The 6 Best Perfumes With Guava For Women


It is often closely associated with South America and the center of the American continent, symbol of the tropical and of a flavor so intense that it is indescribable, the guava It is one of the most exquisite fruits that can be tasted on the palate, although it is also extremely enjoyable if you spray it as a perfume all over your body, so today we want to show you what this fruit is made of.

As exotic as its obtaining is the life that guava usually gives to the woman who tastes it, and especially if she decides to take it with her everywhere making its use something intensive and even addictive, therefore, The 8 Best Guava Perfumes For Women They are what you need to bring out your most seductive side.

Limiting yourself is unseemly for an active, high-aiming woman, and guava will give you that link you need to vibrate with excitement in a single perfume.

1. Daisy Sunshine by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Sunshine by Marc JacobsThe joy and happiness were two concepts that he thought a lot about Alberto morillas when Marc Jacobs launched the Daisy Sunshine, a perfume linked to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women and that from the 2019 it makes its fruity presence impose everywhere.

This perfume has in its notes a series of fruits that are too attached to fun and delight as the outgoing ones that are strawberry and violet, heart notes of calendula and based on wild berries and wood, absolutely accompanied by the guava. In such a way that Morels respect for fruits is present in an aroma that is in all its splendor.

It also comes accompanied with lots of wood, but quite sober and where the moderate longevity and its heavy scent set the pace for the days of summer which is when this perfume is best noticed.

2. Victoria’s Secret Berry Escape

Victoria's Secret Berry EscapeThe power of women is quite present with the Berry Escape from Victoria’s Secret, a captivating perfume of the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women and what was noticed in the 2013.

What I like best about the Berry Escape is that it has only two notes, guava and flower extracts, perfectly meets the family that he brings with him and that is why it is very, very fruity from the beginning, marked by its heavy scent, already on the side of its longevity this perfume is rather calm and moderate and where the fresh flowers take the best place.

Spring is the right time to use this scent and if you want to go out with your friends to have fun, you can do it, since it has a lot of casual. Nor does it matter how hard you try to get rid of it, the guava will be very present at all times and will make your fruity posture clear.

3. Romance Summer Blossom Eau de Parfum by Ralph Lauren

Romance Summer Blossom Eau de Parfum by Ralph Lauren 1The essence of Romance Summer Blossom Eau de Parfum It is very enjoyable for all types of women taking into account that it is a perfume of the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women, from this it becomes sexy and very cool. Ralph Lauren made this perfume official in the 2017. and had a high participation of models in its commercials.

This perfume is equipped with notes of guava, ylang ylang and musk, all in order of top, middle, and base notes, respectively. A fragrance always fruity is noted and even more so with a longevity that is long and with a wake that supports it with its heavy entrance.

Although always beyond this is where you can highlight the depth of this aroma that is tropical, fresh and very sweet, the latter essential to understand how an aroma like this penetrates into winter breaking the ice.

4. Versace Pour Femme Dylan Turquoise by Versace

Versace Pour Femme Dylan Turquoise by VersaceA vintage perfume, the Versace Pour Femme Dylan Turquoise it’s that magnificent thanks to the perfumer Sophie LabbĂ©, which fully put the perfume in the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women by the time it was launched in the 2020, modernity and presence of course that ensures.

Let’s go with your notes, which on your output are from lemon, tangerine and pink pepper, in the heart notes we have the guava, freesia and jasmine and in the basic ones the cedar. In such a way that a perfume like this cannot work in any other way if it is not with citric from start to finish and better yet, it contains a longevity that is moderate, but a prominent and heavy scent.

Within its heart notes is where this perfume experiences more sensations since it has freshness, tropical airs and flowers, which makes it a perfect choice for the summer.

5. Born in Paradise by Escada

Born in Paradise by EscadaAnother perfume for the summer, but that explores a lot what the party means everywhere is the Born in Paradise by Escada, a scent of 2014 and that it still has a high presence in the holidays. It is designed in the Fruity olfactory family for Women and with a whole legion of fruits inside.

For starters, in your exit notes you have watermelon, guava and green apple, in those of the heart we have to quote the coconut milk and pineapple, while in the base notes we have the musk, sandalwood and cedar.

It is not easy to define its aroma, which from one side to the other goes from the fruity towards the aquatic and even fresh, explores the summery facets a lot and it is also noticeable in its short longevity and soft trail.

It is designed for casual and stress-free moments, ideal for partying without control.


6. Vera Wang’s Lovestruck

Lovestruck by Vera WangGuava perfumes are often addictive due to their high fruit and sweet content and the Lovestruck is a clear example of this trend. Came out in the 2011 and it is within the Floral olfactory family for Women, its designer was Stephen Nilsen.

This perfume has good notes to be used in fall, especially when when checking we see on his way out to the guava, mandarin and angelica, on the other hand, in his heart lotus flower and tuberose so that it closes in the background with musk and wood.

This is how this perfume is exposed, which has to offer a lot of water, but besides fruity and tropical, essential signs that it has a lot of life to offer to the girls who wear it. It also imposes conditions with a long-lasting longevity and a moderate scent.

A little deeper and that with the minutes will become more present are their floral chords and that will leave you amazed.

7. DKNY Stories by Donna Karan

DKNY Stories by Donna KaranFeminine and modern, as is he DKNY Stories and that is presented as a really striking perfume due to the calm it presents despite having guava among its notes. It stands out that it is within the Olfactory family Amber Floral for Women and being made by Stephen Nilsen for launch in 2018.

Notes of guava, pink pepper, iris, white tea, vanilla, ambergris and jasmine are some of the notes that this avant-garde perfume has. So its scent is too sweet, with vanilla as the maximum standard-bearer of vitality and that makes it noticeable with its long-lasting longevity and its heavy scent.

On the other hand, this DKNY It is provided with other fragrances that are somewhat more discreet, but just as present as powdery and tropical. That is why it is so necessary and that shows that it is a much deeper aroma than a simplicity carried by the guava and the fruitiness.

8. Princess by Vera Wang

Princess by Vera WangWanting to explore love from the side of mystery and addiction, the Princess by Vera Wang was strongly noticed in 2006 and taking as reference its two creators, Harry Fremont and Ilias Ermendis, they wrote it down inside the Olfactory family Amber Floral for Women.

Incredible everything that this perfume has because its notes are of apricot, apple, tangerine, guava, tuberose, vanilla, amber, wood and chocolate. The aroma that it gives off will always be sweet, fresh and full of fruit, product of the eternal and palatable union between fruits and chocolate that are as addictive as they are loving.

Besides everything, this scent is long-lived, long in its durability when using it and is heavy to get noticed in your wake. The winter It is the season that is worth using it, especially for the inclusion of chocolate.

Final Considerations

Better impossible to define best perfumes with guava for women that making them notice as partying, sensual and attached to summers and winters, two curious stations that have nothing to do with each other.

If what you are looking for is to stand out as a sensual and attractive woman, you don’t have to wait any longer and use all these exclusive scents.

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