The 5 Best Perfumes With Yerba Mate For Women


The flower essences have so many years that later they were derived in the famous herbs, which of course have unprecedented fame since they were applied medicinally to later be oriented towards other aspects, one of which is cosmetics and perfumes.

Among all these herbs that have been achieved throughout history, the yerba mate It is undoubtedly one of the most popular and attractive for creating aromas that go hand in hand with many trends such as social, in addition to being very fresh and creating the most conducive environment.

The 5 Best Perfumes With Yerba Mate For Women They will take you to moments and instants that will last in your mind for many years since they have within their aromas everything that a free, independent and above all social woman must have.

Through its five bottles you will find comfortable aromas that feel like the breeze itself. Then give yourself the opportunity to live this unique experience by the hand of a perfume.

1. Lilaia from Bvlgari

Lilaia by BvlgariOne of the fragrances that contain yerba mate that can be classified as heavy and even strong is the Lilaia, an aroma that has explored various nuances since it was officially launched on the market in 2014. This perfume is within the Aromatic Floral for Women olfactory family and has Daniela andrier as its designer and notable perfumer of this type of aromas.

The perfume that we have the pleasure to review has some notes ranging from yerba mate until mint and orange, That is why it is very strong, but also very pleasant, giving you all kinds of freedoms to which this perfume is subject.

They are found for example aromatic, spicy chords, in addition to some others that are very citrus and woody, quite an exceptional feeling for the girl who needs to travel everywhere. So much freedom is provided by a perfume that has a longevity that is long-lasting and also a certainly moderate trail. It is indicated for use in summer for all that combination of aromas citrus and fresh herbs.

2. Matsushita by Clive Christian

Matsushita by Clive ChristianNew among the newest, this perfume named after the Matsushita It is also one of the aromas that contain a really incredible essence of freshness and that will take you by surprise of course with everything that has to do with its thunderous aroma. It is aligned within the Woody olfactory family for Women, this makes it a perfume to which everything good must be highlighted because it is worth it.

Its aroma contains a series of notes among which, for example, we must highlight the bergamot, pink pepper, nutmeg, yerba mate, Chinese jasmine and wood. In this way it stands out thanks to the fact that it is a perfume with a lot of smell of wood, citrus and above all it is fresh, another perfume that has to do with him summer to the fullest and that you will love to be able to feel really fresh.

It has a longevity that is moderate and also a wake that is usually very heavy. The maximum possible freshness has made this perfume seem highly aligned with casual encounters.

3. Peace & Jasmine from Clinique

Peace & Jasmine by CliniqueFriendly and crazy, in 2018 the Peace & Jasmine, a perfume that is within the Citrus Aromatic olfactory family for Women and that also has a unisex touch that will enchant even the coldest girl. Ultimately we are talking about a scent that is fun, but in a much more explosive way than the rest of scents.

We have for example notes of jasmine, yerba mate, lemon, lavender, freesia and the same pear. The fruity will be achieved in the most direct way possible among its most remarkable elements and that is what opens like this without thinking much about it to get to tell you that has companions very floral as well as really fresh.

It is an aroma that at the same time has a really long-lasting longevity and a trail that is perfect for you to make your travels something much more special. This perfume also has a essence quite woody in a way and it is indicated above all for the spring. This is how you will love to wear it, especially if you want to feel free, like any aroma with yerba mate.


4. Cactus Garden by Louis Vuitton

Cactus Garden by Louis VuittonFor a brand like Louis Vuitton, it will not be strange at all to make a note like yerba mate notice its style, which usually has many fresh nuances, this Cactus garden It is a perfume that was launched in 2019 and that has a family like the Citrus Aromatic olfactory for Women to make you sigh a lot in every way.

We talk about notes such as the yerba mate, lemongrass and bergamot. This can create a really citric as well fresh and spicy, on the other hand it has a substance highly herbal and that has a very fresh and comfortable essence.

It has a significant amount of longevity, which is long-lasting and has a moderate trail, a perfume that really peeks out with infinite possibilities to make yourself stand out in fall, That makes you love it above all to put together a more than outstanding user experience.

It is casual above all, a perfume that is denoted adequate enough to go out with your friends and spend an interesting afternoon.

5. Avon’s Imperial Garden

Avon's Imperial GardenSo deep as heavy, the Imperial Garden It is an Avon perfume that is not only one of the most remarkable, but also belongs to an incredible and extremely comfortable sensation of flowers and yerba mate. Its launch year is almost old, it was in 1973, however it continues to have the same effect that it caused a long time ago.

This perfume only has two notes, yerba mate and also flowers, therefore its aroma is defined between floral and fresh, with spices in between so that a clear and spectacular sensation is allowed to be felt. Avon’s Imperial Garden is also made with a feeling of a certain heaviness, since its wake is very heavy and has a moderate longevity.

With the winter you have the best possible face of a scent like this because while it has some citrus, it is not strong enough to displace this sensation, but rather to appease it and make it very elemental and comfortable.

Final Considerations

Is the feeling of The 5 Best Perfumes With Yerba Mate For Women what makes them so necessary on the shelf of any woman, so these are preponderant examples that a perfume for women can not be another but one that has the same freshness as your thoughts.

In all these aromas what you are going to get in addition to natural and cold-dipped spices, is that it will open your senses above all so that you have the certainty of the best possible travel experience, as a true female adventurous soul is.

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