The 11 Best Tommy Hilfiger Perfumes For Women

The simple fact of making direct mention of the name Tommy Hilfiger makes women think about how great would be their position in the world and the looks they could steal by wearing their perfumes.

After all, it is one of the most reputable fashion companies on the planet and of which in this article we are going to make direct mention with its extensive line of perfumes for women especially about the eleven best of these that come to be a guide of the most special so that you can choose one that best suits all your splendor and beauty.

So, anticipating this, we can say that these are perfectly thought-out fragrances and later designed so that you can use them and highlight both your beauty and your avant-garde .

Do not miss these perfumes that we have brought for you in this article about The 11 Best Tommy Hilfiger Perfumes For Women:


1. Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

The 11 Best Tommy Hilfiger Perfumes For Women

First of all, the fact that a woman can feel part of a certain culture or lifestyle is something purely normal and most common, even in a foreign country, however, with Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Girl it is about the inclusion of any woman on the planet for American culture .

The aforementioned fragrance is entirely feminine, but also belonging to a mundane lifestyle, it is designed in notes of black currant, honeysuckle, leather, sandalwood, jasmine, cedar or even magnolia so that the security with each step you take.

Even more so knowing that this perfume has a moderate longevity along with a moderate trail , you mix more than just so that summer is yours from beginning to end You cannot stop trying a perfume like this if what you are looking for is to get into that American style so desired by all women in the world.



2. Tommy Girl Eau de Prep by Tommy Hilfiger

In direct relation to the Tommy Girl Eau de Prep by Tommy Hilfiger we have a trip to the past, more specifically to the 50’s and its thunderous way of dancing, but with its restrained lifestyle, truly mischievous for all women.

This is a perfume that features a fragrance designed by Aurelien Guichard, one of the most prominent perfume scent designers on the planet.

Notes of rose, violet, Granny Smith apple, musk, sandalwood and also hawthorn flower have been infused into this Tommy Girl Eau de Prep It really has no time of year, a fragrance like this that has also been made with moderate longevity along with a soft trail.



3. Peach Blossom by Tommy Hilfiger

We continue with the Peach Blossom by Tommy Hilfiger a powerful name for a perfume with similar characteristics that what they generate is a new sensation of attractiveness in you, being a perfume designed for winter , it is made for all those women full of deep roots and that at a stroke they can get rid of any man to get another and continue their private party.

This perfume launched in 2011 has top notes of bergamot, peach, blackberry, cassis, iris, mimosa, tonka bean and coconut, where you can perceive, above all, a fairly strong mix between very tropical elements such as these fruits mentioned above or some other more spiritual elements, this makes you feel strong both inside and out and face any situation without problems.

It has been done, it is well worth saying, with moderate longevity and a soft trail.



4. Tommy Girl Weekend Getaway by Tommy Hilfiger

The Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Weekend Getaway launched in 2018 has one of the simplest and lightest fragrances that can be counted on today, being then perfect to move with total comfort on any beach or sand and feel full with yourself , It has been made for the summer and this in turn has become an inspiration for its notes that are passion fruit, jasmine, tiare flower, orange blossom and vanilla.

However, it is interesting that its fragrance is wrapped in so much tropical element but with that touch of subtlety and sweetness that vanilla gives it well .

Its longevity is totally moderate, while its trail has also been designed in this moderation which is certainly the latest trend with the Tommy Hilfiger line of perfumes for women .

Passionate and sophisticated, that’s what wearing the Tommy Girl Weekend Getaway is like.



5. Tommy Girl Tropics by Tommy Hilfiger

The perfect perfume for summer has arrived under this premise it has been counted on the Tommy Girl Tropics by Tommy Hilfiger an ideal perfume also for all types of summers, not only those where the beach is the first thing that comes to mind. , but also towards those who have that special warmth that will make you feel really sexy .

It has a lot of relaxation to enjoy any summer even better, since it has been composed inside with notes of sandalwood, grapefruit, orange blossom or also the veil of musk.

However, do not be overwhelmed by thinking that it will make you feel excessively spicy, since in general it is very light so you can count on the heat, but without making it annoying.

Finally, let it be known that it has a low longevity and a soft trail so that you do not disturb those who are by your side with that summer force.



6. Hilfiger Woman by Tommy Hilfiger

The perfect gift for autumn is presented with the Hilfiger Woman a perfume that has been designed by none other than Calice Becker and all its influence is noticeable in this one that is one of those perfumes to be taken with great care due to its characteristics so avant-garde.

