The 7 Best Pineapple Perfumes For Women

The Caribbean and tropical environment are always conducive to joy and fun, they immediately adopt a informal air and also very rich in moments full of family and friends, That is why the perfumery is not free of this, and for a sample we bring you The 7 Best Perfumes With Pineapple For Women.

The pineapple It is a fruit that is one of the most used and also one of the best carried because it floods the aromas of perfumes with a fruity smell between citrus, sweet and even fresh elements. Despite being a fruit from such a warm climate that it does not tolerate even some of the winter, the pineapple provides the aromas of perfumes of a lot of freshness.

Items like these are perfectly combined with flowers and even herbs to give exquisite aromas, that is why these perfumes have to shape your day to day, especially if you are a enterprising woman who enjoys leading the voice of command.

1. Born in Paradise by Escada

Born in Paradise by EscadaThe perfumes of Escada need no introduction because they are generally known to the vast majority of women and, in such a case, the Born in paradise it is an aroma that is entirely for vacations and informal moments. The scent in question is done for the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women and was launched in 2014.

You will immediately notice that its aroma is loaded with aromas of sweet fruits as well as a very tropical air. Thanks to some exit notes from watermelon, guava and green apple, some from the heart of coconut milk and pineapple, and some background of musk, sandalwood and coconut, the aroma it gives off is delicious.

With this you can clearly feel a smell between coconut and pineapple what do they give so much softness like freshness to all its aroma and that combines wonderfully with the summer, in addition to his short longevity and a soft trail.

J’adore by Christian Dior

J’adore by Christian Dior

2. Live Irresistible by Givenchy

Live Irresistible by GivenchyA fragrance both feminine and quite fruity, the Live Irresistible by Givenchy is a perfume that belongs to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women and that was launched in the 2015, being designed by Dominique Ropion.

Its aroma is flooded with a very sweet smell, but without forgetting its tropical chords, the product of a fine selection of top notes of pineapple, orange and rose petals. In addition, it has its very citric air if we take into account that its heart notes are of passion fruit and pepper.

The base notes of orris root and musk that it has is what has made its aroma also have enough floral elements in its persistent fragrance to give you a long-lasting longevity, while its trail is moderate. The scent of this perfume is loaded with many good moments to be irresistible in spring and that at the same time is a perfume with a lot of feminine.

Live Irresistible by Givenchy

Live Irresistible by Givenchy

3. Little Gloria by Gloria Vanderbilt

Little Gloria by Gloria VanderbiltNo woman is able to resist a perfume designed by Gloria Vanderbilt, an artist capable of aromatizing visual universes with a single perfume and that the Little Gloria meets perfectly. A scent like this belongs to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women and was launched in 2012.

It has a real delight in the form of notes, because the output notes are from pineapple, kiwi and pear, those of heart are from violet, gardenia and rose, and the background of sandalwood, musk, patchouli and vanilla. Therefore, in general terms it is the typical pineapple perfume, but done differently.

The ones that have the power, despite being less, are the fruits over the flowers to make their essence one that smells like fruit punch, besides that it is fresh, enough to like mostly in long summers. You can feel the presence of the Violet in its aroma to load it with a warm air.

Some touches of wood finish their scent and do it with a long-lasting longevity and a heavy scent.

Gloria Vanderbilt’s Little Gloria

Little Gloria by Gloria Vanderbilt

4. Hollister Pure Cali

Hollister Pure CaliThe essence of Hollister Cali Puree It is that of a perfume that usually stands out for going towards the very balanced presence between fruits and flowers, and that therefore belongs to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women and it was made entirely to tackle winters better.

It has its aroma with top notes of pineapple, from the heart of water lily and background of cedar. This is how you can find a perfume that has a bit of its three pillars to compose that balance aroma of which we mentioned. You can feel quite a few fruit chords which are really incredible, considering that they have a perfect mix between citrus and sweet.

However, their woody scent has also managed to make this perfume one dry and with good possibilities for long duration with a very long-lasting longevity, while its wake is heavy.

Let us highlight that in addition to this, you can feel that this perfume belongs to the tropical because the pineapple gives it a high fruity presence at all times.

5. Miami Blossom by Escada

Miami Blossom by EscadaAnother perfume of Escada in this article means that they are perfect scent makers with pineapple and that the Miami Blossom It is a work of art for girls who want to seduce with beauty and ease. For this they use an aroma that belongs to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women and that was launched in 2019.

Caroline Sabas, Its designer made this perfume one that is felt with many things at the same time, such as a flower scent with hints of citrus and also fresh to a lesser extent. His exit notes are from blueberries, watermelon and orange, those of heart are from jasmine and tuberose, while the background ones are sandalwood and musk.

This is how its aroma can become too sea, aquatic to be more specific and thus be perfect for the fall, undoubtedly that seduction is on your side because it tends to appear as quite moist at all times with its short longevity and soft trail.

6. Addison Sunrise from Hollister

Addison Sunrise From HollisterPineapple addiction is common as long as its aroma is highly charged and you give it room to shine on its own, as they did with the Hollister’s Addison Sunrise in 2014 when launching it to the market. This is framed in the Olfactory family Woody Floral Musk for Women and it has a lot of special.

Only three notes make it up, the pineapple, jasmine and sandalwood. So you can have an aroma that from the beginning is quite fruity and full of sweetness, It is a clear mix towards the pineapple and the rest of the flowers that compose it.

However, an analysis of this perfume with something like him and his touches tropical give a lot of presence because they are done in a powdery way and that is certainly new as far as aromas are concerned. It is also a way to give a nice texture to your presence on your body.

Let us not forget that your presence in summers is perfect and does it with a moderate longevity and a similar trail.

Hollister’s Addison Sunrise

Hollister’s Addison Sunrise

7. Pop Exotic by Yves Rocher

Pop Exotic by Yves RocherPerfect aroma to feel the luxury that pineapple can cause, the Pop Exotic by Yves Rocher close our list of The 7 Best Pineapple Perfumes For Women and he does it in style, with a Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women and showing that a little goes a long way.

We open a space for your notes, which are from pineapple, exotic fruits and flowers. It has so much to give that they have included every possible topic on three fronts. Its scent is closely linked to fruits, in fact it is a delicious perfume in this sense and it also has an excellent heavy trail.

It also has a lot of tropical air so typical of this type of aromas as of flowers of all kinds that will make your perfume one pretty cool and contrary to what is usually thought, an aroma exceptional for him winter. Its longevity is moderate and therefore it will be a perfect perfume to have perfect durability and a more than marked presence.

Pop Exotic by Yves Rocher

Pop Exotic by Yves Rocher

Final Considerations

It is delicious and energetic to talk about The 7 Best Pineapple Perfumes For Women since they are aromas that have everything to give you in the summers and provide company with flowers that are rarely done with as much success as with pineapple.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance with these scents, they are many of the best in perfumery and they are there for you!

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