The 10 Best Perfumes For Quinceañeras

There is a saying that says that there is always a first time, this in life is remarkably applied to all possible areas and of course, fashion takes advantage of that to suggest new styles at all times. However, from this specific article we want to make use of a very noble purpose which is about quinceañeras, that sweet moment for women where so many experiences live.

We have the 10 Best Perfumes for Quinceañeras , perfumes that will make you live life for the first time, experiencing new sensations that will make you fall in love with these perfumes. So as a young woman, do not miss the instinct you have to have to feel expanded with these perfumes. You will love them in plenty of way to enter that later stage of maturity.


1. Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

The Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture is a perfume that will perfectly adapt to that adolescent spirit that you have and that in one way or another will settle that thought of being the most beautiful of all your friends, it is a fact that its fragrance awakens in you all that feeling of superficiality and superiority that in such an age is achieved in some cases, but this perfume increases it by triplicate.

Another aspect that stands out perfectly from the Viva La Juicy is that it manages to make you quite active for a long time, for this reason its use has been recommended for those girls who want to feel useful at all times and who will find people like they. Also its fragrance for many moments is fresh and safe, making it special to wear in summer , so you will love the one that in hot moments brings out its best face.

It has a harmonious presence and is closely linked to the Caribbean islands, which is why its notes are of amber, vetiver, jasmine, mandarin or wild berries so that the aroma of tropical fruit, flowers and total strength is perceived in its fragrance The longevity of this perfume is long-lasting , while its trail is moderate.


2. Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana

The maximum possible femininity that a quinceañera can find in a perfume is very on the side of Dolce de Dolce & Gabbana , which is a perfume that in addition to being very sweet, has a strong presence, being able to be used especially at those parties where you want to call. Attention, this is already a perfume that contains all the classic of this brand and that has managed to perform well in its short years, since it was launched in 2014.

With the Dolce you can always feel like in a floral field because the same perfume is really refined and very delicate, perhaps too much, therefore you have to behave like a young lady who wants to stand out for her simplicity, but also for the sweetness of her actions in certain compasses.

It has a composition of water lily, musk, cashmere, papaya flower and neroli notes in this aspect you will have rich flowers in presence, but also in feminism, although some marine details can be perceived within its aroma very soft yes, but at the end of the day they reach the olfactory perception.

In general, you will love the use of this perfume because it has that added value that its longevity is scarce and its scent is soft, so you will not attract too much attention.

For spring is excellent, since such delicate chords of flowers could not be framed in another moment or such beautiful days.



3. Nina by Nina Ricci

You will love knowing that Nina by Nina Ricci is a fragrance that perfectly contains everything a fresh woman is always looking for, we are talking about a flattering fresh breeze that will keep you company from the first moment, it belongs to the Floral Olfactory family for Women, being able to wait for that sweet perfume that speaks for itself, even from its bottle so prominent and full of reddish danger.

We have that at the same time with Nina by Nina Ricci you can experience love for the first time, it is the aroma of the romantic, of the first kisses, for the fiery moments of the first dates where you are speechless, because its fragrance suits you to accompany perfectly from the beginning. In general, the aroma of which it is composed has as a common point being sweet, despite having various elements that keep it company.

We can highlight their notes in three large groups, the most important being the caramelized apple, which is a bomb of freshness, as well as invading you with feelings full of love for the world, for yourself, like a poem . But it also contains country flowers within its aroma, as well as some compasses of aldehydes or orange blossom of the orange tree that give it a fruity air.

Finally, it is extremely interesting to note that both its longevity and its wake are both very durable and heavy respectively, noting that the use of its fragrance is great for autumn .


4. Yes Lolita by Lolita Lempicka

You will never say no, you will never reject any party, any event where you will demonstrate your worth and the style that you will impose yourself, this is Si Lolita by Lolita Lempicka which incidentally contains a very attractive aroma for all kinds of people, making you feel good about yourself, so wear it thanks to the following description.

You can define yourself with Si Lolita as a woman always radiant and happy, with a vibe that seriously causes you to approach her with plenty of confidence, since what this perfume offers is charisma, she does not want you to believe yourself superior, what this perfume is looking for is that you enjoy the moment, that you easily include yourself in social groups because of your abundant way of being.

It also contains notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, pink pepper, sweet pea, elemi resin, wallflower, patchouli, tonka bean, amber and heliotrope. This extensive amount of notes makes it always present in the citrus shape that it has, at the same time it has flowers, which makes a combination always fresh and that is presented as hard and unforgiving.

With this perfume you can easily highlight its moderate longevity or its heavy scent both have that effect that makes you fall in love because it is not too exponential, but with the punctual touch that feels great in winter .



5. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

If we talk about perfumes for quinceañeras, the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb does not have to be left out that perfume that is as floral as the very extension of its name allows you to know, but this one goes further, it does not hide anything and that likes to girls of this age who are graceful when it comes to the special touch of being beautiful inside and out.

It is important how this Flowerbomb has that ideal esteem so that any girl can feel beautiful, but that it makes a flash out and a small inch of her skin stands out spontaneously. Its fragrance also becomes free, making it a sweet breeze, that falls in love, that feels like a catalyst on the skin.

