The 7 Best Cartier Perfumes For Women

The exclusive becomes an elementary part of the design of everything that has to do with Cartier, one of the most important brands in the fashion industry.

Anyone who has used a product from this company can attest that it is one of the brands that best knows how to bring contemporary design to its customerswhich has been praised by many critics and experts on the subject.

Therefore, the line of perfumes that Cartier offers for women is one of its many ways of always showing a strong footing in an industry as heavy as fashion.

Do not stop reading the 7 Best Cartier Perfumes for Women that we have selected for you, with these you will be the envy of every woman who knows you. 


1. La Pantherè de Cartier

Sophistication is a word that amply defines La Pantherè a perfume of the softest that it has to offer you such a large Cartier collection, this is a perfume that at the same time evokes towards carefreeness and getting a smile out of your rosto, hence it is so used especially in the spring this represents a great reference for the brand because it is also extremely charming in terms of its fragrance.

This aforementioned perception that people have about La Pantherè is based on the notes with which this perfume has been created.

It contains elements such as patchouli, leather, musk, orange blossom, some nuts and also bergamot to create a kind of wonderful hypnosis where you will be taken into a constant state of trance.

Speaking directly about its longevity this perfume has a wide strength because it is very durable and its trail is huge thus allowing you to take it wherever you take it, this perfume will accompany you so you do not forget its floral explosion that they have made. for you.

2. Carat de Cartier

A total sample of creativity, subtlety, perfection and innovation come perfectly with the Carat de Cartier this perfume from its own bottle shows signs of being different, of having elements that when impacting you give a series of different and impressive sensations.

To begin with, the Carat has the particularity of making you feel like in a luxury building this of course touches the perfectionist part that has been included in the manufacture of its fragrance and that invites you to want to improve yourself at all times.

In another vein, the Carat contains particularly indescribable elements for you these being the cause of the perfume being one of the most original launched on the market by Cartier, thus feeling like a kind of sensation of total novelty.

To this we have to add that the Carat has notes of white musk, mimosa, honeysuckle, tulip, violet and lily to give a certain sweet and very friendly touch .

With a perfume like this that has a long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail , its use should be recommended especially for autumn because its own fragrance is given in such a way that it is appreciated as passive or calm.

3. Baiser Volé de Cartier

It is perfectly known that Cartier plays a lot with what refers to femininity and the concept that is had about it, so the Baiser Volé is precisely that, that sweetly feminine amount, but that is taken to extremes that no other perfume ever thought. to do.

The fact that you use a perfume like Baiser Volé is a sign that you like being an especially beautiful woman and that you have knowledge that you are and you like to make it known, but as we referred, in a sweet way.

The Baiser Volé has a very varied design where notes of green lily are shown , also green notes, various citrus fruits and lily .

It is worth mentioning that it has a very long-lasting longevity that becomes very strong, a rarity for a perfume of these characteristics and with a soft trail , an example of not giving up the softness that women love so much.

You must use the Baiser Volé in the springs , there is no time that better defines what has to do with this perfume. With all this, the Baiser Volé also gives a lecture when it comes to the beauty of small moments, hence you feel very generous towards anyone when you use it, it is not wasted that you are a better woman towards your fellow men .


4. Baiser Fou de Cartier

The Baiser Fou has all the intelligence its launch was one of the best milestones in the history of Cartier, since this perfume is a spectacular example of what a woman has within her, not only her beauty, but her capacity for great reasoning and that sixth sense that make them the most special beings in the world.

The Baiser Fou contains many elements specially designed for an intelligent woman like you to recognize. The general sensation that you will feel for its fragrance is that of freshness and comfort so that your thoughts can be free at all times.

Very well, it contains notes of orchid, white chocolate and vanillawhich although they are few notes, are quite high in terms of intensity, becoming very strong in longevity and trail so that you can notice very well which of each one of them is being perceived by you.

You cannot remove that feeling of greatness that the Baiser Fou invokes you towards your senses, a fragrance that thanks to all this, is presented as a good option for winters.


5. Must de Cartier Gold de Cartier

The best women, the best exclusivity and longer lives are all present in the Must de Cartier Gold , the which is since its launch a perfume that feels superior to the rest and, therefore, has to be used by people of this cut.

The Must de Cartier Gold is also very happy, not only is it a perfume with certain arrogant touches, but it is also shown to be very funny and your body will like to know that it will protect you from the maximum possible winds or cold with the right thermal sensation that has been included in this perfume, a certain heat will invade you to break the ice.

Its interior is at least of great repercussion because it has notes of jasmine, vanilla and osmanthus that resemble oriental perfumes because nature and courage are on its side.

It boasts long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail both resonant to suit you very well. This is a perfume that has to be used by mature women, it should be noted, since the power of wisdom and experience have been equally included in its fragrance, which is totally anti- youth due to the lack of lived situations.

6. Le Baiser du Dragon de Cartier

The power and inner spark is what a perfume like Le Baiser du Dragon looking at you, which you say from now to the like a dragon, this perfume is a true sample of great physical and mental strength.

By using it you will feel really given towards the achievement of your goals, nothing and no one will get in the way of the goal that you have set for yourself. Le Baiser du Dragon contains for you notes of dark chocolate, vetiver, cedar, caramel, gardenia, bitter almond or musk all of them destined to provide a strong perfume that has a very long-lasting longevity and an enormous trail.

At the same time, this perfume will open your senses towards the loss of fears and we invite you to use it especially in the summer , being a perfect hot season to combine with this high-value perfume.

What we are also sure of is that it does not leave anyone indifferent, in fact each woman who has used it has a different version of what it has produced in them, being in many cases a soul embryo to go out on the street or, for another part, a surge of energy so that you trust yourself.



7. Must de Cartier

The Must de Cartier is a perfume that provides one of the sensations most impressive freshness that can be found in a feminine fragrance.

This Must in particular is characterized by the fact that it includes notes of the most varied forms such as jasmine, amber, lily, sandalwood, vetiver, orchid and carnation.

This enormous combination has made you feel at all times a kind of carnival of emotions that will simply make you walk everywhere, feeling very fresh, but also convinced that everything will turn out wonderfully in what you are doing.

Its longevity is very durable and its huge wake being the ones that will cause you to use it throughout the day, even with a small application you will feel that you are a success because it becomes quite territorial and where it finds its place, it stays .

The Must has that fresh touch that makes it a wonderful hurricane, especially for summers that require a lot of freshness to avoid annoying you.

This has made the Must de Cartier one of the favorites of any girl as it contains a very exquisite fragrance without spreading its fragrance where you do not want it, it even becomes controllable.



Final Considerations

The perfumes Cartier Women always have to be on any list of popularity thanks to give you what you need to be a remarkable woman in any situation.

These seven perfumes previously reviewed contain what a modern woman looks for in a perfume without having to leave her comfort zone.

So without further ado, we invite you to be part of Cartier and look for any of them in your nearest perfumery, they do not disappoint at all!

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