The 5 Best Perfumes From The Body Shop For Men

The Body Shop is a British perfume and cosmetics company that has expanded throughout the world due to its excellent quality. It has a good number of men’s perfumes in its arsenal, but only the best deserved a place in this article.

These perfumes will be useful for countless occasions; From romantic dates to sports, all of them will give you the security and confidence necessary to carry out your activities without losing your composure.

We present the 5 Best Perfumes Of The Body Shop For Men:


1. White Musk For Men from The Body Shop

One of the most successful fragrances from The Body Shop , ‘White Musk For Men’ stands out for being perfect for day-to-day life , without neglecting that it also provides very good first impressions on girls. It was released on the market in 2007 under the woody olfactory family, it contains a good concentration of musk in its aromatic composition to provide a slightly seductive air .

It opens with notes of lavender, which gloriously gives way to middle notes of geranium and jasmine, to close with base notes of vetiver, tonka bean, musk and sandalwood; a fairly balanced combination that will exploit all the olfactory potential of this great perfume.

It is ideal to be used during spring or summer days , where its notes will combine very well with the environment to provide an aroma with an excellent duration and a trail that will accompany you without disturbing those around you.



2. White Musk Sport from The Body Shop

And for lovers of sports and family or casual outings , a perfect alternative that will meet the expectations of the most demanding men. ‘White Musk Sport’ was released in 2010 under the citrus olfactory family . It is characterized by having a good balance between citrus and woody notes , providing a very good aroma that will accompany you during physical activities.

It opens with notes of amalfi lemon and grapefruit, which give way to middle notes of rosemary, geranium and orange blossom. It closes categorically with notes of vetiver, leather and amber. She has a very good balance that will suit many men regardless of their personality.

It is ideal to be used during spring or summer , ideal seasons for sports or frequent going out. It has a fantastic duration, along with a wake that will not bother you at any time.



3. Amber Oud from The Body Shop

A unisex fragrance that will work perfectly for men. ‘Amber Oud’ was released on the market in 2011 and is characterized by having a high concentration of amber in its aromatic composition, this being the most important note of the fragrance.

It is composed of notes of myrrh, vetiver, patchouli, cedar, Oud wood and amber . All have very good synergy with each other and contrast perfectly with amber so that it stands out with a lot of presence during most of the perfume’s duration.

It is recommended to be used during the fall or winter , where you can take advantage of its full potential. It has a moderate duration and a slightly heavy trail that will make good first impressions.



4. Activist from The Body Shop

An alternative that will cause a stir around you , ‘Activist’ is a perfume that belongs to the spicy olfactory family and was released in 1995, being one of the fragrance’s most emblematic men’s fragrances.

It has a good mix of woody and citrus notes , along with spices, green grass and amber. Spices and amber masterfully stand out in the fragrance, giving you a rather attractive scent that will be ideal for evening events.

It is perfect to be used during the funniest nights of winter or autumn , it will accompany you with an excellent duration of approximately 12 hours and a slightly heavy trail that will make you notice in the environment.



5. Javari from The Body Shop

Cinnamon does its thing with this wonderful work of art from The Body Shop. ‘Javari’ is an oath to the art of seduction, it was released in 2002 under the spicy olfactory family, where cinnamon and pepper will play a fundamental role, being the most powerful notes within its aromatic composition.

Contains notes of bergamot, sage, lavender, cinnamon, mint, nutmeg, and pepper; a masterful combination that places pepper and cinnamon as the most attractive notes of the fragrance.

It is perfect to be used on autumn or winter nights , where you can flirt with confidence because you will be accompanied by a perfume that will give you an excellent duration along with a penetrating trail that will captivate those present.



Final Considerations

In The Body Shop there are alternatives for each type of man , which will adapt perfectly to your personality and style.

Trust The Body Shop and get your ideal scent from this excellent brand !

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