The 12 Best Loewe Perfumes For Women

From Spain comes Loewe , one of the companies dedicated to fashion with the longest history in the industry, this foundation dates back to 1846. Throughout its history, Loewe has been characterized by providing products full of high quality, but those that must be observed very good to know what kind of origin they have due to their influence from various countries.

For example, in the article that competes this time, The 12 Best Loewe Perfumes For Women, we have several of their most sophisticated perfumes that have achieved a lot of repercussion around the world. Therefore, it is very promising that you throw a look at each of these perfumes observe the following lines so you can belong to all the luxury and vain world of Loewe. 


1. Quizás Loewe By Loewe

The 12 Best Loewe Perfumes For Women

A wish that never came to fruition is a total shame, a waste of an anecdote that could perfectly remain totally in the hearts of those who lived it. A good part of that special feeling, being on the fine line of committing an act of love or adrenaline, is emphasized by Quizás a quite famous model from this Spanish fashion company.

When talking to you about the Quizás we must also explain that it is an invitation so that you can launch yourself towards what you want, without losing the most special moment that you probably live in your life, hence its name reflects a certain melancholy in use it to make this a perfect fall perfume .

On the other hand, the Perhaps has to offer you an excellent combination of notes that include red berries, Italian lemon, black currants, Bulgarian rose and musk the latter always being found in the notes made by Loewe .

This at the same time has a long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail so that you do not forget under any circumstances what your goal really is in the moment of greatest ecstasy.



2. Aire Loewe by Loewe

The greatest possible freedom is presented to you with the Aire de Loewe, this is a perfume that has much of the classic bearing of the Spanish company, but where an explosion of great freshness is what makes it a perfume designed for a time like summer .

A being this like a breath of fresh air, you will feel quite freedom of movement, scrolling your own air without listening to the rest behind you, simply motivated by your own happiness, that the use is the Aire de Loewe one shows that this Iberian fashion brand is really interesting in each context. It is a clear allusion to a future that you already want to come, being yourself the one who triggers the actions.

We could not leave without highlighting its notes, which have touches so typical of the Spanish brand such as lemon, neroli, floral elements and also orange as a representation of the fruits that are most liked by this brand. While both its longevity and its trail are moderate cut.



3. Water by Loewe Ella by Loewe

The Agua Ella by Loewe is one of the most interesting bets on the part of this Spanish fashion house, the fact of combining the water element for the summer with the beauty of a woman is not something very common due to the notable differences between both factors .

However, this perfume picks it up in a great way to offer you a fragrance that has been completely out of context since its launch and with which you must walk with great ease, since it is what is mainly sought in this majestic fragrance.

Its notes of lemon, passion fruit, sweet paprika , as well as musk and sandalwood, give it a sensation of tropical freshness at all times taking into consideration that most of its notes are somewhat tropical, it is not surprising. that has a very long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail both examples of where a perfume with tropical aromas and contexts should go. If you want to travel to the Caribbean, just use the Loewe Ella Water.



4. Aura Loewe de Loewe

The perfect woman can exist within all those who wish and strive for it, an example of this is the Aura by Loewe , a fragrance that reaches the point of totally harmonizing with your interior. The Aura counts as an excellent and pleasant option for you to feel like the queen of your own planet, reaching many times to magnify yourself and revitalize your own movements.

This means that with this perfume you will be able to have that extra amount of daring that you need to face the most stressful days, it is a litmus test that you use it, especially in the case of a fragrance that evokes so much sensuality and self-worth.

Made with notes of sandalwood, raspberry, cedar, jasmine, bergamot, red currant and also pink pepper Loewe’s Aura is a perfume that has no other season than spring and its beautiful birth. The same chosen notes give to understand that intention to completely recreate a fruity halo that will make you look beautiful. In addition, it has long-lasting longevity and a soft trail.



5. Maybe Loewe Seduction of Loewe

The previous perfume in the series Perhaps it was more an intention rather than an action, designed for suggestion, on the other hand, the Perhaps Seduction is already the total sample of action, made so that you go to the facts, but yes, with that special touch that Loewe gives to its various fragrances.


The perfume itself contains a huge mystery , one of those that makes you want to continue until you find out where it takes you, similar to the irresistible case of Perhaps Seduction which, as we said before, is already a sample of the facts before so much imagination.

Now, the fact of buying this perfume directly results in knowing that you will apply notes made with sweet orange, blackberry, sambac jasmine, tuberose, orange blossom, caramel and vanilla a sweet and bitter mixture so that people praise you when you walk past them. In addition, taking into account that it has long-lasting longevity and a heavy scent, it can be objected that it is a direct blow to the perception of all men, ideal to break the cold winters.



6. Aire Loewe Fantasia by Loewe

Continuing with the splendor of the Aura series , the Aire Fantasia arrives this perfume is a magnificent creation for you to feel free and rejuvenate your entire age, making you much more original than you were previously known.

Aire Loewe is a perfume that suits the summer very well because of those fresh airs that give you absolute freedom, leading you to have a great personal feeling. What’s more, it is a perfume that makes you feel very good about yourself, making you really happy both with yourself and with those around you, without a doubt a mixture made for happiness and freedom in its greatest expression.