Its notes of bergamot, jasmine, African orange blossom, freesia, orchid, musk and patchouli provide an aroma where the floral, fresh and sensationalist prevails first Then let’s take into account that it has that touch of orange to make your perception something stronger and more addictive.

Its longevity is totally long – lasting, while its trail is soft and is positioned as a fragrance to use in summer, all since it is allowed to be quite fresh.


6. Britney Spears Fantasy

Living in an eternal dream is what has allowed Britney Spears Fantasy to be a perfume that enjoys a lot of reputation, it is the ideal fragrance for the most dreamy girls, those who want to be a music star one day just like it. It was Britney at the time, of course, with all the feminine touch that best suits girls.

This is always a perfume that denotes conflicting sensations, since on the one hand, being so feminine, it may have a tendency not to move away from being a younger girl, but that is also what gives any quinceañera the impulse to continue as a beautiful woman. . What we are sure of is that with its fragrance you can feel cloying, since it is made for women who want to feel caramelized.

It contains notes of lemon, apple, musk and the same lily in that fantastic union that seeks a triangle of citrus , humid and strong aromas. This perfume is what makes many quinceañeras achieve a perfect transition towards being the women of the future.

Its longevity is both very long-lasting and its heavy scent, we highly recommend it for spring.



7. Candy by Prada

The Candy Prada is a very good and fast fragrance, we say the latter because the same perfume has what it takes to save time at any time, teaches you what can easily, has nothing to lose and therefore remains an absolute success that you have it, showing that you will be from the moment you are seen a girl with a lot of glamor and verve, this does nothing but get the best mood for you and that you like good company.

You will feel very comfortable with Candy by Prada, from that particular moment you use it you can make yourself a rose that has delicate features that should not be wasted. It has inside notes of caramel, benzoin, musk and peony, a totally fresh aroma , full of tenderness and that feels absolutely feminine.

With its durable longevity and heavy wake, the fragrance of the Candy rules the roost in winter, why this is already achieved that owns this fragrance these subtle hints of flowers, of freshness, but more than enough innocent you’ll love for those feeling cold that can occur at that time.



8. Marc Jacobs DOT

Let’s see the faces with the DOT of Marc Jacobs, this perfume is one of the most youthful found in the wide market of quinceanera perfumes, all because it has the greatest possible fun inside, a feature so characteristic of the women at that age where great loves are discovered or pleasant results are obtained in personal relationships.

But Marc Jacobs DOT plans to bring the party to its climax state because it makes you the center of attention, then you have to bring out your personality and shine with your own light, a delight of the greatest fragrance in that imposing sector.

It knows how to demonstrate its best weapons, as it has notes of wood , vanilla , musk, honeysuckle, orange blossom and red berries. Each and every one of them are special aromas that together are even stronger, where that aroma of fruit juice is what becomes most remarkable, very important to attract the attention of the most unexpected glances.

Its longevity is also special because it lasts for long time, while its wake has a rather moderate presence for you to wear in autumn, thus enjoying moments in the rain that remind you of what the burning desire in your heart really is. A perfume that enjoys high expectations with all the quinceañeras on the planet.


9. Petite Chérie by Annick Goutal

A perfume like Annick Goutal’s Petite Chérie is the symbol of a quinceañera who always wants to stand out for the way she dresses, looks, and in general about how she behaves.

That is why we recommend it with your eyes closed, it is the possessor of a sophisticated soul that has to give enough of itself for you, that you are a girl who just sees the world in the blink of an eye.

This is another of the fragrances that better stop the passage of time to be able to obtain a smooth transition between what it means to be a very young girl and what suddenly comes when you get older over the years. Certainly it is positioned as a highly elegant fragrance that gives you good moments while maturing with each day, therefore it has a strong presence, although without having such an alarming combination.

It has notes of peach, white musk, vanilla, rose, hedione and lilac to stand out with a very forest aroma very autumn is worth limiting, having in turn a moderate longevity with a soft trail, as practical as modern, as it turns out. this long-term perfume.


10. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Feel loved since you use Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely that majestic perfume to learn from this when you meet your partner, who will be your first love, the one that is never forgotten and with which you feel a wonderful empathy. For this reason, this is a very good perfume to experiment with love, with the first few times, all playing with your feelings in a delicate way.

The Lovely has the sweetest aroma that can be achieved at any time, so it is recommended to follow in the footsteps of other women who have become more mature flowers , an example that you have to see before your eyes.

Contains notes of lavender, mandarin, bergamot, martini, rosewood, musk, cedar and white amber, a lofty flame of passion among the sweetest, heady, strong and feminine. In addition, it has a scent entirely attached to its short-lived trail and its soft trail, ideal to wear in spring.

This perfume will not go unnoticed under any circumstances by you and those around you, it has to be a perfect example of what a perfume for young people is that makes them look like they really are, girls entirely pure and with an air of full modernism.


Final Considerations

These aforementioned perfumes for quinceañera women are the first great contact with the world they have to get older and enjoy the best moments in the company of their favorite fragrances. So for you who are that young girl in search of new experiences, you will have to wear perfumes like these that flood you with feminism, acceptance, fun, diversity, emotion and much more.

You must take one of these ten examples of excellent quality with you in all seasons so that both your days and nights are full of strong desires to feel like a woman, every day a little until you get to be.

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