The 7 Best Ted Lapidus Perfumes For Men

Elegance and class blend seamlessly when speaking of Ted Lapidus creations. Their perfumes represent the modern man, the one who is always ready to face any challenge with relative ease, but always taking care of his image.

These perfumes have olfactory pyramids that have really exclusive ingredients , which will fulfill a large number of tasks and will adjust to any situation in which you need to stand out.

We present the 7 Best Ted Lapidus Perfumes For Men:


1. Black Soul Imperial by Ted Lapidus

The 7 Best Ted Lapidus Perfumes For Men

Coffee is the star of this majestic fragrance. It was released on the market in 2011 under the spicy olfactory family and is aimed mainly at mature men , who will be delighted with a perfume with these characteristics, since it is a scent that perfectly matches their experience.

It opens with notes of citrus and coffee, a masterful combination that will make you feel very elegant during the day. It is followed by middle notes of mint and spices, to close with base notes of leather, amber, and a good variety of woody notes, which will be in charge of balancing the perfume perfectly.

It is ideal to be used during the fall or winter , especially at night. It has a magnificent duration ; it will remain on your skin for more than 8 hours, along with an attractive trail that will make you look very mysterious and interesting to the women around you.



2. Gold Extreme by Ted Lapidus

Another excellent option for mature men , this time we came across the ‘Gold Extreme’, which was released in 2015 under the oriental olfactory family. It is characterized by containing oriental notes in its aromatic composition, which will give you an enigmatic air without equal thanks to its aphrodisiac chords.

It opens with notes of cardamom, pink pepper and grapefruit, which give way to middle notes of orange, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. It closes with notes of vetiver, leather, vanilla and amber, all mixed in a balanced way to provide a spectacular aroma that will attract many eyes.

It has a very good duration ; it can remain on the skin for up to 12 hours without reducing the intensity, its penetrating trail will be perfect for you to show off in the game of seduction . Be sure to wear this magnificent fragrance during fall or winter nights .



3. Lapidus Pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

A Ted Lapidus classic for casual outings or formal / informal gatherings , you will feel quite comfortable and active throughout the day thanks to this fragrance that will give you a very fresh scent. It was released on the market in 1987 under the oriental- woody olfactory family . It is very well known in the world of perfumery for being versatile: adapting to many situations with remarkable performance.

It opens with notes of bergamot, pineapple, lemon, lavender and abrótano; a quite rich combination of aromas that will give the perfume a fresh touch. It continues with middle notes of caraway, incense, rose, honey and pine, honey being one of the most imposing accords of the fragrance. It closes with notes of musk, amber, sandalwood and tonka bean to masterfully balance the perfume.

It is ideal to be used during the fall or winter , especially at night. It has an excellent duration and a heavy, but non-invasive trail, so you don’t have to worry about bothering with your fragrance.



4. Ted Lapidus Alcazar

A very versatile perfume that will be useful for many situations, its protagonist is leather, although its lavender notes also stand out in a great way. It goes on the market in 2010 under the oriental olfactory family, it is aimed at contemporary men.

It opens with notes of citron, nutmeg and petit grain, which give way to its middle notes of rosemary, lavender and orange blossom; a fairly balanced mix that will make you feel energetic during your day. It closes with notes of tonka bean, white cedar and the imposing leather.

It is perfect to be used during winter or autumn , seasons in which you can exploit its full aromatic potential. It has a remarkable duration and a penetrating trail that will be very useful to seduce you.



5. Black Soul by Ted Lapidus

A fantastic perfume with a nice sweet touch . ‘Black Soul’ comes on the market in 2009 under the woody-spicy olfactory family and is characterized by having sweet chords that will be perfect for the most demanding nights.

Contains notes of cinnamon, cedar, cardamom, guaiac wood, bergamot, saffron, neroli, and powerful musk. This rich combination of notes earns her a privileged position in the Ted Lapidus men’s perfume catalog.

It is ideal for winter or autumn nights. It has a fairly good duration and a trail that will accompany you with a slightly penetrating and very attractive aura.



6. Altamir by Ted Lapidus

Under the oriental olfactory family, ‘Altamir’ was released on the market in 2007. Its notes of tonka bean and amber are the protagonists of this work of art, which has a quite attractive enigmatic air. It is aimed at contemporary men, those who know what they want and when they want it.

It opens with notes of bergamot, pineapple leaves and neroli, which give way categorically to middle notes of jasmine and cyclamen. Its base notes of teak wood, vetiver, patchouli, musk and amber will close the perfume, providing a perfect balance between aromas.

It is ideal to be used during the fall or winter, where you can exploit its full potential. It has a very good duration and a slightly heavy trail.



7. Lapidus Pour Homme Black Extreme by Ted Lapidus

By last. We stumbled upon a perfect fragrance for contemporary men who love nightlife. It hits the market in 2012 under the oriental olfactory family, its pepper and tonka bean accords will make you feel exclusive and very safe for flirting nights.

It opens with notes of citrus, violet and black pepper, which give way to its middle notes of orange blossom and saffron. It ends with base notes of labdanum and tonka bean, which give it a lot of style and a perfect balance.

It is ideal to be used during the fall or winter , seasons in which you can exploit all its aromatic potential to the fullest. It has an excellent duration and a seductive trail that will be perfect for hookup nights.



Final Considerations

Ted Lapidus men’s perfumes are primarily aimed at older men , but they can also suit young men . It contains quite attractive and strong chords, perfect for romantic candles and important gatherings.

Surround yourself in luxury and elegance with a perfume from Ted Lapidus!

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