The 6 Best Hermès Perfumes For Men

Being an exclusive fashion company may seem to have a certain disposition to disadvantages, since this implies not reaching a greater number of users, but this fact on a general level is in direct contrast with Hermès , French fashion house that since its foundation has dedicated itself to selling only in its official stores.

Generally, their products are used by personalities from the world of entertainment and this has made us bring you their line of perfumes for men in The 6 Best Hermès Perfumes For Men:

These are widely recognized by the critical fashion sector, making you have perfumes for yourself where luxury and good looks are the key. Hermès perfumes make everything full of majesty.


1. Terre d’Hermès

The 6 Best Hermès Perfumes For Men

Terre d’Hermès , a perfume that is exceptionally attached to what it means to wear Hermès perfume for men. 

In general terms, the Terre, who, in addition to being one of the best-selling perfumes of this French fashion house, is also one of those that will provide you with that comforting feeling that means that you are always in the best tune with the mother nature hence its name which means that you will be during this whole trip when wearing it with the earth under your shoes, ideal for hot summers , making you wonder if you are really under the ground or rather in an attempt to float about her.

Letting your imagination run through your mind has been the work of Jean-Claude Ellena, an immovable perfumer within the Hermès line of perfumes , he has endowed a strong perfume like Terre with notes of pepper, patchouli, benzoin, cedar and also vetiver, all of them brought as fresh as possible so you don’t get absorbed in so much heat.

On the contrary, you will have your fair dose of that element of calm so as not to burn too much. In addition, it has a long-lasting longevity so that you keep it in mind, in addition to having a moderate trail.


2. Equipage d’Hermès

The  Equipage is a perfume that is made especially for travel, in any of its facets, being able to feel good if you use it to go alone or a trip with your family or friends, they really did not skimp on a perfume where the sensations are on the surface, and this is why it is very much given to belong to the best-esteemed perfumes of Hermès.

With this perfume you will hardly stop feeling new sensations, in fact, it will be as if it were a carnival.

This one was released a long time ago, in 1970 but it remains valid for its notes of lily of the valley, tonka bean, musk, oak, vanilla and vetiver. This combination mentioned above has enough elements to be used in autumn , always keeping the distances so as not to totally absorb the pure air of this time of year.

Its longevity is on the other hand durable imploring you to notice it in yourself for much longer than you think and its moderate trail, since they have not wanted to impregnate the cars where they usually travel with an annoying fragrance, very affordable in this sector.



3. Voyage d’Hermès

With an air that rather refers directly to those farewells that leave a taste in the mouth of new future encounters, Voyage is presented one of the finest Hermès perfumes so it must be used with great care so as not to damage that fine line that exists between the delicate and the overwhelming.

With this perfume you will be a different man for women; one who walks with good manners and manners a man who takes chivalry into consideration to be in front of the most beautiful women.

The Voyage belongs to that amount of perfumes that is rather noticeable when you are closer to it, in large part since its trail is soft and it could not be otherwise if what you are looking for is a fragrance that has some ways of reaching really elegant, the same happens with its longevity that without being as delicate as the wake, it does not abuse the force and is moderate at all times.

Now, if we talk about its notes, the finesse and expectation generated by using it is clearly explained, the perfume itself is predisposed for summers or springs due to its notes of musk, amber, certain woody notes , cardamom, lemon, spices and the roses

It is enough to know that the perfume itself is unisex , thus increasing that effect that you like to generate so much in women who position themselves as equals with you.


4. Terre d’Hermès Eau Intense Vétiver

Few perfumes bet as high with Vetiver as Hermès does however, we have nothing to reproach a perfume that is a masterpiece.

This perfume is a whole selection of quite masculine emotions, such as power, roughness, strength and distinction. For sure you have been struck by knowing that it is a perfume that offers all of this, then you have to use Terre d’Hermés Eau Intense Vétiver.

Your collection will not be complete without a perfume that makes you feel like a wild bull, full and ready to reach the highest possible goals. This one has notes of bergamot, grapefruit, geranium, frankincense, patchouli and also lemon all designed for summer.

In the same way, it has a moderate longevity and a soft trail an unusual combination, but one that has an immediate effect in what is sought, which are intense but short moments.


5. Bel Ami Vétiver

The uniqueness and dosage of a perfume like Bel Ami Vétiver is really appreciable from all sides for a perfume that is another example of the great masculinity that this perfume has to give.

Much manhood oriented towards warmth gives Bel Ami Vétiver another of the perfumes that has an essence of the most comfortable possible, filling the shelves of men in a time like winter.

Very well, if you want more information on this perfume, we tell you that it has been designed with notes of cardamom, vetiver, amber, chavel, iris and patchouli. All of them always made so that you are at all times with a lot of interior heat, hence the winters are the most special to use it.

In the same way, with a perfume like this you will not be exempt from having great confidence in yourself, it will make you feel on top of the world, something that you will know how to control very well because its longevity is long-lasting, reflecting that remaining totally in your body is what this perfume is looking for, in addition to containing a heavy scent , it does not give you the option of escapes under any circumstances.


6. Geranium equipment

Equipage Géranium , a phrase that a company like Hermès knows very well that it should perfectly handle if you are looking for another trip, with many differences from the previous one, for now we tell you that it has done so, in fact with plenty of merits. 

The intensity here is the primary value of a perfume that is not afraid of anything, especially trips to the most remote places. The Equipage Géranium is that perfume that invites you at all times to take risks, to parachute, to go to the highest mountains or to explore the most unusual jungles.

It is a blow to use a perfume like this, recommended for men who have high expectations of themselves, the most adventurous men, if you are one of those, then this perfume comes to you in the coolest way possible.

Its internal warmth, together with the simplicity of its few notes, allows a sensation that is certainly cool, humid, ideal if you travel to the jungle. Speaking of these notes, it contains geranium, spices and sandalwood you should not despise this perfume, since it is in the lonely of your biggest trips where you discover yourself.

The perfect time to use a perfume like this yes or yes is summer and its long-lasting longevity and moderate trail allow it to be seen and felt.


Final Considerations

Hermès is a brand that plays a lot with the senses and well oriented towards nature, they are the most interesting from any point of view, and with those seen here it is more than demonstrated. Whichever option you choose, it will make you feel very good about yourself first, something that some current perfumes lack.

However, they also contain ideal elements to be in company, but of a single person.

What do you hope that you do not go out to buy one of these perfumes previously reviewed? Cheer up, Hermès does not disappoint!

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