The 6 Best Perfumes With Yuzu For Women


Among the many fruits and flowers born in Asia we cannot forget the Yuzu, which has an extremely attractive story from every point of view and that it is time to make it stand out, but in the form of perfumes, although we do not get too far ahead of it.

Yuzu is therefore one of the best fruits chosen by farmers and that make up part of The citrus, This is how this little fruit that comes from the Rutaceae family It is one of the favorites in perfumery exclusively, that is why you should not miss this article if you are a woman looking for unusual scents.

This one already offers a citrus scent as we have been anticipating you, but with the particularity that it is above all cool and with the property of relax your senses, That is why it is so highly valued by millions of women and girls who see in the yuzu an experience like few see in cosmetics.

Do not let them tell you The 6 Best Perfumes With Yuzu For Women.

1. Bright Crystal by Versace

Bright Crystal by VersaceThe Bright crystal is many things at the same time, this perfume that was born from the hand of Alberto morillas was launched in the 2006 and since then it has not ceased to be among the favorites of all the ladies who enjoy the lust and uniqueness, is positioned as one of the most attractive in the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women.

Like other yuzu perfumes, this one contains a good amount of notes and sensations. That is why it is linked to some exit notes from pomegranate, water and the yuzu itself attached to some heart notes of peony, lotus flower and magnolia, the base notes of musk, mahogany and amber. The table is already set for a time bomb.

We find that this perfume is the container of a very floral and fresh air, specially designed to be tasted in springs given its relationship with this time. But it also expresses a strong stream of citrus and water, becoming one of the most comfortable in the whole body.

Has a longevity that is short and a slight trail, where its woody nuances and with some roses can be seen.

2. Marc Jacobs Splash Fig by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Splash Fig by Marc JacobsYann Vasnier knew how to design a perfume that does not lack at all presence, but that it is simple in all its essence, being shown that in the XXI century there are perfumes for modest girls. The Marc Jacobs Splash Fig was present from the 2008 and it is within the Aromatic Fruity olfactory family for Women.

This perfume is only composed of about three notes, which are distributed between the fig, cypress and the inevitable yuzu, This is certainly something of a novelty since highly charged aromas are usually found in this class of perfumes with yuzu, but which define a very calm aesthetic. That is why the first thing you are going to come across is its essence that it is a woody perfume and with lots of fruity load, ideal for you to enjoy in long hot summers.

Then with a more frenetic pace still the product of a short longevity, show his more citrus cuts and that they feel as if they were a union of different fruits, this section cuts down a bit its simplicity, although it does not overwhelm it at all.

With a trail that is rather moderate, he finishes making a perfume fresh, but spicy throughout.

3. Burberry Brit Sheer by Burberry

Burberry Brit Sheer by BurberryIf you want to try a perfume that is genuine, but at the same time Independent, you can’t stop trying Burberry Brit Sheer, which is one of the most coveted of the brand and which was launched in the 2015. This perfume is included in the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women.

As a good perfume with yuzu, it comes very well accompanied in its notes, some of lychee, pineapple leaf, tangerine and yuzu already show the tropical intentions that he possesses, while those of the heart of pink peony, peach blossom and pear they are rather fruity and sweet. Close with some base notes of white woods and white musk that will give you something more freshness.

The Burberry brit sheer it is from the beginning to the end a perfume floral but fresh, as few times it has been possible to verify. In any case, it does not neglect that it has a huge citrus influence and that is already a company advantage. These scents are already equipped with a longevity that is long-lasting and a heavy scent, something out of the ordinary, even when it comes to yuzu.

If you want to know the best time to use it, it is the very winter on the one who has to taste these fruits and freshness.

4. L’Air du Temps Eau Sublime by Nina Ricci

L'Air du Temps Eau Sublime by Nina RicciIf you are one of those who are looking for an exclusive perfume that contains yuzu, then the L’Air du Temps Eau Sublime released by Nina Ricci in 2016 It will be the one you have to need. It was thought and designed by the perfumer Calice becker and that later he was present with the Floral olfactory family for Women.

This aroma brings a series of very interesting elements from different perspectives, such as some top notes that are of yuzu, some from the heart of carnation, white flowers and tuberose, while the basic ones are musk. This is how the line that the perfume carries is defined quite well, containing a smell floral and fine in its early stages, because it has a very long lasting longevity.

Later and in depth we have a perfume that has many flowers, also with citrus and with some heat, which justifies its high presence in winter and shows its strongest facets with a thunderous very heavy wake.

In addition, wearing this perfume is synonymous with tasting a more prominent scent than usual and has a solid foundation for girls of all types.

5. Eau de Cartier Zeste de Soleil de Cartier

Eau de Cartier Zeste de Soleil de CartierA perfume with an overflowing energy is the Eau de Cartier Zeste de Soleil, one of the most recommended especially to open the summer. This was launched in the year of 2013 and belongs to the Aromatic Fruity olfactory family for Women.

It has only three notes inside, composed of the yuzu, passion fruit and mint, This leaves a lot of way served for cooler sensations and where the heat has nothing to say.

Their major chords are given with citrus, sweet and tropical, That is why it feels so good as soon as this emblematic perfume reaches your body and has a long-lasting longevity and a moderate scent. But also the freshness is what most defines this perfume and is coupled with some bitter already classic in this type of fragrance.

It is worth noting about its aroma that it is the best if you want a perfume with yuzu that is casual, but that does not leave you badly off if you have to work or attend an important business meeting, in short, it has the necessary flexibility that every yuzu scent should show off.

6. Green Tea Yuzu by Elizabeth Arden

Green Tea Yuzu by Elizabeth ArdenWhen the brand Elizabeth arden decides on a perfume with emblem and sophistication, the results are usually more than optimal and last for years, so the Green Tea Yuzu It is a faithful example of the potential of this seaAC. The aroma we bring was born from the work of Rodrigo Flores-Roux in 2014 and that is oriented to Citrus Aromatic olfactory family for Women.

Yuzu is very present, leaving its aroma everywhere since its top notes are of lemon, bergamot, green tea and the same yuzu, in those of the heart also the yuzu is noticed accompanied by green tea, mint, thyme and neroli from Tunisia and closing with the base notes of musk, birch and musk ambrette.

You will have a powerful perfume citrus, very fresh and where nature and spices are especially necessary to understand this aroma born to surprise your nose. The perfume will amaze in summers and have one longevity that is moderate and a heavy scent, just as he wants to make clear from the beginning. All your combination fruit and flower It is the best that we can recognize this imposing aroma.

Final Considerations

If you want to understand the perfumes with yuzu for women, First you need to know that these require a vital energy that perhaps few girls understand, but that ultimately moves the world.

The six best perfumes with yuzu for women They are in constant motion and on the earth plane they will make you feel alive, especially in stations like the summer for its crosses of citrus and fresh notes, do not miss them.

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