We said well in the previous section that it is a fresh and unique fragrance, because its notes are made up of tangerine orange, almond blossom, benzoin, sandalwood, vetiver, neroli and lily of the valley many of these extracted from the forests as you can perceive and, therefore, an unprecedented freshness.

Its longevity is really moderate , which will last just and necessary while its wake is enormous , managing to permeate an entire room with your style and irreverence.



7. Aura Loewe Magnetic by Loewe

If you are looking to attract all men to you, then you should look for the Magnetic Aura this perfume is like a total magnet, but that has not lost at all the fact of the mystery that perfume designers love to add to. Loewe.

The Loewe Magnetic Aura has everything you need to have all those men who love the sensation of passion at your feet, since this is a perfume that has been fully provided with sensuality, but especially oriented to leave waiting. until the flame is fully lit.

Part of this aforementioned has it that its notes are of mandarin, roses, sambac jasmine, Bourbon vanilla , musk, benzoin and patchouli Its longevity, on the other hand, is moderate to achieve balance and that the fact of its power does not get out of hand, while its wake is also moderate to generate the same effect.

This perfume is ideal especially for autumn , making it very mysterious and full of passion.



8. Agua de Loewe

Loewe has the general good predisposition to offer perfumes that adapt very well to the particular temperatures of each season of the year, proof of this is a perfume that has stood out above all for its freshness, as if it were of a swim in the pool.

In direct relation to this small introduction on Water, it must be said that the perfume itself counts as your special perfume for the summer how could it be otherwise.

With the Water you will have acquired a fragrance made in notes of tea, white pepper, sandalwood, amber, cedar and white musk. Loewe perfume itself has been specially designed to achieve that special effect with heat, to make it adapt to your body temperature instead of eliminating it, even in the worst weather situations.

Finally, Loewe Water has a moderate longevity and an equal trail proof that it can sometimes be neutral in terms of this type of fragrance.



9. Aura Loewe Floral by Loewe

Spring is here and with it the Floral Aura is added to this article that reviews the best Loewe products in terms of its line of feminine perfumes. With the Aura Floral you have all the splendor of the best floral notes selected by Loewe for you, making you be in an earthly paradise without equal thanks to all its flowers and colors. The secret of a fragrance like the one with the Floral Aura is that it always puts the radiance of your beauty before anything else, thus giving it a superb way of acting to the detriment of your positive points.

With the Aura Loewe you have to have notes of carrot, violet, orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, musk and also patchouli. Above all, these have given him a perfect harmony that in today’s world is saying a lot, ensuring that you do not get contaminated with anything that has to do with the toxic or artificial.

Its longevity is totally durable and its heavy trail, ideal to highlight your beauty wherever you go with your look, hair or eyes.



10. Loewe Sunset Air

In the summers, the sunsets are usually really beautiful depending on how you look at them, that is why for a time like this, Loewe has brought its Aire Atardecer perfume specially made so that you can enjoy the comfort of an afternoon in company of that ideal man for you. From this, the perfume will make you feel in your greatest comfort zone, there is no doubt about that and the sunsets make a spectacular addition to what you are looking for: love.

Everything is reinforced if we also pay attention to the notes that have been chosen for this perfume, which are orange blossom, sandalwood, musk and vanilla. With a moderate longevity and a huge trail, it is essential that whoever you want to impact is as close to you as possible, so they can perceive everything about you and leave them captivated with this perfume.

In addition, with Aire Atardecer you can also enjoy the summer afternoons alone, a combination that rewards these unparalleled sunsets.



11. 001 Woman by Loewe

Looking like her name taken from some kind of special serial, there is 001 Woman a perfume that adapts very well to you to put you in a position of total prestige. This will make you a much more tender woman than yesterday and with it also the fact of a special heat produced by its own notes, which we will talk about below. This one on the other hand is directly made for winter and its cold lashes that can bother. But do not worry, with the 001 Woman you will be prepared for all this and your face will reflect it once you use it.

At the same time, it is found in notes of sambac jasmine, orange blossom, white woods and also Virginia cedar elements that have given it a touch of some strength, but also sobriety. With its moderate longevity and its heavy trail, this perfume is positioned as the one you need in the moments of greatest shine for you.


12. Aire Loewe Allegro by Loewe

The Air Allegro is a perfume that has long represented the perfect gift for Mother ‘s Day by subtle elements like the right amount of freshness, an emotional feeling of motherhood and, similarly, a pleasant family experience.

It is one of the noblest perfumes that have been designed for the Loewe collection and is demonstrated by its notes of peony, Atlas cedar, Musk, lavender and jasmine. It is worth noting that with the Aire Allegro from Loewe you will feel like you are in a spring of comfort, being somewhat difficult to portray the time when you will exploit its full potential, but finally it is autumn although it will truly give you a good performance.

Its moderate longevity and trail make this one of the most respectable samples of a surprising Loewe collection.




Final Considerations

If Loewe women’s perfumes have stood out for one thing for many years , it has been to move away from the major trends to focus correctly on what they consider to be the ideal formula for female success in this increasingly complicated line.

The Loewe perfumes that we have presented before are living proof that respect and tenderness in a woman are her best attributes , however, they have also designed sensual elements to make them feel very alive.

Do not be fooled by perfumes that try to portray splendor, none better than Loewe for a woman to feel like a lady during the day, do not wait any longer and get one of these works of art now!

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