The aroma of a fragrance as strong as this could not count on less strength in its notes and that is why the chosen ones have been raspberry, jasmine, magnolia or also lily.

Therefore, as a whole you will make yourself noticed, since you will obtain when using it a sweetness typical of a woman, but with a mobility typical of those who seek their place in the world leaving behind all obstacles.

In another vein, Hilfiger Woman is a perfect perfume to wear in spring and break the typical mold of this time of year.



7. Flower Marigold by Tommy Hilfiger

The perfection in beauty is the most outstanding feature of the Flower Marigold Tommy Hilfiger a perfume which was released for the female audience in the year 2015 After an introduction like this, it is most likely that it has impacted you in a certain way and you are not really looking at just any perfume, but with a fragrance that has notes of jasmine, freesia, lily of the valley, musk, sandalwood, cedar, amber and vanilla in a combination that can first of all leave you perplexed and later give way to a lot of security.

This perfume makes you be a woman with enough vigor, where we are not lying when affirming that its own creators have made it to be the best that the Tommy Hilfiger women’s collection has for you.

The Flower Marigold has also been made with longevity and wake moderate alike, for a fragrance contained presented as one of the best candidates for the time of the fall .



8. Loud for Her by Tommy Hilfiger

Intensity everywhere or adrenaline in every corner these are phrases perfectly applicable to a perfume like Loud Her by Tommy Hilfiger .

First of all, it should be said that it was launched in 2010 and counting on Aurelien Guichard and Yann Vasnier as creative minds of the perfume itself. This combination of two geniuses of fragrances together with a new decade create an explosion of great originality to which we have to add summer as the perfect time to use it because of the great physical energy that it will make you give off.

However, let’s not forget that it was made with notes of lychee, rose or patchouli in a certainly novel composition where the moderation of its longevity together with the enormous wake count as main axes so that you want to spread it everywhere you enter.

In a similar way we have to take into account that with Loud for Her some of the most spectacular ideas of Tommy Hilfiger have been launched in terms of the dynamism of perfume itself, it becomes like this because from the youngest to the mature women have known enjoy it.



9. The Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

Attentive ladies, The Girl perfume has arrived and with it a sensation of extreme freshness, but also oriented so that you can stand out on any catwalk.

In other words, The Girl is a perfume made by Calice Becker that what she seeks personally is to make you feel like a true Hollywood star To know from the aforementioned we have a totally refined fragrance and where the sexist has no place whatsoever, either because of the context itself generated by its creator or because of the power to be respected by those who look at you.

This perfume becomes perfect for a time like winter and is basically composed of notes of jasmine, violet, cashmere wood or cedar in a structure that is considered strong and with presence, which is combined with its moderate longevity and its enormous trail. .



10. True Star Gold by Tommy Hilfiger

If yours are the cameras, lights or flashes, then surely you shall love the True Star Gold Tommy Hilfiger, the perfect perfume for you standouts in any field, such as gateways luxury or events of high society, is a fragrance that stands out for precisely making you a body to observe where you walk and that is why it can be used in any season taking into account that being a star has no date, as it is always the perfect time to highlight.

Tommy Hilfiger True Star Gold is made with notes of aldehydes, honeysuckle, melon, musk, and various citrus fruits that are coupled with moderate longevity and a heavy trail.



11. Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger’s Dreaming is a really emotional bet on the part of this company because it allows you to be a dreamy woman who pushes her abilities to the limit in pursuit of her goals and objectives in life.

Launched in 2007 and created by Trudi Loren, the Dreaming offers a fragrance of gooseberries, freesia, tuberose and peach so that it is perceived as a quite soft perfume and with a tendency to a very long-lasting longevity and a soft trail combinations that make it very good for spring a beautiful time on the calendar.


Final Considerations

In the end, these Tommy Hilfiger perfumes for women turn out to be the right ally for you to go out on the street and show yourself as you are, but maximizing the small details that we know so much that you like to highlight such as a fixed look or your way of walk.

Such is the case of these fragrances previously reviewed where the tropical and a strong personality are always present so that you can fearlessly propose any goal and even better if we have to add to this the perfect style that you have always wanted for yourself.

Don’t miss the opportunity to fall for Tommy Hilfiger’s nets!

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