfumes With Mango For Women.

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