The 5 Best Narciso Rodriguez Perfumes For Men

Irreverence is the hallmark of fashion, what will they say? it has no place in the minds and mouths of designers, and even less if it is Narciso Rodríguez. Born in the United States and the son of Cubans with Spanish roots, this designer has known what the value of self-esteem means and in his line of men’s perfumes he makes it more than clear.

In The 5 Best Narciso Rodriguez Perfumes For Men you have to take a look at each of these perfumes selected for you, in them you will find all the talent of a fashion designer who is here to stay and with whom you will feel identified, about all in its fragrances full of much emotion and burning desire. Do not wait any longer and fill yourself with these perfumes made just for you. 


1. For Him by Narciso Rodriguez

The 5 Best Narciso Rodriguez Perfumes For Men

Among the nuances of what it means to be a man requires simplicity, strength, but also the simplicity of many performances. The For Him by Narciso Rodriguez was born as the first fragrance of this designer for men in 2007 and captured very quickly, since it was a mix strong in simplicity, but at the same time , a strong force that will make you feel very warm in any environment where you are, is a fragrance made so that they talk about you, there is no doubt about that.

On the other hand, far from the combinations between many notes, the For Him contains only notes of violet, patchouli, amber and musk to be able to make you feel in that magnetic field from which you cannot detach.

This is a perfume that seems ideal especially for the summer and more if its longevity is long-lasting and its trail heavy.



2. For Him Bleu Noir by Narciso Rodriguez

With For Him Bleu Noir Narciso Rodríguez wanted to redesign his formula, then reaching very high levels, perhaps changing the style of his men’s perfumes somewhat, but not his essence as a man.

The first thing that comes to mind when you apply this perfume is having a lot of inner confidence , it is a journey towards a tunnel in which, when you leave, you will be full of a lot of self-knowledge of your own abilities and you have no limits. In the words of Narciso Rodríguez himself, this perfume can change the conception of being sexy in men.

And he has achieved it, the For Him Bleu Noir also passes as a breath of fresh air, where its notes of nutmeg, vetiver, amber, cardamom or musk give it a mystical air to be used especially with perfection during the winter , surely you will come to love that feeling of cold with colder that is not very common given the similarities. Its longevity is long-lasting and its moderate trail should be highlighted.



3. Oud Musc by Narciso Rodriguez

The free spirit of Narciso Rodríguez is present in the Oud Musc this perfume is a masterful representation of the individuality of man when he is in perfect harmony with the natural environment that surrounds him.

It is your perfect companion for when you go out towards natural and strength activities such as fishing or hunting. The breath of freshness that wearing this perfume comes in handy, even to wear it with closed clothes.

In any case, this has a reason for being, the Oud Musc perfume contains notes of black pepper, myrtle, flowers, musk and the oud wood could not be missing hence you are shuddered by how dry and resolute it can be. If the type of dryness it provides is taken into consideration and joins together with the feeling of loneliness, then this perfume is the companion for the fall . Its longevity is long-lasting and its heavy trail , a whole tank of masculinity encased in a small bottle.


4. For Him Musk by Narciso Rodriguez

An exit towards the most sensual, bizarre and scathing that a man can have, that is For Him Musk by Narciso Rodríguez. This perfume has some elements that the American designer has chosen to attract the male audience en masse, among them that of attracting girls, the latter is the promise of a perfume that certainly gives you a lot of confidence so that you even approach those chocolates that you think are unattainable. For Him Musk contains an essence that can be characterized as being very natural and somewhat sweet.

In this sense, this derives from its composition of notes of red berries and musk, only two fragrances that give that profile of a certain sweetness, but with the power to permeate an entire room due to its long-lasting longevity and heavy trail. Do not stop using it in the spring which is when more girls float in search of their gentleman.


5. Musc Oil for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

An offer that invites you to luxurious dinners, celebrity galas and electrifying private moments arrive for you with Musc Oil For Him by Narciso Rodríguez. This perfume shows a lot the manly feel for an elegant garment, as well as the power of seduction that this has.

You will feel a very comforting internal heat for when you use Musc Oil For Him, without a doubt, this will be very good for the winter and alleviate the cold that can break the ice.

Its notes are of amber, patchouli, coumarin and musk that add those waves with oriental elements that settle its fragrance. Its longevity is moderate and its trail is soft.



Final Considerations

It is flattering to talk about Narciso Rodríguez perfumes for men , they contain a mystique that does not give you space to think about anything other than seduction and yourself, very private perfumes that save the best for last and that with them you will attract all possible girls.

Using one of these five Narciso Rodríguez perfumes gives you an advantage over any other man, go ahead and try them!

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